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Parent representatives have become alarmed by circular schoolchildren Educational Zone where children ask students to write letters or make drawings against US President Barack Obama to demand repeal the decree against Venezuela’s best baby carriers for newborns.

Children were not only asked to write letters, but also they have used to sign sanctions against Venezuelan officials.


Through Twitter, have released an image in which an alleged letter made ​​by a student of the Third Degree, which asked for affordable baby carriers from USA and gives thanks to Obama reads “no permit who steal or kill, you get away with it” .  .

The letter is rolling on social networks, creating user feedback disapprove where children are forced to write this kind of thing and only with that seek to divert attention from the real problems of the country. However, until now it has not verified the accuracy of the writing.

In the Fine Arts Exhibition participated Items 561, distributed as follows: 374 in the “painting section”; 81 of which were admitted after opening; 36 jobs in the “departments of architecture”, mostly drawing boards amounted to not make an entire project except, perhaps, the two designs baptistery and a fountain, with 17 exhibitors in total; 9 works in “section woodcut”, an extremely low number gives us an idea of the experience of Newsprint illustrated failed to project outside the company; 9 papers in the “embroidery section”; 13 in the “sculpture section” 8 exhibitor, with the exception of a bronze and marble, rejected his work in such despicable materials with clay, plaster and cardboard; 13 on “section of ornamentation”; 82 in the “photography section” with exhibitors who sent their copies in various materials like silk, glass and paper; finally 25 papers in the “music section” consisting scores and a “mechanical device to learn   music tones “of domestic manufacture. The exhibitors were 41 males and 66 females and although the catalog is not consistent, because sometimes works fine for technical and other for his subject, two modes may know that in the painting section was at least 21 copies of teachers, 91 landscapes, portraits 64, 18 Living Room Paint Ideas, 76 vases and still lifes, genre paintings 21 and a miscellany which included three “decorated with paint walnut bedside”, treatment with 61 crystal, “a” painting on   a “work with butterflies,” etc. As the regulations did not stipulate a limit to the number of works by artist some of them came to fill the galleries with real retrospective of his works. Epifanio Garay, ei busiest time painter, sent 47, and Ricardo Urbina Moros 25. Other, less abundant because just beginning or did not have a large clientele were: Ricardo Alvarez Borrero 9 works, Ricardo Ace: Bernal vedo 8, Eugenio Zerda 7, Jesús María Zamora 5, Roberto Páramo 5, Francisco Antonio Cano with 5 and Eugenio Peña with 4. (1) These names were the group most prestigious and well-known artists of the time.

Alongside these numerical data is noteworthy that the press referred to the event so profusely that news, editorials, notes, letters and critical comments reached the hundred, a figure that has hardly reached any room. Such a profusion of writings found in one of the most interesting documents of Colombian art, booklet of 54 pages Jacinto Albarracín, entitled Artists and critics, the first printed published in Colombia who became sole topic of their pages the contemporary art activity the author. Its same publication, originated in the need to establish you a final balance the critical avalanche broke away on the sample, is an indication of how important it was the political struggle that broke out about national artistic expression.

Three weeks after the exhibition opened, El Heraldo do a couple of references to some internal arrangements made ​​by the organizers and the free flow affecting the public. In one of them he said: “By living naked should not be prohibited entry, but simply tell what specialty of that site, to refrain from entering those fit to have ” (2) . Clearly, this complaint, a prudish atmosphere and narrow criteria were operational modalities created by the ruling class of the time, maximum defender of thought of Regeneration, which would then grant that was Instituting such thoughts when half century earlier, in the lounge 1848, and in a closed society, there had been some nudes painted by Petra González Blandina and sisters, without access to their works be limited or such paintings were considered immodest, nor a subject whose appreciation or execution should be interested forbidden to women (3) . As for the other note of El Heraldo, with it we are at the great political conflict, which in a very direct way unexpectedly burst into the room. He said: “Loe armed police rifle are bad effect on the Sanctuary of art. It would be best if they were unarmed, notwithstanding the state of war ” (4) .It could be said that officers had been deployed to ensure the integrity of works of art on which such verbal battle, it was reasonable to fear any aggression against Rafael Núñez regenerator effigies of President Sanclemente and former President Carlos Holguin broke.

