Letter to students of political marketing

Dear Students:

Following the last election for governor of Guerrero, held last Sunday, I decided to write to you my weekly letter, to help understand how mistakes are in an election.

The first axiom in this profession is:

A good advertising campaign does not help win an election.

Two poor seasons, as it was in this case, help the less bad.

But what is definite is that a bad campaign (like Añorve) insurance helps to lose the election.

….. And Añorve the lost by 15 points ….. ……

Another axiom:

A bad candidate does not win the election, as the undecided voters now vote for the person … not the party …

And every day the hard vote is less hard. The electorate also worth mothers coalitions …

As I said before, much care about the candidate and his proposals.


The election is won first with the territorial movement, not advertising.


The candidate’s speech is very important, If the candidate says idiocy, who does not reach the electorate, then the electorate has no reason why vote for him.

Very important:

The team candidate must have experience in marketing advisors.

If you do not, sure he will choose evil.

…. As was the case Añorve ….

Surveys and seo consulting service are not safe.

Much depends on who does and especially what the questions are.

Do not forget:

The candidate should have a single line of discourse.

If many things says, will have a guiding message and insurance will confuse the electorate.

On the debate:

The debate is not a boxing match.

The debate is the only opportunity for candidates to present their four major proposals, four minutes each.

And, as such, should seize.

And believe it or not … the debate is not very important, as the rating on television is very low.

Actually, the discussion is directed to the red circle and the political press.

Now … what does matter is the postdebate.

Here, you cluck their candidate won.

I never knew why, but the winner of the debate, wins three to five points.

Returning to advertising:

It is advisable to get so many messages in the banners.

Very confusing to voters.

(Añorve did in Acapulco).


After 15 years in this business, I can recommend:

Never be complacent, though their candidate is winning on many points.

You have to jump at beating their opponents.

And on famosasas social networks, they will not be as important in elections this year or next.

The reason is very simple:

The supermajority of the target group that uses not vote …..

It looks easy, but …. it is not ….

Good luck to you all.