How is the political playground in the absence of 7 months for the municipal? Perez and Villa, top candidates

¿Cómo está el patio político a falta de 7 meses para las municipales? Pérez y Villa, primeros candidatos

Miguel Villa is since yesterday the virtual candidate Izquierda Unida (IUCA) municipal elections in the month of May. Yours has been the only candidature presented in the process of “primary” opened in this political formation at the local level, process by which, over the past twelve days, any member of the left-wing coalition could present his candidacy to head the electoral list of IUCA.
Villa yesterday showed “total willingness” to lead for the second time the candidacy of IUCA, which four years ago led to this party to obtain three councilmen and part of the municipal government after Pact with the PSOE, second most voted force. The official proclamation of Miguel Villa as a candidate he subtracted yet endorsement of the local Assembly, which should occur next Tuesday, and the subsequent official proclamation by the party at the regional level.
In line with this fact newsworthy, we wanted to review the political playground equipment suppliers  to know which parties and which candidates could be within little more than half a year in an electoral arena which for the moment is full of unknowns and that in Lucena, could be one of the most competitive since the arrival of democracy to the city councils.
A situation similar to the IUCA lives in the PSOE. The Socialists opened process of primaries in all the towns of 20,000 inhabitants that not ruled. In the other, as for Lucena, this possibility should como en el caso de lucena, esta posibilidad debia ser be requested expressly by a high percentage of the members of the local Assembly, which has not occurred in our city, so Juan Pérez, who expressed their willingness to continue in charge of the local PSOE and re-election as mayor in his day , headlining for the first time the list of the PSOE – in the former José Luis Bergillos – did is already, in the absence of official formalities, the candidate of his party.
Less clear are the things at PP. Manuel Gutiérrez pointed out yesterday toLucenaHoy that “as up to now, I am still a total availability of my party”, although it said that “the PP has not yet determined deadlines or the formulas by which will be designated their candidates for mayor in the municipalities of greater size of the province”, liability which corresponds at least to the Regional Committee of the party that it should ratify all the candidates.
Adjourned “sine die” once the local Congress, is unknown at the moment if the renewal thereof is prior to the nomination of candidate and this could come out of this process, or if the top of the list will be driven from the formation at the provincial level, taking into account the existing options and the opinion of the local assemblies.
However, and beyond the normal buzz in these cases, no clear alternative to Gutierrez, who on several occasions has openly declared his desire to return to lead the PP in a new attempt to gain access to the Mayor’s office, after winning the last municipal elections and that only the Covenant PSOE-IU depart her mayoral sight.
The participation of other formations in the local elections is not clear. Only a few weeks ago that we missed the parking brake to the massive presentation of candidatures in the Spanish municipalities. Although almost from the bosom of the young formation at the local level is given by secure its participation in the elections in Lucena, the formation of Pablo Iglesias has been cautious when it comes to allow lists to the municipal beyond big cities. It is therefore an open question if the circle of Lucena will be the municipal to take advantage of its undeniable electoral pull, manifested in the European past, and more who could be their candidate or candidate, after Pedro Navarro, who had been one of his most visible heads, dismiss this means the possibility of arising and the internal discrepancies in the training expressed at their last Assembly.
Another unknown represents the Andalusian party, a formation with little presence in public life and Lucena policy since his departure from the City Council nearly eight years ago, but that has always been in the city, so it’s reasonable thinking that you reactivate its training of elections. And it is that, despite all the ups and downs of the nationalist formation, in Lucena, PA has a true mass of voters, which has rarely left him below the 500 votes.
The other option in the running could be citizens, which has also jumped to the local political arena in recent months, with the installation of an information tent in the Plaza Nueva and the release of some press releases and meetings with collective neighborhood. The current local Board includes Ramon Herrera Hurtado, Coordinator; Gregorio Martín López as Secretary of communication;Israel Ortega Padillo as Secretary of organization and Puri jewelry Rodriguez as Secretary Municipal politics. As indicated Ramón Herrera to this newspaper a few weeks ago “we are born with the intention of being in the city of 2015 and as an alternative to the existing in Lucena, with the intention of entering the town hall with new blood and new ways of doing politics for the people”.
Who will not be in May elections is Union Cordoba (UCOR), after its charismatic leader, Rafael Gómez, announced that his party only will be presented in the capital, as so far, backtracking on its intention to become strong in the main municipalities of his province, which even took him to try to create a local Committee of his party in Lucena and open headquarters.