The author of these effigies was Epifanio Garay, an artist who can identify fully with the Regeneration, on whom the public’s attention focused critical both for the high quality of his works in our environment so lofty as the character involved. Of the 47 works on a sample Garay was a copy of Espagnoletto, another was a landscape, 3 were studies, 3 were free compositions, 3 corresponded to religious subjects and 36 were portraits. An d the first reviews in the press, signed with the pseudonym of Lilia and written especially p Chronicle, referring to Garay said: “Only talk about the clou of his works: the portrait of former painfully slow Dr. Sanclemente, a masterpiece by the likeness, by severe natural composition, in harmony with the venerable old man “. immediately added “We say bluntly that no other among the exhibits -the de Garay inclusives that as it has not merited reproach some critics. Everything in this table reveals thorough study of the work before being rushed; also reveals arrested psychological analysis of model ” (5) . Politically this was rather lukewarm assessment of the effigy who was then the president of Colombia, especially when compared with the opinion of the rest of the liberal press. But do not forget, The Chronicle was equally warm to Regeneration.Hence the outside immediate reply: with CD initials, a liberal reader sent a few letters, the first of which raised the outset that the maximum portraiture work of the exhibition was not signed by Garay but was the “José Second Peña “of Ricardo Acevedo Bernal calling it work teacher (6) . Garay of the onslaught against government opponents Thus began, so that his work meant as propaganda system, an onslaught of various writers who always coincide, as if they had an agreement, arguing that Acevedo Bernal was the most notable living artist.

A few lines later CD’s letter stated his disagreement with the views of Lilia, and appropriated without many veils the political heart of the matter: “Straight is not seen long ago the current president of Colombia to find similarity between the face and the venerable octogenarian plethoric and red knight portrait, which looks more like a drinker Bayana an elderly respectable, burdened by the weight of many years of austere, exemplary and simple “life. It must be recognized that speaks up in the attacks and that at a time when the press surveillance exercised, the correspondent knew refine harsh criticism with phrases gallant apparent exaltation of the personality of the president. But not ceased to be sharp to ask: “And the eye jumped, stationary and fixed glass seems, have any resemblance to the flickering look original? And that hard body, which looks like wood, the body of one of the oldest men de Colombia did faithfully copied? What can be founded the saying that before undertaking the work have a thorough psychological analysis model? What state of mind reveals that figure, with wooden body, which serves to support a face of exaggerated colorful, animated by a glassy eye without expression? “. The commentator, in defining Sanclemente as a character from “hesitant look” and as “one of the oldest men in Colombia”, suggested in passing that was a ruler worn with age and, therefore, incapable represented by Garay of a fake cleverly create you an image that did not correspond with reality mode. In response to several questions, the anonymous correspondent was blunt as to leave no doubt of their real contempt for the work under the magnifying glass: “To me and many people heard about the matter, says nothing, absolutely nothing” . However, not all critics agreed with the correspondent of The Chronicle at its conclusion. Others spoke volumes read this portrait and the other of the illustrious political leaders of Regeneration. Comment by El Heraldo is significant in that it did not appear as a column either but as the editorial of day to express in an aside, “Epifanio Garay shows his best portraits. There are the Dr. Nunez and D. Ricardo Carrasquilla. How full of truth and expression are those two effigies of great political and entertaining writer. The cryptic phrase is being developed on the forehead of the thinker, and the festive song seems to come to the lips of the poet epigrammatic ” (7) . Whether it was Sanclemente or Rafael Núñez, was not the individuality of these   leaders but Regeneration and what she meant in all its aspects, which was always in doubt.

The first reaction of Garay, according to a correspondent for the conservative newspaper The National Post, seems like more of euphoria. But we must see where the witness is not an advanced manufacturing in order to present the painter as invulnerable to his critics. In the document it is stated: “We were present when the artist Garay read a letter-criticism that put his portrait on the floor of His Excellency Mr. Sanclemente. Far from upset, only encouraged the artist as he read that letter; and finish with visible satisfaction exclaimed: ‘I’m going to school. I will see my work; the only one mereacid honors censorship. These accusations are not expecting praise. I would have hurt much indifference. Blessed beGod ” (8) .

Garay’s comments, however, were not to be always surrounded by details as laughing. His liberal critics persist in their task of prefixing Acevedo Bernal while pointing insistently defects identified with a painting Regeneration. Max Grillo, in his first note on the hall, calling attention to the Levite woman emphasizing “the bad effect of the figure of the man before him naked.” Immediately speak it to “false or no expression portrait of Mr. Sanclemente, or the colorful imagination of Mr. Pardo, or that scope to guess the lack of model and plenty of photography in others ” (9) . Meanwhile, Ruben J. Mosquera say suspiciously of the Levite woman was a “theme jugosamente exploited in the hall Paris by M. Hener, who won the Medal of Honor in 1898″, criticizing later this work of Garay “For the woman studio has earned its author a forbidden appeal to loyal corrtpositor, which is the stable printing photography, subject to the procedure of the grid”. Coinciding with Grillo, Mosquera rejected the use of photography. However, neither the Sanclemente turned out to your liking, “because truly the colors are exaggerated for an octogenarian man who was born and always lived in hot weather, natural exhausting of red blood cells. The look can not be stronger, especially the eye that best appreciated and whose ostensible fixity and challenging making appearances glass ” (10) .

