50 films to awaken our political consciousness

A few months ago to share a list of 25 full movie tube that we believe have the quality of illuminating the recurring dark world of closed rooms of politics. The result was a rewarding conversation with many readers that made us rethink the absence of key works, and has allowed us to discover some hidden treasures.

We present this proposal extended as an open dialogue and with the explicit aim to continue to expand the list to cover the real essential. A mea culpa to restart the debate: Miss less more Asian films!

First and foremost this type of engaged and engaging art is one call rather than contemplation to action. We hope that the brilliance of these works is may translate, at least a little, in actions closest to the common good to which the following films denounce loudly and all camera. These movies below are available in HD to watch online, just launching movie2k.io.

15 stunning works to open eyes

The great Dicatdor, with Charles Chaplin.

1. the great dictator -Charles Chaplin, United States

Osadisimo artistico-politico project, to the point that President Roosevelt contacted Chaplin to motivate him by the opposition of the film industry to its proposal. The film achieves an almost impossible balance: a comic satire of Hitler, while a forceful complaint public on the Holocaust of the Jews, built as the first anti-Nazi history feature. Chaplin, who was the silent film legend performed one of the most memorable speeches in the history of cinema, a humanist manifesto in its maximum expression.

2. Dr. Strangelove -Stanley Kubrick, England

Work of scathing reflection that was born in the zenith of the paranoia about the possibility of a nuclear war. Kubrick made a brilliant satire of the absurdity of the policy from the cold war logic, making perhaps the only film that makes us laugh at the real possibility of the end of the world. As if outside, the multiple roles of Peter Sellers have become his performance one of the most famous ever captured on celluloid.

3. z / confession / disappeared -Costa-Gavras, Grecia-Francia – United States

Costa-Gavras is without a doubt one of the most important references of the all-time political, representing masterfully cinema true stories of socio-political repression. Their better attained works include the murder of the leading Greek democratic Grigoris Lambrakis, the trial against the Czechoslovakian Communist politician Artur London circus and the disappearance of the American journalist Charles Horman. Proposals of genuine courage taking into account that they were performed during dictatorships orchestrated by the same characters who refers in his films.

 4. Earth in Trance -Glauber Rocha, Brazil

A narrative synthesis of the Latin American political circus condensed in the history of the fictional but too real country “El Dorado”. The chaos of partisan fights, the blind fanaticism of the masses and corrupt greed for power are presented brilliantly by the bold eye of Rocha, who invites us to examine this reality from the eyes of an idealistic poet and journalist. A feast of the Avant-garde and an urgent invitation to think, discuss, and try to transform.

5. Citizen Kane / process -Orson Welles, United States-France

This legendarily innovative film touches on the sore to the media of the United States Empire.“Citizen Kane” was the center of a fierce struggle that tried to destroy it even before being displayed.The history of this ill-fated attempt at artistic suppression has been on whether same inspiration of documentaries such as “The battle over Citizen Kane” and the film “RKO 281″. Less well known, his version of “The process” of Kafka is a penetrating meditation of the incomprehensible power wires.

6. Memories of underdevelopment -Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Cuba

A complex and profound reflection of the transition policy in Cuba under the cloak of the Castro revolution, experienced from the perspective of a bourgeois intellectual who tries to connect with the new socio-political reality of his people and of his life. His virtuoso and innovative staging and narrative is considered by many critics as the most important Latin American film of all time.

7. a very special day - Ettore Scola, Italy

Special day takes place during the massive visit of Hitler to Mussolini in Rome, years before the great war began. Perhaps the film’s most intimate political reflection has filmed, a harrowing reflection on the influence of the totalitarian systems in the most vital human feelings. Also a luxury of performances: Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, at the peak of his talent and charisma, show why they are one of the most legendary couples of the cinema.

8. The Edukators - Hans Weingarther, Germany

Poratada of the film The Edukators. Source: Blog popular education cultural center

Favorite in our list of contemporary political films. Can be seen as the exciting setting in scene of the iconoclastic of a group of young revolutionaries methods, and at the same time considered as a stabbing not fatalistic essay about the defeat of the more radical leftist movementsto powerful temptations of capitalism.

9. Yawar Malku, the blood of the Condor -Jorge Sanjinés, Bolivia

A film acted in mother tongue by authentic indigenous where it reflects on marginalization and oppression that native peoples are subjected. The film presents a complaint openly the United States peace corps by sterilized indigenous women. In real life the shortly after the exhibition of the film, and during the cold war, the peace corps were expelled from Bolivia. This is political, revolutionary, and independent in its most pure and radical State cinema.

10. Xala -Ousmane Sembene, Senegal

Considered the father of African Cinema, Sembene, a writer who, at age 40, recognizes that the majority of the people of your country cannot read him, decides to become a film director. With brilliant irony and humor the film satirizes the post-independence endemic political corruption in Senegal. With effective symbols tells the tragicomic story of a powerful man who is discovered sexually impotent on his wedding day. “Xala” became one of the first African films to win international recognition.

11. v for vengeance (V for Vendetta) - James McTeigue, United States

Curious beast in filmic Minotaur, half-grossing production with beautiful and talented heroine, and the thicker half of incisive, powerfully subversive work. V mask is the iconic symbol of many contemporary youth protests from Egypt to Brazil. If a political film should inspire conscious colectica mobilization, then this is one of the most remarkable specimens of the genre.

12. i… Like Icarus - Henri Verneuil, France

Unheralded masterpiece that challenges with amazing precision and power of analysis the solitary sniper of the JFK Assassinationtheory, in this case recreating the event in a fictional country. Yves Montand plays the Attorney who refuses to sign the report of the investigative Commission and embarks on a dangerous process of independent research. An effective political thriller in a brutally provocative and unsettling way.

