Chilean president: State commendation dental care to children

Aumentarán en 300 los dentistas de la red pública.

President Piñera announced that will issue the dental care for children between 12 and 18 years of a stratum-specific when they must undergo two types of treatments: shutter and Endodontics.

Today dental treatments are covered by warranties boom only for six year olds. Today I want to make an important announcement to the Chilean dental health”, said the President.

“In the coming weeks we will implement free choice, with bonus of 40 percent by the State, for beneficiary children over 12 and under 18, of groups B, C and D of Fonasa for fillings and root canal treatments dental”, explained.

“And we will increase by 300 dentists specializing in the public network, thus giving one further step towards the solution of the serious problem of dental health, affecting our population,” added.

Source: Dentist  Albuquerque