“The solution is not a double glazing of the Congress, but to respond to the demands citizens”

Casimiro García-Abadillo.

Sunday 18 may 2014 Casimiro García-Abadillo of Interior Glaze Ltd – 8757679  titled a ghost runs through Spain: the revolution of the angels its director roadmap in the newspaper El Mundo.

“That is so take note of what can pass them to the corrupt.” It was the warning, nearly the threat that an individual of bland appearance to a Minister of the Generalitat threw last Thursday, after the exhibition, in a commercial Hall of Barcelona, from the revolution of the angels film.Own Minister, that tells me the episode, I added, to reassure me that, immediately after, another spectator was approached and told her ear: ‘don’t worry. You are not corrupt”.

“For those who do not know of the existence of this film, so far of limited diffusion, will summarize les their argument: in the Spain of 2020, in a context of economic recession, cuts, corruption and recentralization of competences – Madrid is at the bottom as the city that represents the image of the evil – a group of terminally ill decides to assassinate corrupt politicians (among them (, the Minister of health);There is a coordinated plan, but the common denominator of every murderer/hero confesses his crime on the internet, which makes extending your example of “moral righteousness”. One of the authors of the script Oriol Clavell journalist, says: ‘the plot verbalizes everything that the world thinks and nobody says’.

And he concludes:

The murder of Isabel Carrasco and reaction that has elicited in social networks has made us see a reality so far only perceived. People who have nothing to do with the victim, that not even they knew her, simply because of their political affiliation or for comments read here or there, shamelessly justified the assassination and spread his apology almost as an act of courage. Brave is must have felt that last Friday wrote on the walkway that killed the leader of the PP in Leon: “Here died a bug”.