Letter for many people use Extranets every day without realizing it

It seems that it was only a gummy technology, but many people use delta extranet every day without realizing it. They use it to track packages, order products from their suppliers or access the customer service department of other companies. Connect to the Federal Express site to check the status of the package you sent in the morning, for example, and you will be using an extranet in its simplest form. An extranet is a mechanism based on Internet and Web technologies to communicate both privately and selectively with customers and business partners.What is the difference with the Intranet and the Internet?

First appeared the Internet, which is available for use by everyone. Then the companies took advantage of these technologies and started their own Intranet using the same friendly Web interfaces and placed security walls in such a way that only the employees of the company could see the information on that site. Finally, the extranet was created, which can be located somewhere between the Internet and the Intranet. There are still security walls, but you are given access to a select number of entities from outside the company, such as customers and business partners.

What can an Extranet be used for?

When implemented correctly, Extranets provide a secure way to allow transactional activities from company to company, which can represent significant savings to your company in both time and money. The automotive industry uses Extranets to reduce redundancy in its order placement process and keeps its suppliers up to date on changes in parts and designs, allowing for better response times. Suppliers can receive proposals, send quotes, provide documents and even collect payments through an extranet. An extranet has restricted access, protected by access codes, in such a way that it can be directly connected to the internal systems of both companies.

Do all companies need an extranet?

Many predict that the extranet will be the next developing era of the Web. Although other company-company communication services such as Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) exist for some time, the ease of use and implementation of the extranet suggests that the prediction has a high probability of being fulfilled. An extranet presents a user-friendly façade that is very easy to use, and in the same way it allows for less structured queries and searches since it uses web technology. Anyway, before implementing and obtaining the benefits of an Extranet you must have an Intranetoperating .

The benefits of Extranets, such as reducing the time to market new products, as well as the cost of doing business and the greater speed in accessing information from business partners, may be offset by the costs as security, Web servers and development, integration with legacy systems, support and permanent maintenance. Extranets consume and require a high degree of time and energy from the resources of Systems, much more than the assembly of an Intranet, or make a presence on the Internet. This consideration can place the Extranets in the last priority of the Systems Department.

Over time, companies will be forced to use an extranet with their suppliers and customers. Of course, some large companies are announcing that they will not do business with companies that do not connect through a secure extranet in the coming years