Scandal by an English politician photos sucking cocaine with prostitutes

It’s lord Sewel, Vice President of the Chamber of the Lords of Great Britain. In the pictures you can see the lord taking what looks like cocaine with a 5 pound note wound onto a transparent table.

The British John Sewel, Member of the Chamber of the Lords of the United Kingdom, resigned from office and it is being investigated then made public a video in which he is sucking cocaine with a five pound note accompanied by several top london escorts.

Lord Sewel, who was ally of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has presented his resignation once the newspaper “The Sun” broadcast this Sunday the filming, and will now face a police investigation by the facts.

Politician Scottish, 69, former Minister of agriculture in the Labour Government of Tony Blair, appears in the video saying prostitutes who wanted to carry him “astray”.

In addition, Sewel, in the recording, said women, who gained 200 pounds (282 euros), that he would have liked ‘bring a young Asian woman’.

“We could have brought a young Asian woman for tonight. When I go on the subway they seem thin and attractive. They seem that they are innocent, but I know that they are whores”, says the Scotsman.

The President of the House of Lords, Baroness Frances D’Souza, described as “unacceptable and shocking” the news and said that it will send the case to the Metropolitan Police (MET).

“The House of Lords will continue to maintain its standards of public life and will not tolerate is that they leave. These extremely serious accusations will be remitted to the Commissioner for the House of Lords and the metropolitan police so they are investigated urgently”, said D’Souza.

The newspaper “The Sun” ensures that the recording has been made in the apartment that has Sewel, married with four children, in Dolphin Square, in the District of Westminster, near the headquarters of the House of Lords.