At this point, Garay lost his temper. The charge of Mosquera in the sense that it had copied the nude woman Levite , damaged his reputation and called into question its well earned reputation of great cartoonist who did not need to resort to such a procedure, had by illegitimate. His answer, and without the humor found in his first reaction was swift. It consisted of a letter to the editor of The Uncle John in saying, “I will not deal with such criticism as not’ll take care of any leading all initial false signature or pseudonym, or those that are signed by persons who, although when they were respectable social representation, are not recognized competence in the field “. Garay, counterattacking, was so-terrible as his critics. Mosquera was not only a critical well structured but had training as a painter, a profession that ultimately changed the lyrics and, in any case, in the eyes of the time, it was eligible for an exceptional place to discuss the issue mode. To refute the claim that relied on photography, Garay accompanied his letter signed by eight other witnesses to the execution of the Levite woman, including painters Eugene Zerda and Francisco Torres Medina, Silvano Cuéllar sculptor and a citizen He wrote: “I declare, and with an oath if need be, the following: I am an employee of the School of Fine Arts, by appointment in me did the minister of Public Instruction, and as such soil into the studio of Mr. Garay without advertise. There I’ve been coming all the time, since he began his painting “; and concluded by stating, to clarify everything, “one day, when Mr. Garay was over the figure of the woman, vi inserting or removing a camera studio and until today I have known that was to give a copy to Mr. Garay had offered the model, the subject of your picture. ” This letter, published alongside the other occupying half a page of the newspaper, the signing Antonio Cortés (11) .

But Max Grillo wrote a second note and with it went the attacks. Although less aggressive than their previous and other liberal critics began, “Ricardo Acevedo Bernal appears triumphant. His victory is indisputable. ” And then scoring de Garay “in his later works revealed decadence ” (12) . Garay naturally charged again despite having promised not to occupy more of these issues. But the artist, by now, should be in tablet as a member of the organizer of the contest, he fell on suspicion of wanting to be favored with the jury would give the awards and whose choice played the most important role. The minutes of the meeting show that the formation of the jury became an arduous and difficult operation.Officially appointed, elected began to resign the appointment One after other, beginning with the Father Páramo (13) and following the Spanish painter Enrique Recio (14) , then the painter Rosa Ponce de Portocarrero and Italian sculptor César Sighinolfi, who were replaced at the same meeting of the board by Andres Santamaria y León Vilaveces (15) , the first of which also resigned.

The situation was chaotic and took Chronicle went on to suggest that the jury was tested by sending a selection of works to Paris to the French experts will determine which of them was really the best. And he argued: “The decision of the jury bogotano not deny that it is extremely competent; but as its members will not be dispensed at all, rendering its judgment, certain criteria of sympathy or antipathy towards our artists, always gives more security failure foreigners, completely unconcerned – and free from these disturbing elements of judgment ” (16) . Days after the Autonomista would welcome such a request, in an exceptional attitude. given the tensions that existed between the two publications (17) . In the bottom line you can guess the suggestion that such was the inability of the government, that even in matters of art could ensure fair ruling. The setbacks with juries delayed the award and thinned the classroom environment until it reached a critical point. A valuable testimony to res respect is the anonymous CD, which explains in a letter to The Chronicle that “With looks to take some data to complete my magazines that have sent so respectable newspaper of you, yesterday I went to the hall of the Exhibition Fine Arts and had the strangest and most unpleasant surprise at the foot of a multitude of paintings I read this sign:. Out of competition, and someone said, it seems that Mr. Recio has withdrawn from the examining board, and his disciples, for that reason, resolved not to allow their works to enter thecontest ” (18) . The author deplores this attitude and welcomed, if the jury could not fail, then the idea of sending to Paris the best works.

Attacked by critics and challenged for being the organizer and participant time and Garay responded indignantly Grillo second criticism: “It seems that my silence to repeated criticism (I do not believe that the same author) in different newspapers are published in order to exalt some artists and depressing to another, I’ve always been, more and more exalted bile those who attack me. No prohibited weapon has not been presented against me; However, I will keep silent in order to show the respect due me gentlemen composing the examining board; their integrity is unquestionable, and exercising with written influences on his judgment, is unusual and claim ridiculous ” (19) . Nervousness de Garay could not be greater: intended silent contempt, when in fact kept respond to critics with his letters. But at the same time was extremely lucid as critics had guessed that actually chased influence the award and thus prevent or Sanclemente Núñez winners will result in effigy. The note of the Autonomista, accepting the idea Chronicle send works to Paris, that pressure is betrayed and was intended to invalidate any decision different from that proposed by the liberal, pro-Acevedo Bernal, when it stated: “Since the public has issued its rulings on the tables in the -Exposition Nacional ” (20) , an attitude that also in contranos in Grillo saying “Ricardo Acevedo Berrial appears triumphant” and “victory is indisputable” already cited in note. Clearly it was not the public but liberal critics, who had issued that ruling.







