INFOTEP inaugurates a body massage workshop

The first and most complete Body Massage Workshop was opened at the headquarters of the Central Regional of the National Institute of Technical and Vocational Training, INFOTEP, installed by the institution to contribute to the development of the tourism industry and raise its services.

At the head of the event, the general director of INFOTEP, Rafael Ovalles, said that the work is part of the strategy of strengthening, modernization, innovation and expansion of infrastructure and training offer, where the institution is immersed.

He added that the workshop comes to meet specific needs of the tourism and hospitality industry, and reflects the aim of training in modern human capital techniques working in this sector, so that it can provide a pleasant experience to the millions of tourists who visit the Dominican Republic.

The official explained that to make possible the building, an investment was made up to RD $ 5,180,602.11, while the equipment swe increased to the sum of RD $ 550,378.00, for a total amount of RD $ 5,730,980.11.

The facilities have the latest technology, installed in three workshops-classrooms. They also have bathrooms, office, reception and rest area for facilitators.

 Ovalles reported that thanks to the support of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), international experts Kuo Chih-Chieh and Tseng Hung-Ching will train the INFOTEP facilitators in massage techniques as part of the Constant the forming organism, click here for more details.

 Taiwanese specialists will be in the country for three months, starting on August 9 this year and will also work with staff working in hotels in the Eastern and Northern regions of the country.

 “Our hotels throughout the country will be able to count on experts to provide a better service to the tourists who visit us and to contribute to raising the level of their services,” said the chief executive of INFOTEP.

 The official explained that in a first phase, the Taiwanese experts will train the facilitators who will be responsible for transmitting to the participants the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.

 Ovalles highlighted the support given to the institution of government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the country represented by its ambassador Thomas Hou Ping-fu.