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Ladies and gentlemen, as a member of the SPD and the Young Socialists and former chairman of the Young Socialists of the district Reinickendorf in Berlin I plead to you to reconsider the draft law on data retention again and, if necessary, rectify. In particular, in the area of storage, detection, and deletion of data on the harmonization of criminal investigations, this is an expense that is not quite insignificant and not considered up to now costs from the Federal Ministry of Justice and the criminal justice enforcement would create. Quote bill: 1) “.. .the obligation to delete the insights gained from covert investigative measures as soon as they (…) are no longer necessary. ” I set it once simply is: In practice, the effect of this law that ALL data in connection with an investigation into a Save involved person in advance and possibly unneeded or save / data affected by the evidentiary privilege not use may and must be deleted afterwards. Consequences for the judiciary: the creation of a huge additional burden, potential professional criminals are aware of the law and a monitoring aware, of course, and applying novel anonymization service, not monitoring enabled local networks, Kryptisierung before the actual electronic generating the data and the method of * mass data generation * unfortunately find shelter and be only very slightly affected by the law. The additional costs for personnel, technology and media avoided as potential offenders are in your home environment able to produce an unlimited amount of irrelevant data, where they hide the relevant data. For example, a possible information in relation to a terrorist act consisting of 100 punctuation marks can with modern storage media and technology in one to several gigabytes large single text with about 10 high 28 punctuation “hidden” and by uploading / be made ​​available worldwide download media. sequence for prosecuted terrorists / potential offenders: no result for consumers without criminal-related intentions: deterrence, uncertainty, deanonymisation important anonymous pastoral care. Conclusion: The bill in its current form by the cost-benefit factor here is not sustainable for the German state of law.Conclusion for me personally: As a German citizen, I take my rights and duties conscientiously continue to exercise, consider me of the law and try to involve myself in democracy. However, I will privately consider, if necessary, to ensure continued my data before actual production of electronic Vorzukryptisieren the protection of my private messages.Sincerely,



Dear Sirs, Horrified, I observe current through the process to the new draft law on data retention, and thus the development, or back to a totalitarian constitutional state. Even though this is seen as a defense against terrorism, I have to following attach point: we wardrobes with such monitoring does not show precisely why our democracy should be defended to Rights: Freedom The German press fears considerable reductions in the press and freedom of expression, any anonymity would be lost, anonymous support services (eg telephone Pastoral Care ) would no longer be trusted, even a doctor could not swear with a clear conscience his medical confidentiality, since he already knows that he will break through the monitor in any form without he wants it. A meaningful benefit of this measure is noisy various reports anyway have little or not at all. I see only the destruction of a liberal constitution by a Sichherheitswahn, which is triggered by a kind of terrorism paranoia, a veritable obsessional neurosis. I therefore plead before perhaps the greatest errors in the history make the Federal Republic for 50 years: Rethink their decision well you do me himself, like any other citizen, freedom, and this country a favor and tune them against it. And if you do not do this you promise me at least one thing: Before it comes to voting, please read this page carefully: http: / / index.php? option = com_content & task = view & id = 78 & Itemid = 86 # K ritikStart with ‘criticism’ (the upper part should be known to you) and read to the end. Think about it! ‘freedom – that is, have no fear, nothing and no one,’ said Konstantin Wecker in the legendary “Willy.” – that is not afraid of his own state and its monitoring apparatus I hope I could convince you, because this is my last hope for Germany. I know many people who feel so much afraid of this and future anti-terrorism laws that they are playing with the idea of emigrating. I am one of them. Yours sincerely,


The GDR method retention

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is John Reichert and I come from a small town in Baden-Württemberg. I’ll write, because I my frustration about your project to create a basis with which my privacy can spy, would like to express. It may be in a state of law simply can not be that a respectable citizens like me so much curtailed without reason his basic rights. The principles of utilitarianism forbid you to bring out a law against which such a large part of the population struggles so much. The Basic Law promises me informal self-determination. From this I would also like to make use of. And I do not want such private data is stored for such a long period of people I do not know and appreciate. There simply is nobody! That says the normal sense. Because we live in a second DDR? I ask you again most urgently about doing everything humanly possible to ban this heinous act. Are you a representative of the people. You also represent that part of the writing you this letter, in which I am also of the people. I’ve never been more convinced that you and your colleagues in the Bundestag, the property “representatives” have long denied heard.Convince me otherwise. Sincerely,


Planned data storage data storage in Germany

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, A few months ago I wrote my policy-Baccalaureate. Important priority theme for advanced courses were fundamental values ​​in Germany, which of course includes freedom and security. I learned, for example, that Germany is cordoned off by totalitarian states and dictatorships, by going the right way between liberty and security and not sacrifice freedom for the benefit of the security. Now it seems to me as if what I had learned a bit outdated. The proposed data storage is in my opinion a very extreme interference with personal liberty of the individual, could be justified with no matter how great increase in security. Which brings us to another problem, how do you know that sacrificing our freedom brings even more safety as inefficient and criminals, the system of data storage certainly not hard to get around. In order not to long stem (If anybody this letter reading), I’d still does not detail are, I just wanted to have told them that I very well understand the security concerns and the need for Germany to protect itself from terror and crime, but this must not be at the expense of personal freedom. I think that with the security plans of the Grand Coalition and especially Wolfgang Schäuble’s a dangerous path was taken, the Germany in the long run can only do harm. Sincerely,



Dear Sir or Madam, How can she and her fellow politicians actually every day for the cameras lächel and say that all this madness, the safety of the people is? There is clear evidence that the retention is a (further) shot in the furnace of her hand. This is not only extremely expensive but also ethically impossible …. There are good “1000 ways the money it lost to stick to other things (or in terror prevention would bring something). I thank them for a further step towards the abolition of fundamental rights. Sincerely