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Dear Siegfried:

Who would have thought that among all staff-‘d be you who would give a valuable contribution to the week of transparency we are currently celebrating with conferences, debates, forums? A little involuntary, I guess, but no matter: it is exactly what we needed.

In this way, mind you, I can present as good news and a sign of hope what others lament as another step on the road to becoming a “failed state”. For me, who have grabbed you with his hands in the dough, doing real estate business and buy bali villa taking advantage of your position as president of a powerful state organ, is the best thing that could happen.

The case Siegfried Reyes is the sign that we have a civil society, means of communication and a strong public opinion, critical and independent enough to fulfill their role of citizen oversight. And if you still driving your case well, also the democratic institutions of the State can show that they are not ornamental but really exert control over officials and their performance in the management of power and funds. You have to let the prosecution, the Court of Auditors, the Court of Government Ethics, Institute of Access to Public Information, Zoek voor een Makelaar Leiden hier and Probity Section of the Supreme Court do their jobs, investigate the mixing of politics and business in which you are involved and fair and take the necessary measures.

An institution already failed: Transparency Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. Not only did not investigate anything, but immediately came to your defense. Well, but is an institution of the executive, also highly ideological. Realistically, you could not expect anything else from an institution that is dedicated to generating little transparency, but rather propaganda. Not really an independent control instance.

But provided no means to stop intimidating and that citizens continue to require the strict application of the law, constitutional institutions above mentioned control will act like it belongs: with autonomy, law-abiding, and unafraid of proceeding against whom.

This is new in our country. And it is very good news. Thank you for your contribution to this real change, albeit unintentional.

The fact that you, acting as President of the Assembly, comprás to IPSFA the Villa Dueñas at a great price (say $ 4.8 million), at first glance it may seem unsupicious. This money helps a social welfare institution for military and ex-military who is in an untenable financial situation. Not because they have mismanaged the military, but simply because today there are few military assets listed and many who need to receive pensions. It is a logical effect of the drastic reduction of the Armed Forces.

The matter becomes suspicious when you, this time with hat real estate entrepreneur, then receive a generous discount when using a company called Terrain shopping IPSFA lots in New Cuscatlan. As all this happened with little transparency, obviously there are those who think that the discount is the commission for the sale of the Villa Owners.

It is precisely for this reason (and because nobody has any idea how financiaste estate transactions) not to allow senior officials, especially when handling public funds and sign agreements with companies, on par with their own businesses. Much less when these personal business are related to the covenants as public servants sign or influence.

Some interpret this scandal, in which you are involved, to show that corruption is unstoppable. The opposite is true: check that with sufficient autonomy the media, the public and oversight institutions can detect, expose and curb corruption. And this, as I said, is an excellent sign.

Thanks for having given as an example. The party and the president will drop you like a hot potato, because they can not swim against the current of transparency.

Agarrá embassy before withdraw your offer … Goodbye, Paolo Lüers

British reporter Clive Goodman, convicted of having intercepted voicemails warned four years ago that illegal wiretapping was common in the tabloid News of the World and senior journalists adopted the practice, according to a letter published Tuesday by British lawmakers.

Goodman says in the letter, addressed to the director of human resources of the parent company of the Sunday newspaper, that wiretapping was done with “full knowledge and support” of the heads of the tabloid.

This statement is particularly damning because both News of the World and News International, parent of the tabloid, have long insisted that Goodman, who was fired, convicted and jailed for his role in the scandal was the only reporter involved in the interception of voice messages.

Goodman’s letter, addressed to Daniel Cloke and dated March 2, 2007, directly contradicts what sustained by the newspaper.

Goodman said he was acting with the backing of senior journalists, other employees of News of the World were also wiretapping and that “this practice was widely discussed during the daily editorial conference until the director alluded explicitly prohibited to it. “

The names of those involved have been labeled on the chart. The Guardian newspaper, which was the first to publish the letter, said it did the police, who are investigating the illegal acts of the newspaper.

The letter is part of a group of documents published by the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport of the lower house of Parliament.

Prior to publication, committee members said they probably would cite back to James Murdoch, the head of the European division of his father’s media empire, Rupert Murdoch, to answer questions. James Murdoch told parliament last month that he knew of phone spying using Flexispy at the newspaper.

