The best baby food processors

  • Baby Food Processor Beaba Babycook

    Beaba Babycook

    This model has been very popular in Europe for several years and a success in America. The reason is simple, Beaba is an appliance that has all its accessories in one, this allows you to steam, mash, beat, heat and thaw in the same attractive unit. As a result you can prepare your baby’s food without using too many additions in messing up the whole kitchen.Keep in mind: The Beaba makes food in small amounts, and some parents say that certain parts are difficult to clean.

    Estimated price: $ 100 USD

  • Baby Food Processor Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center

    Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center

    This new option has lots of bells as it cooks with steam, it pica, mixes and heats the foods. It also warms the baby’s bottles. It has two compartments that allow you to steam and mix at the same time and thus save time. Another striking feature is that it has a compartment to store your accessories, and like all baby food processors in this photo gallery, it is BPA-free.Keep in mind: Some parents say it’s hard to beat hard foods and that the bottle warmer is a waste.

    Estimated price: $ 75 USD

  • Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor

    Baby Brezza

    This processor cooks your baby’s food and when it’s ready, it automatically mixes it, which means one less step to worry about. Just place the food, add water, check the manual for the proper cooking time and wait for the machine to do the work alone. The cooking and mixing section is the same so it is easier to wash from other processors that have many parts.Please note: Some parents say that the mixer failed immediately or after few uses. Fortunately the Baby Brezza has a good customer service that solves the problem.

    Estimated price: $ 100 USD

  • Baby Food Processor Baby Bullet

    Baby Bullet

    This processor is a blender highly specialized and has good recommendations from some parents. It has two types of blade, one that can make fine cereals from whole grains and another to puree and liquefy. Baby Bullet includes food storage containers, saving you money.Please note: It has many parts so it is elaborate to wash, do not cook the food so you have to do it separately, on the stove or microwave. Some parents have complained about broken parts and poor customer service.

    Estimated price: $ 60 USD

  • Baby Food Processor KidCo Baby Steps Electric

    KidCo Baby Steps Electric Food Mill

    This product likes parents who prefer things simple and moderately priced. Just place the vegetables, meats or fruits already cooked inside and you will make them puree of consistency suitable for baby. This processor is small, so it is easy to take if you travel and you can make healthy food for your baby wherever you are, such as at a family member’s or a restaurant. It has only 3 parts so cleaning it is not a problem either.Keep in mind: It is not one of those processors all in one. You have to put in it cooked foods. Make small amounts of food at a time, which is useful for quick occasions but it is not what you need if you want to do all the food of the week at one time.

    Approximated price: $ 27 USD

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