Dear Sir or Madam, To whom the state has for fear -before their own people? The whole resembles Stasimethoden- and want frowned upon the wenigsten- then and now willkommen.Vorwärts always never backwards !! Or as said Rosa Luxembourg: “Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters” Sincerely



Dear Sirs, On the subject of retention remains for me to say only that I’m happy as well as how many of my fellow students to be able to leave this country after completion of engineering studies to live in another country where law and law and order yet ruled by reason and will not be trampled upon. The location Germany loses reckless actions such as these enormously attractive, a survey in the field of engineering at my university found that up to 68% of students can imagine after graduation to leave Germany . Similarly, cases are known to me where job offers from companies were rejected by the applicant on the grounds that the travel activities related to creating an ID card with biometric data conditionally. Also I do not travel to countries that require this kind of documents. I can only say, I have sworn to defend once the right and the freedom of the German people brave, I begin to ask myself slowly, where is the freedom now gone? Thank Germany, thank you government!Sincerely,


Retention, without me!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I find that retention would even go to a certain extent of the Basic Law, because it belongs to the dignity of man, to be able to audrücken free. One could say that while each may express freely what is so natural, but you would think a little better what we speak on the phone when the phone calls would be recorded. Another aspect against data retention is of course the large intrusion into the private lives of the people. What I’m talking to other people’s nobody’s business! I mean, where does that for? Imagine just imagine what you anstellenkönnte with such a knowledge of all the people, when it would fall into the wrong finger. That would be a perfect basis for criminal activities of all kinds. THAT would be terror, and we are trying to prevent yes. So I ask them herewith, to find a solution that we the people can be zufireden,. We finally live in a democracy, and for me that means still that the people decide how the country is governed. Maybe they start not you take a poll on this issue, and they will see that not agree with many of their idea of retention. Yours greet


Unverhältsnismäßigkeit the proposed data retention

Dear Sirs, I am astounded by the current discussion about a so-called “supply data storage” note. I can still clearly in the discussions on the census of the 80s and transparency related to the citizens remember.The headwind was significant, the measure would have almost brought down. What is now planned is a deeper dimensions to interference with the privacy of citizens. Whether the measure is helpful, you can confidently doubt – the mass of data will not easily evaluated by humans.Use was made ​​of this, a digital method of analysis, each citizen would become suspect. I imagine everyone would in the non-virtual life always write when he was where – and would need this information in the evening of each day, a police submit for the record. Would you personally want to keep a book? Would you expect your fellow man? In the tension between freedom and security elected representatives currently intend obviously to sacrifice the former is the latter. For reasons that I can not understand and which hardly stand up to scrutiny. The project is strongly reminiscent of the novel 1984, George Orwell. We are (still) relatively free society. Even more paradoxical seems to me to do precisely those that benefit from freedom, so little to defend them. Would increase the tobacco tax, the outcry would be greater. Amazing how willing many of my fellow citizens are willing to be limit your freedom. Well, for me this is not true. I can assure you that a party that’s such a disproportionate interference with fundamental rights good for me is not selectable. Still, I hope that the policy remembers and thinks the measure. I would personally ask you to vote with your voice against the relevant laws.Sincerely,


Growing opposition in the SPD and the Union against forced logging telecommunications

Ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment to the following press release of the working group to read Retention: From voters and elected officials about local associations to local MP – within the Union and SPD grows the resistance to the plan of the Federal Government, from 2008 Telekommunikationsverbindungs- and -standortdaten the entire population to collect on stock (so-called “retention”). About 200 local associations, elected officials and members of the CDU, CSU and SPD speak up now publicly for suspension planned by the black and red German government independent of suspicion collection of communications data of all citizens, the working group reports retention.A similar appeal entitled “serious risks of data retention – and do not create facts” then place in the government parties increasing support.For voters, the planned collection pushes some time to rejection: In a representative Forsa survey in June 2007 declared 49% of the CDU and 54% of SPD voters, the proposed 6-month storage of all connection data is an “unlawful interference . “in the liberties the same time, the first member of the Bundestag from the SPD and the Union speak openly against the plan to implement the EU Data Retention Directive in Germany before the European Court of Justice has ruled on the other hand, for annulment proceedings. Among the critics are found for example Nahles (SPD), Ottmar Schreiner (SPD), Jörn Thiessen (SPD) and Peter Gauweiler (CSU). The deputy Prof. Thießen literally: “Why a measure was to be enforced, which is useless in my opinion, caused horrendous costs, legal standing on feet of clay, was first rejected by the German Bundestag in 2005 and is rejected in the population of a large majority me personally incomprehensible “. In civil society, a broad coalition of civil rights organizations and professional organizations has formed, the participation in a demonstration “Freedom not fear – Stop the surveillance mania” calls in Berlin on 22 September (www.freiheit-Instead The organizations are calling for “an immediate moratorium on new legislative proposals in the field of internal security” and want in particular to the planned move to the street “total logging of telephone, cell phone and Internet (retention).” Calling wear such diverse groups as attac, craftsmen, football fans, doctors, judges, journalists and trade union Verdi with. For more information: call “take risks seriously retention” of the divisions and members of the SPD, CDU and CSU: http: / / demonstration “Freedom not Fear”: http: / / The Working Group on Data Retention is a nationwide association of civil rights activists, data protection and Internet users, which work against planned forced logging telecommunications coordinated. Homepage: http: / / This press release containing further links on the internet: http: / / content / view / 133 / 1 / Sincerely