His testimony was contradicted two days later by former editor of News of the World, Colin Myler and former company lawyer, Tom Crone.

Members of the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport said they have been unable to reconcile the contradictions between those statements. The committee chairman John Whittingdale said the panel “may want to ask more questions to James Murdoch.”

He said Myler and Crone will give evidence to lawmakers next month. The committee member Tom Watson said “it is likely to call back to Murdoch”.

“There seems to be some doubt as to whether James Murdoch misled the committee,” Watson said. “We have not reached a conclusion about that.”

Whittingdale said there are no plans to quote back to Rupert Murdoch, who gave evidence before the committee with his son on July 19.

Police are investigating allegations that News of the World illegally listened to messages of mobile phones and bribing the police in exchange for information about celebrities, politicians and crime victims.

News International said Tuesday he is “fully cooperating” with the police investigation.

“We recognize the seriousness of the reported to the police and Parliament materials and are committed to working constructively and openly with all the relevant authorities,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

News Corp. Rupert Murdoch closed the newspaper last 168 years.

“Instant immobilized as a camera that had caught something that never reach the words to say.” Clarice Lispector

Nothing more relevant these weeks that the registration of candidates, the primaries and in the immediate future the start of the campaign for the election of governor of Mexico for the period 2011-2017. The different tools to use on stage political, are innumerable, the main actor, “the speech” will be present at all stages and facets, from spoken discourse, radio, television spots and very inclusive social networks; but certainly, which has positioned itself as a lethal tool in this environment is If we define a concept of using photography as part of the political discourse we find that made ​​the late nineteenth century begins to form as an innovative means technician for imaging and as mechanical solution to reproduce reality.Such is its power and efficiency to communicate that from then until now the politicians have in mind as an element in their campaigns because “in today’s society consumer, the public is accustomed to political campaigns that do not debate ideas, but images. parties work harder to present a strong candidate that appeals to voters with his charisma, which broadcast their programs of government “(María Antonia Paz1Profesora . Head of Department of History of Social Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid) To illustrate this we propose to analyze the following examples:. a national and an international event For our country the photograph made ​​headlines this week was the meeting of the PRI, wherein the photographic discourse itself made ​​between different lines opinions; rescuing the PRI union; dialogue to define the possible PRI candidate for the presidential elections of 2012, or, show society a stronger and stronger party, as the very slogan of this year, in order assertions many meanings more.

Internationally, the US president stole all the limelight thanks to the photograph of him with his team overseeing the actions that lead to the capture and death of Osama Ben Laden, results: increase his popularity by nine per cent after the announcement of the death of the principal enemy of his country and the movement of the graphic image that allude that was leaked by the same president, the ultimate goal to continue on the road to re-election.
The above examples may reflect us a general representation agreed (meetings, rallies, supporters, meetings) also show that photography is able to refine these stereotypes, singling leaders and impacting more than the speeches themselves offered by political actors.

I invite you in my next installment let’s review the political photography in our country in 1865; and its projection in Western Europe during the Second World War, and review its application in the state environment, how they will use mexiquense candidates for governor. * Founding Partner of Strategic Communication RGPROFESIONAL Member of DirComMX, Global Strategic Community

Dear Students:

Following the last election for governor of Guerrero, held last Sunday, I decided to write to you my weekly letter, to help understand how mistakes are in an election.

The first axiom in this profession is:

A good advertising campaign does not help win an election.

Two poor seasons, as it was in this case, help the less bad.

But what is definite is that a bad campaign (like Añorve) insurance helps to lose the election.

….. And Añorve the lost by 15 points ….. ……

Another axiom:

A bad candidate does not win the election, as the undecided voters now vote for the person … not the party …

And every day the hard vote is less hard. The electorate also worth mothers coalitions …

As I said before, much care about the candidate and his proposals.


The election is won first with the territorial movement, not advertising.


The candidate’s speech is very important, If the candidate says idiocy, who does not reach the electorate, then the electorate has no reason why vote for him.

Very important:

The team candidate must have experience in marketing advisors.

If you do not, sure he will choose evil.

…. As was the case Añorve ….

Surveys and seo consulting service are not safe.

Much depends on who does and especially what the questions are.

Do not forget:

The candidate should have a single line of discourse.

If many things says, will have a guiding message and insurance will confuse the electorate.

On the debate:

The debate is not a boxing match.

The debate is the only opportunity for candidates to present their four major proposals, four minutes each.

And, as such, should seize.

And believe it or not … the debate is not very important, as the rating on television is very low.

Actually, the discussion is directed to the red circle and the political press.

Now … what does matter is the postdebate.

Here, you cluck their candidate won.

