Cosmetic and politic

Finally it’s Monday! This week we will see what really is that that Rajoy takes the reinsof the PP. Wednesday will preside over the meeting of the Steering Committee, whichdoes not make since September of 2013, almost two years ago. That meeting will come for the first time the new undersecretaries appointed last Thursday, youngmostly faces popular, regular gatherings of television and with a new spirit.
We will see to what extent the new organizational chart is simply a touch-up cosmetic- without that Manscaping san diego manufacturers-, a paint - job is offend without disturbing theGuild‘s workshops - or if things go beyond and actually there is a profound change inthe way of doing things. Although, of course it is, to be able to change something firstyou have to know what you want to change. And in PP Gets the impression that theyhave much clearer what do not want to touch what they intend to renew. They don’twant to move an apex economic policy which, as the figures show, has turned the tidegoing from recession to growth and destruction of unemployment to employmentcreation. Moreover, not only they don’t think to change economic policy but that they are convinced that this is precisely one of its main advantages of election, not to saymost.
Now, however, does not seem as defined what you want to change. Greater socialsensitivity, say some; be closer to citizens, they say others… Too ill-defined terms,General after which probably hides a single concept: improve communication withcitizens. Neither more nor less.
Some think, indeed, that‘s a mere cosmetic change. It is possible. What happens isthat in 21st century politics importantly, fortunately or unfortunately, is not a concretemeasure but how people perceive such a measure. Da same, e.g. which areimplemented draft anti-corruption measures if people, for some reason or other, stillthinking that politicians are Plug and protect, which are all or almost all corrupt. At theopposite pole, who cares that the ‘new way of doing politics”that sell us some slobLords is in reality always stale communism. If many buy it as something new, it doesn’tmatter that is old.
That must have thought yesterday Pedro Sánchez who wrapped himself in the flag ofSpain during its proclamation as a PSOE candidate to the Presidency of theGovernment. A cosmetic operation to try to hide that its policy of pacts doesn’t seemdesigned precisely for the sake of the general interest of the Spaniards, his party inCatalonia colleagues to defend the right to decide or self-determination and that inValencia, Ximo Puig has gotten into the regional government as a Vice President andspokesman at the radical-nacionalista de Compromis, Mónica Oltra, with an agreedprogram that would seem to own Pablo Iglesias almost excessive. This flag of Spainwould not dare to remove it in many places.
Rajoy, evident, has decided to take controls that PP. is not good or bad in itself but it is honest. For better or for worse is held responsible for what happens in the General.Not only directly oversee the activity of the party but that he puts his alter ego, JorgeMoragas, as director of the election campaign. I.e. the own Rajoy will lead the electioncampaign. If it wins, the Galician will take the glory. If he fails, the blow will be double.
Time will tell if Rajoy has successful with these changes. In any case the furiousreaction of the opposition gives us a clue that has perhaps been able to ascertain. Ifyou review your enemy it is likely that you‘re hitting. Or put another way, if changesare so insignificant and irrelevant, the more intelligent from the point of view of thepolitical rival would applaud them or keep quiet, not going to be to rectify.
From this point of view, it is curious to look at some of these criticisms. Without goingany further, the one of can. As we have said, it seems these new politicos-ranciosCommunists that the changes are merely cosmetic. They say that they have justchanged the logo of the party which, as we all know, is the silhouette of the SupremeLeader, Pablo Iglesias, in plan Ché Guevara. As well, the change has been moving fromblack to purple and frown of churches to a smiling gesture. That, it seems, are notcosmetic changes but another way of doing politics. “Got us bad gesture, pouting andpoor tone, there to correct it, said the leading podemita in an interview just thisSunday. At the end, and over a few months of the general election, what matters isnot the message, is how each party that voters perceive the message. It must not givemore turns.