Security Systems and Services for the Government

When the nature or importance of economic activity carried out by private companies and entities, the location of their facilities, the concentration of their clients, the volume of funds or securities they manage, the value of the movable property or valuables they own , Or other cause, the Secretary of State for Security for supra-provincial assumptions, or the Subdelegates of the Government, may require that the company or entity adopt, jointly or separately, the following security systems :

  • Creation of the security department.
  • Establishment of the system of security guards, with or without weapons, by personnel integrated in security companies.
  • Installation of home security systems and protection devices and systems.
  • Connection of security systems with alarm centers, external or own, can not provide services to third parties if the companies or entities are not authorized as security companies.

In any case, there should be a Department of Security in the following cases :

  • In centers, establishments or buildings that have a security service composed of 24 or more security guards or private guards of the field, and whose expected duration exceeds one year.
  • When the General Directorate of the Police or the Subdelegate of the Government so provides, taking into account the volume of material and personal means, the security system of the entity or establishment, as well as the complexity of its operation and the degree of concentration of risk.