I never knew why, but the winner of the debate, wins three to five points.

Returning to advertising:

It is advisable to get so many messages in the banners.

Very confusing to voters.

(Añorve did in Acapulco).


After 15 years in this business, I can recommend:

Never be complacent, though their candidate is winning on many points.

You have to jump at beating their opponents.

And on famosasas social networks, they will not be as important in elections this year or next.

The reason is very simple:

The supermajority of the target group that uses not vote …..

It looks easy, but …. it is not ….

Good luck to you all.

Create a political leaflets requires special attention to the message that comes along. The prospectus should be persuasive and faithfully represent the candidate, the message or subject you are promoting. The drafting and design are key to the success or failure of the brochure. Normally, creating a political leaflets is a team project. Many stakeholders provide input for the drafting, design and focus of the brochure.

Part 1

  1. Meet the campaign team and determines the message of the brochure. Discuss the target audience and the most relevant information.

  2. Review materials from previous campaigns. Stresses the parts of the language that can be used again by the group or candidate, and no. Make notes on how the presentation of the new brochure will differ from the previous one.

  3. Write the material in the brochure. Check the spelling and word choice. Write each sentence in the active voice, and the appropriate tone.

  4. Submit the text to a review by the candidate, campaign manager or others involved in the campaign or publication. Give them a deadline for you to provide comments; be specific about the type of feedback you want.

  5. Make the necessary changes based on the comments. Gently corrects the final copy.Make a third edit text.

    Part 2

  1. Choose the graphic. A political leaflet can include photographs of the candidate, photographs that represent a particular urgency or a graph showing an economic or financial information.

  2. Create a model of the brochure with pencil and paper. Determine the size and design.Make a sketch of text, graphics and location of the title.

  3. Brochure design using a word processing software or a publisher. It is very common that the software has included templates, or you can access them through the website of the company that has developed. Do not use more than two or three sources.

  4. Print the brochure and correct copy. Check that the colors have been printed as you wanted, that the graphic elements are aligned and that the titles and text are the correct size and sources.

5. Distribute the leaflets using services like leaflet distribution London.

In May 2004, the then defense minister, José Bono, wearing only a month in office, traveled to Trabzon (Turkey) , where a year before had crashed Yak-42 . To mark the tenth anniversary of the accident, which meets Sunday morning, Bono has provided COUNTRY content of your daily those days, part of the raw material of the second volume of his memoirs, to be published later this year .

»Tuesday, 05.25.2004. Since Congress Torrejon. Flight to Trabzon (Trebizond) on the official Airbus.Come the military archbishop, the mayor of Zaragoza, Juan Alberto Belloch, and more than 30 journalists.

We moved to the Buyuk hotel in the city of Maçka. Dinner with 160 families of victims of Yakovlev. We intend that no journalists in the room, but look up and see Miguel Gonzalez, HOME, which has been cast. I speak with families and I shudder suffering carrying accumulated for not knowing the truth of what happened in the accident. Emotions, feelings and anger mix. I am struck a woman in the neighborhood of San Pablo, Albacete, who has lost her child and talking with depth and hard. Another mother tells me that his son, Captain, said goodbye to her saying, “Mom, if anything happens to me do not blame the Army, because I’m a volunteer and the army is my life.” I take this confidence to, in my words at the end of dinner, Azaña and ask quote “Peace, mercy and forgiveness” on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. A young girl scolds me. “I’m not ready to forgive or the minister Trillo , or the Jerne [Chief of Staff of the Army, General Luis Alejandre] and do not understand you to conceal them. “ At the end of dinner, a lady from Canary tells me how his son would have been buried in Sewer (Murcia) but she wants to take him to his land. Lots of emotion and a lot of emotional strength. I’m going to sleep with the idea that some families are unwilling to forgive without investigating the facts. I’m not the prosecutor, or the inquisitor but can not help but affect me the tenderness with which I speak this mother: “My son wanted me in a special way, to the way they told me mom I was excited, and you should understand who wants to close his remains. ”

. »Wednesday, 26/05/2004 chains [TV] play the part of my speech in which I said, referring to the 62 soldiers who died in the crash of Yak-42: “They would have wanted to die otherwise , which would not live otherwise is other than the service to Spain “. Therefore the verses are usually recited in the military funeral services will change. It will no longer say “they would not otherwise die” but “did not want to live any other way.” It is a tribute to those who died in the Yakovlev (1) .

