Chilean government calls not to buy fireworks and celebrate festivities in peace

Since the 19,680 law, which prohibits the domestic use of fireworks, the number of burned children have reduced by 90%.

On Christmas Eve, the President, Michelle Bachelet, visited the helps the child burned Corporation (Coaniquem) to reinforce the campaign ‘High fire’.

Recall that the initiative aims to avoid the possibility of Burns at the end of year holidays.

In the enclosure, the President called not to buy fireworks, whose household is forbidden since the year 2000 by the Law 19,680, considering the damage that these may cause.

“The fireworks are not toys. No firework is harmless. All can cause irreversible damage“, said Bachelet.

Considering that during the year 2013 five children had burns, this year the goal of the Government is that no child there is with injuries by use of fireworks.

Thus instructed by Bachelet, who stressed that “want this Christmas and new year be joy and no accident the use of fireworks products.That is why I come here to join the ceasefire campaign, so that families do not buy and do not use Fireworks, which are prohibited”.

Finally, Michelle Bachelet, sent a warm Christmas greeting to all Chileans, whom he called to celebrate in peace and unity.

I want to take advantage of send affectionate greetings from Christmas to all in our homeland, I want to invite you to celebrate United and in peace with our loved ones”, concluded.


- The manipulation of “Sprinkles”, “stars”, “Seattle Fireworks”, “old”, “guatapiques” and “sprinkles”, is the main cause of Burns’s new year’s Eve.

-The handling of Fireworks can cause fires in homes and other real estate.

-Do not allow children to handle Fireworks. There are no harmless, gunpowderwhen turned on is ungovernable.

-In the case of electrical burns, disconnect the automatic current and the artifact that is in contact with the person before touching it.

-If you cannot cut the power, stand on wood or rubber and use a broom handle – never nothing metal – to separate the person from the element that is generating the electrocution.

-Then, wrap the limb affected with a clean cloth, to move immediately to a healthcare campus.