13. The tongue of the butterfliesJosé Luis rope, Spain

Frame in the film the butterfly’s tongue. Source: serueda.wordpress.com

With remarkable subtlety displays the gradual change in human hearts that can achieve the fear before the arrival of a dictatorship, in this case the victory of general Franco in the Spanish Civil War. A profound metaphor for the loss of innocence and the hope of an entire people, when we stop being able to tolerate the goodness.

14. companionsMario Monicelli, Italy

Showing humor, sensitivity, wit, and extraordinary performances under the guidance of an impressive Mastroniani, exposed the struggle of workers to improve their unfair working conditions in an Italian factory. A film that should be a case study mandatory for all applicants to reform a system.

15. lust, danger - Ang Lee, Taiwan

Famous for its generous and controversial sex scenes – accomplished with masterful touch aesthetic, is actually a well accomplished and intense work of intrigue, seduction and political espionage at the highest level. Lee dusts off the ghosts of the Japanese occupation of the Chinese territory and creatively subversive movements that occurred.

Other inspiring films of political awareness( always available on www.movie-tube.us)

  1. Good Bye Lenin! (Wolgang Becker, Germany) -A young man do the impossible so that her mother does not know that his beloved East Germany has disappeared
  2. China Town (Roman Polanski, United States) – the private sector and political corruption to control the resource water
  3. Elite troop 1 and 2 (José Padilha, Brazil) - linkage of the police system and upper echelons of power with criminal structures
  4. Welcome, Mr. Chance (Hal Ashbi, United States) - bright comedy that satirizes the capacity of an ordinary man’s upper echelons of power influence
  5. The blame it on Fidel (Julie Gavras, France) – shows the intimacies of her wealthy family transformed into revolutionary from the eyes of a girl
  6. The wave (Dennis Gansel, Germany) - Reflection on the potential that we all, under precise stimuli, assume fascist and dictatorial behavior
  7. In the name of the father (Jim Sheridan, Ireland) – extreme abuse of the judicial system who accused innocent of an act of terrorism
  8. Zacco e Vanzetti (Giuliano Montaldo, Italy) – famous case real of two Italian anarchists unjustly sentenced to the electric chair in the United States
  9. The official story (Luis Puenzo, Argentina) – the silent family effects of a military dictatorship
  10. 1984 (Michael Radford, United Kingdom) -Faithful adaptation of the classic George Orwell who sadly every day seems to have more relevance
  11. The Battleship Potemkin (Sergei Eisenstein, Russia) - One of the great classics of silent film and openly revolutionary cinema
  12. Herod’s law (Luis Estrada, México) – tragicomic reflection of sociopathy of Latin American corruption
  13. La Chinoise (Jean-Luc Godard, France) – an original essay above about the dogmatism of some left-wing partisanship
  14. Akira (Katsuhiro Ohtomo, Japan) -Anime cult presenting to a neo-Tokyo after the 3rd world war. Curious blend of science fiction and political intrigue
  15. All the men of the President (Alan Pakula, United States) – put in scene of the Watergate scandal
  16. The night of the pencils (Héctor Olivera, Argentina) – the real history on the tragic abduction of the dictatorship to a group of teenage students
  17. The lives of others (Florian Henckel, Germany) - social Control under a totalitarian Communist regime in the Berlin of the cold war
  18. JFK (Oliver Stone, United States) – research proposal for the participation of political powers in the assassination of JFK
  19. Even the rain (Iciar Bollain, Spain) – a Spanish film crew wheel in Bolivian territory a film about the conquest while the people rebelling against a multinational
  20. Traffic (Steven Soderbergh, United States) – the transnational complicities and perquisites of the drug trafficking networks
  21. Network (Sydney Lumet, United States) – excesses of power and frailties of a media empire
  22. The Divo (Paolo Sorrentino, Italy) – lucid narration of the life of the Machiavellian Italian politician Giulio Andreotti
  23. Persepolis (France, Satrapi and Paronnaud) – intimate reflection of life in the exile of a teenager after growing up in the Iranian regime
  24. The life of Harvey Milk (Gus Van Sant, United States) - deep social prejudices and the struggle for the political claim of homosexuals
  25. Machuca (Andrés Wood, Chile) – the State coup against Salvador Allende perceived from the perspective of a child of proletarian family
  26. The constant gardener (Fernando Meirelles, United States) – a complex network of political and private corruption is hidden behind a personal tragedy
  27. Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, United States) - meticulous recreation of the process of political negotiation which resulted in the abolition of slavery in the United States
  28. One hundred steps (Marco Giordana, Italy) -True story of a young revolutionary to the Sicilian mafia
  29. The last King of Scotland (Kevin McDonald, United Kingdom) -An idealistic doctor is caught in a brutal dictatorship in Uganda
  30. Not (Pedro Larraín, Chile) -An advertising executive develops an innovative campaign to beat Pinochet in the referendum of 1988
  31. Sophie Scholl: the last days (Marc Rothemund, Germany) -Plasma with historical accuracy one of the symbols of the German resistance to Nazism
  32. In the Loop (Armando Ianucci, United Kingdom) -Of the few comedies that achieves a balance between accurate political analysis and shameless humor
  33. Viva Zapata! (Elia Kazan, United States) -Marlon Brando stars as the Mexican revolutionary leader in a film biography of high caliber
  34. The year in which my parents they were holiday (Cao Hamburger, Brazil)- Sensitive story about a child who expected their revolutionary fathers at the time that starts both the World Cup and a dictatorship
  35. Smoke curtain (Barri Levinson, United States) - political plot to manufacture a war and hide a presidential sex scandal. Prophetic Film in which during its production came about the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and has threatened to invade Iraq… reality copying fiction?