Folding defense budget for catering in aircraft carrying the President and kings

The BOE collects bidding for the contract for the supply of catering equipment hire to aircraft 45 Air Force Group, the seven aircraft (two Airbus A310 and five Falcon 900B) intended to transport authorities, mainly the kings and the Prime Minister . In total, spending euros total amount for one year (starting from the formalization) is 133,000 euros. The last time it was tendered this service, in 2013, was for 65,000 euros base budget for 14 months. The problem is that they are are estimated quantities, since the price  invoiced to the company depends on consumption and is made ​​monthly . Thus, we can not compare the actual costs of each annuity .

In fact, in 2012, as  revealed by Interviu , spending executed in catering for six months was more than 128,000 euros . In addition, both contracts include a provision for possible amendments to the contract, subject to ” generations of credit “, which is 147,900 euros in the tender published today and 191,500 in the last year, in addition to the possibility of extensions the duration of the initial contract. All these figures give the total estimated value, 413,900 euros for this year and 321,250 for last year (eye, with a somewhat longer).

The specifications of the contract tendered today include the maximum price that the contractor may charge for certain foods or drinks . Thus the kilo sheep cheese may not cost more than 35 euros; dish suckling Segovia, 20 euros; and melon with ham, 22. On this occasion, the list does not include products that did include last year , as revealed El Mundo, as the ham at 250 euros a kilo maximum price. Nor does it include the price maximum of alcoholic beverages .

The problem is not whether something is expensive or cheap, but it is impossible to know how much is spent. Once again we have to settle for trying to draw conclusions from the estimated figures in contracts like this.