How to publish letters, write, upload articles and content to the internet

The Internet gives us the possibility to publish any idea, knowledge, opinion, our experiences, to share them with others in a simple and easy way, within reach of anyone.
It is only necessary to write the content in a text document and upload it to an article directory, create a Blog or even our own website.
No matter who you are, a scientist, engineer, teacher, writer, gardener or mechanic, you can have valuable experiences that can be useful to other people.
You do not know how to write on the PC or it is difficult for you! Write it on a piece of paper and make a photocopy, record an audio file or a video.
All that is possible!
There are different options that facilitate the disclosure of content through the network, you only need a PC, Laptop or a mobile phone and an Internet connection.

We can all publish on the internet

Formerly to publish a book, be it a literary work or a simple technical manual, it was necessary to finish it completely by hand, edit it, have its prologue, its index, find an editorial, etc.
No more of that is necessary!
On the internet you can create a web on any topic that you know or know and go publishing sections independently.
It is not essential that they have the logical sequence, in fact when you have finished your site, you will see that from the search engines the users will enter the sections, that is to say the web pages or pages of the book, in a random and unpredictable way.
It is not necessary to go to the library to see the book, look for isolated pages according to the convenience and need of each user, that is internet.
Internet today is full of opportunities for any entrepreneur and full of ambition, it is amazing the growth of sales and trade in this medium.
If you are an expert in a subject or have enough commercial spirit and initiative, you have the possibility to earn money and enough money if you succeed, in a clean and honest way, sitting in front of your PC or Laptop.
Many articles on this site deal with ideas for publishing content on the internet.
All have been created using my personal experience and in them I share what I have learned, hoping it can be useful to other people.

Several ideas to publish and share content on the internet

There are several ways to publish content on the internet.
It depends on what you want to publish, the time that can be devoted to it, the budget and the knowledge or facilities of each person.

1- Share on social networks

This is the basic or elementary option.
Simply share with a group of friends your knowledge or opinion, which if they are of value will spread quickly virally.
There are several social networks for this, depending on the type of content.

• To publish short notes, news and events almost instantaneously, the ideal service is Twitter .
• To publish text only, you can use Google+ .
• To publish and share Facebook or Pinterest images .
• To post and share Flickr or Google+ photos.
• To upload your YouTube or Vimeo videos .
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It is also possible to share audio files, drawings, paintings, poetry, verses, etc.

2- Publish in the article directories and collaborative sites

The article directories are sites where you can regularly publish articles of your authorship, the result in some cases is quite professional.
To do this you only need to register in one of them using an email address, write the text previously in a document and paste it in the editor of the site.
You can include text, images and links in the articles.
The service is responsible for promoting the articles and re-publishing them in other sites, so they can have a viral reach.
Some of them share the income received with the authors.

3- Create an internet blog

A blog is a succession of regularly published articles, which can be sorted by categories.
A blog is figuratively similar to an agenda or notebook, where we are writing and posting notes regularly, with the difference that in this case every time you deliver a sheet, it will be available on the network immediately.
It is the most widespread and popular publication system.
To create it there are several services, all free.