Photography as Political Instrument

“Instant immobilized as a camera that had caught something that never reach the words to say.” Clarice Lispector

Nothing more relevant these weeks that the registration of candidates, the primaries and in the immediate future the start of the campaign for the election of governor of Mexico for the period 2011-2017. The different tools to use on stage political, are innumerable, the main actor, “the speech” will be present at all stages and facets, from spoken discourse, radio, television spots and very inclusive social networks; but certainly, which has positioned itself as a lethal tool in this environment is If we define a concept of using photography as part of the political discourse we find that made ​​the late nineteenth century begins to form as an innovative means technician for imaging and as mechanical solution to reproduce reality.Such is its power and efficiency to communicate that from then until now the politicians have in mind as an element in their campaigns because “in today’s society consumer, the public is accustomed to political campaigns that do not debate ideas, but images. parties work harder to present a strong candidate that appeals to voters with his charisma, which broadcast their programs of government “(María Antonia Paz1Profesora . Head of Department of History of Social Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid) To illustrate this we propose to analyze the following examples:. a national and an international event For our country the photograph made ​​headlines this week was the meeting of the PRI, wherein the photographic discourse itself made ​​between different lines opinions; rescuing the PRI union; dialogue to define the possible PRI candidate for the presidential elections of 2012, or, show society a stronger and stronger party, as the very slogan of this year, in order assertions many meanings more.

Internationally, the US president stole all the limelight thanks to the photograph of him with his team overseeing the actions that lead to the capture and death of Osama Ben Laden, results: increase his popularity by nine per cent after the announcement of the death of the principal enemy of his country and the movement of the graphic image that allude that was leaked by the same president, the ultimate goal to continue on the road to re-election.
The above examples may reflect us a general representation agreed (meetings, rallies, supporters, meetings) also show that photography is able to refine these stereotypes, singling leaders and impacting more than the speeches themselves offered by political actors.

I invite you in my next installment let’s review the political photography in our country in 1865; and its projection in Western Europe during the Second World War, and review its application in the state environment, how they will use mexiquense candidates for governor. * Founding Partner of Strategic Communication RGPROFESIONAL Member of DirComMX, Global Strategic Community