Convince the members of the Bundestag

The Federal Government has presented a bill in April 2007, on which the Bundestag will decide in the next few weeks.

Since the Bundestag favorable decision in February 2006, the situation has changed dramatically:

  • The Federal Constitutional Court has expressly “outside the existing statistical purposes strict ban on the collection of personal data on stock” confirmed in its judgment given in April 2006 dragnet decision.
  • The European Court of Justice ruled in May 2006 that the EC guidelines to facilitate the prosecution are not permitted. Member States are solely responsible for this area.
  • In June 2006, Ireland has sought the annulment of the EC Directive on data retention before the European Court of Justice.
  • Research Service of the Federal Parliament has expressed serious doubts about the legality of the Data Retention Directive in a legal opinion, August 2006. He also calls into question whether a constitutional implementation in Germany is at all possible.

Make sure the Bundestag deputies of CDU and the SPD, data retention in Germany at least not as long as introduce to the European Court of Justice has ruled over Ireland for annulment.

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