I get up at six o’clock and attend Mass that celebrates the military archbishop in the dining room. I asked to read the Epistle of St. Paul. In the rite of peace, I see that I must give it to anyone last night more firmly rejected the pardon for those responsible for the death of his family. I extend my hand and asked, “Not even here at Mass, are you able to forgive?” “I want the truth and not stop until get it,” I answered.When you kiss, internally I take the commitment to seek the truth of what happened with all my strength until the end. Profound and radical change in my position before the accident: seek the truth without corporate contemplations. Glad you have been attending Mass and the Rite of Peace.

We climbed a complicated and difficult road to Mount Pilav, where Yakovlev crashed a year ago today. The summit is covered by a fog that almost impairs vision; a group of children, poorly dressed and with few outerwear has started some wild flowers to give to the families of the victims of the Yak. The authorities and the population of the area is flushed to show affection towards visitors sorry. Castilian banners welcome them. People are sitting in bars and roadside to see transited arrival from Spain to mourn at the site where their loved ones died.

Already in Madrid, called Miguel Barroso [Secretary of State for Communication] to tell me that they have given very positive information about the trip. “The Jerne is much hated by family and maybe have to give that piece,” he adds. Indeed, I must dismiss Alejandre and so I tell the phone to President [José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero]. “One of the reasons for how much they hate the relatives of Yak to Jerne,” he explained, “it is because, on the eighth day of the accident, he wrote a letter to Peter J. [Ramirez, director of the World] to which enclosed a photo of smiling posing aboard a Hercules [Army transport plane] with the following comment: The military did not organize honeymoons Cancun “. Such impudence hurt the families: and no wonder, because one thing is honeymoons and other people put on planes without the slightest safety requirement, despite protests and prior claims.

»Thursday, 05.27.2004. Today publishes COUNTRY I have offered a set mausoleum for victims of the Yak-42 errors, by all indications, were made ​​in identifying the bodies. This offer may not accept the family. I will do what they want, because burying the dead is up, and right of families.

My trip to Turkey restless and uncomfortable in the PP. Wish, and so I do know, I forget the Yakovlev but impossible. [Eduardo] Zaplana [spokeswoman last Aznar government] called me: “You’re going too fast and this can hurt you … In some circles of my party you are longing”. I answer that, “precisely because it is not hard to beat, I’m having problems with family members of those killed in the Yakovlev”.

Trillo write a letter in which I say: “Yesterday marked one year of the tragic crash of Yak-42, coinciding with the anniversary, traveled with family members of the deceased to Turkey. There, over dinner, I asked for peace, mercy and forgiveness. Rest in peace for the dead; and mercy and forgiveness for those without bad faith, we have committed an error. Families want the truth. I think they have a right to know what happened and why I received them and I’ve helped to DNA tests are practiced. I will continue to help supply them with all means at our disposal, so rest assured that from this ministry we speak with truth and heart. On several occasions I have said on this subject that I just want to honor the memory of the dead with the honor they deserve and lessen the pain of their families. I specifically stated that I do not want to be neither righteous nor inquisitor because in my ethical and political code should be no fuel hatred … ”

I arrive at Zarzuela to attend the Mass in honor of the Laureates Knights of the Order of San Fernando. I speak to Jemes [Chiefs of the three armies] of Yakovlev. I let them know what family members think of Jerne [Alejandre] and Trillo. The Jerne, hurt, said “some families it is impossible to do anything because they are installed in hate and others just want to humiliate the Army and get money.”

King Juan Carlos, during the funeral in Torrejón Air Base by 62 Spanish soldiers in the crash of Yak-42. / MIGUEL GENER

The King said to me: “What you doing well with families …” I say that the Funeral Flowers Shrewsbury was poorly organized and, for comment, add: “Some say that a single, quick ceremony for Reyes could be made attend a funeral and not only incomodarles with several different funeral acts “. “That’s a lie!”, I answered the King. “I’m not going to the opera, but for military acts have I insist … They did what they wanted, but I ordered anything.”

»Thursday, 07/01/2004. Dinner at a friend’s house. A PP leader warns me: “Rajoy said that we are behaving very well with you and that you are the minister who most harm us, but we have a lot of information about you and we’re going to paper as you continue with the Yakovlev … Admiral Torrente [Francisco Torrente Sanchez, Secretary General for Defence Policy with Bono and Navy chief with Trillo] is a traitor who was not loyal to any minister and neither will you. “ Paco Torrente is, in my view, one of the best soldiers of Spain.

»Friday, 02.07.2004. Lunch with Carlos Ripoll, Alfonso Agulló [brothers two soldiers killed in the incident] and counsel for the Association of Relatives. I give detailed information and dossier comprehensive on the case which confirms the outrages that were made ​​with our soldiers to force them to travel in conditions that should never do and then shamelessly who treated their bodies.

»Wednesday, 01.09.2004. I receive the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute on identifications Yak-42. It is confirmed in writing what we already knew: the 30 corpses identifications made ​​by the Spanish forensic false. What a disaster! Even the chance has been part of these negligent.

