Insaurralde, Anibal F and Massa, the politicians with the most expensive rents

Pinamar and Cariló became a magnet for power. They paid up to $300 billion by around January. Image gallery.

Sergio Massa. Pago $ 150.000 por una residencia de Pinamar.  La comparte con un matrimonio.

Sergio Massa. I pay $150,000 for a residence of Pinamar. He shares it with a marriage.

Since Pinamar.

Pinamar and Cariló forests remain the favorite for power to take refuge during the summer, a trend that is maintained since the 1990s.

Martín Insaurralde and his wife,Jesica Cirio, arrived on 30 December together with other four couples. They rented a cubic House at the turn of the parish of Pinamar. The House is new. The previous day, workers were working until the last moment to put it in a position. It has three floors, terrace with pool and several amenities. Real estate sources estimated the value of the rent for a month at about $ 300,000, but in your environment talk about half of that cost. There are even versions that suggest that the former Congressman has spoken of higher year-end party.

Insaurralde spent new year together with Sergio Massa, leader of the renewal front, a great party that was done at the Club House of the La Herradura country. Massa, last year had stopped in La Herradura, like Insaurralde, this year opted for a residence close to the CR Spa, which it shares with two other families. There is always a Volskwagen Tiguan at the door of the chalet. He dealt with shopping in the supermarket as soon as he arrived, to leave you prepared all his family. According to its environment, the rental cost about $150 billion by January and shared with another family member. Massa does not pass all week there, concentrated on the events and traversed by the country within the framework of their electoral campaign.

Radical Senator Ernesto Sanz chose a simple House in Cariló, built in the middle of the forest, on the great bustard Street. The bi-weekly rental he paid $42 billion. Is a comfortable house, wood and yellow, by their fanaticism by mouth. “I asked blue and yellow, but there was no,” joked.

The former Minister of Economics, Ricardo López Murphy, rented beachfront in Cariló.There he suffered a robbery in the last days of December, when a thief took a bag containing the passports of their children. A similar property costs about $300,000, but rented said to have rented only the first days of the month. Cariló is also attracted to the Secretary general of the Presidency, Aníbal Fernández, who rented a huge house in the street record. Fan of Hemingway when it comes down to the Beach Spa, real estate sources estimated rent at about $300,000. Will not be there throughout January, only on weekends, occupied by her new role.

The North of Pinamar and Cariló are the most expensive party. In the Mauritius villa complex, in the North of Pinamar, rent during the second half of January the candidate to head of the Buenos Aires Government, Diego Santilli, along with its partner, Analía Maiorana. The cost of the rental is around $50 k. In that same complex has a former President Eduardo Duhalde.

Another rented in Cariló, near the seaside resort of Cozumel, is Francisco de Narváez. Brand new candidate to Governor of the ventilator front, paid $150 mil month. Was the only one who showed the contract profile. This year it was not still the Secretary of Legal and technical, Carlos Zannini, which usually stop at the Spa crocodile, or former Minister of security Nilda Garre, who has a property in Bunge and the sea with a privileged view, one of the oldest buildings in Pinamar.

The city of pines remains the most chosen by politicians. Over all this year, which is more suitable candidates living in the heart of the Buenos Aires coast in the middle of the campaign.