»Wednesday, 13.10.2004. I go to the Chiefs of Defence with the director of my cabinet, Roberto Lopez, to collect data from Yakovlev. I’m sick of not delivering me the documentation that I ask; I know they have it for a report of CNI [National Intelligence Centre]. I take the Chief of Defence [Felix Sanz] appear at a Committee of Congress, in his absence, not compromise it. I meet with the Jemacon [Chief of Joint Staff] and other officials. I noticed on guard, wary. They do not trust me and I do not trust them. After an hour of conversation and highlighting its contradictions I say that “in carrying Yakovlev not won but Spanish soldiers and I must say that this house did not act with due diligence”.They are on tenterhooks. Wonder where files are Yakovlev and me down to an office where there is a locked cabinet. They say the key is a commander who did not come today because he is ill. I force the closet.Saco roles and myself I select the ones that interest me. I am struck by the lack of care which have filed this documentation. I begin to place documents in a box. A colonel (2) tells me he has orders that do not go away without proper custody papers. I look at him angrily and ordered:.. “Call the Civil Guard to route and custodie to my office” It’s a way to show that I do not trust them and I prefer the Guardia Civil I will not step back . I take the documents are very important to establish that the Chiefs of Defence had great responsibility in hiring a plane that should never raise our soldiers. That documentation certifying that the insurance premium for passengers never hired, so the state had to pay it; there were up to six successive subcontracting; and, as a result of this chain of intermediaries, Defence paid 149,000 euros for flying the Yak-42 but the company that operated the airplane received 45,000 ¿. Who got the difference? It was the same in the 40 previous flights hired to transport the Spanish troops?

On December 2, the current President of the Republic has yet crossed a threshold in harmful nonsense.

Michael Guyader, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, was told by a scathing open letter exemplary and just I wish to inform the readers of Médiapart.

Here it is:


Open letter to the President of the Republic about his speech of December 2, 2008 at Erasme Hospital ANTONY regarding the hospitalization of california psychics review.

Etampes, December 8, 2008 Mr. President, Eluard writes Gift House of Fools “my pain is defiled.” After the murder of Grenoble, your impatience to respond in the moment to suction at worst, it would be better to let sleeping in each of us and you does it seem so hard to contain, you brought in your speech December 2 at the hospital Erasme Antony to defile the suffering of our patients. Erasmus, author of “The Praise of Folly” could have been better inspire you, you who have shown your speech intention to end more than half a century of struggle against the evil fate of madness: the confinement behind the high walls, applying to it the treatment the most degrading extermination first, when barbarism claimed purify the race, stigma everyday due simply to be crazy. You have insulted the memory of Antony Bonnafé The Guillant Lacan Daumaison and many others, which my generation inherited the great work, and did their practical work of liberation of fertility whose madness carries, work release also thought of all, making his lost honor to the people most vulnerable to abuse of us. Lacan did he write “modern man is doomed to the most formidable social mess that we collect when it comes to us, it is to this being nil our daily task is to open the way again its meaning in a discrete fraternity, to the measure of which we are always too uneven. “And now, after a tragedy, certainly, but only a drama, you propose again the derisory panegyric of those that you then insult in asking them to do your dirty work. the doors close on the patient cohortsIn this drama, you make a generality, you designate our patients as well as dangerous, so that everyone will agree that they are more vulnerable than dangerous. Measure yourself, Mr. President, the incalculable importance of your words that will reinforce stigma crazy, caregivers put in the position of guards and alarm the good people living close to the care of instead of madness ? You give consistency to all the less rational fears that designating particular, assign it in places of confinement. You have just finished opening the Pandora’s box and to finish what you started the During your reply to the fishermen of Concarneau, your insult to the passing of the agricultural show, demeaning your function, so you déprenant the symbolic register without which social ties can only dissolve.So you, Mr. President, contributed to the destruction of social ties, pointing to the vengeance of the sick, and that, whatever the oratorical you rig your speech and whose honey and excessive violence that barely hide it is trying to hide. So you, under the appearance of order speech, helped create a major mess, thus undermining national unity, pointing to those who ask it, which my scapegoats years of practice showed me that they just can not defend themselves. Face your violence, it remains, each in its place, especially in my profession, that resist as much as possible. I affirm here my ardent . obligation not to implement your proposals degrading to exclude from the most vulnerable social landscape is true laws as thoughts, some are not respectable; I will not abide by the one you are announcing the next promulgation. Please accept, Sir, the highest consideration I have for your function. Dr. Michael GUYADER Department Head of the 8th sector in general psychiatry Essonne, Psychoanalyst .