10 most remembered sex scandals the policy

The power does not already enjoy the privacy of other times. The list of “political celebrity” involved in a sex scandal increases every day.

It seems that the power already does not enjoy the privacy of other times. The list of “political celebrity” involved in a sex scandal increases every day. Here we number some of the more curious and reminded political sex scandals.

1-Silvio Berlusconi: The Italian Prime Minister lived hard times in the face of criticism by the public, when he was involved in child prostitution.

Escándalos Sexuales

Bill Clinton was one of the most famous scandals to know his infidelity with Mónica Lewinsky.

2-Bill Clinton: The most famous sex scandal of all time engulfed the now former President of USA, Bill Clinton. During his presidency in the American nation was designated as having a relationship with then-fellow of the White House, Mónica Lewinsky.

3-Daniel Ortega: The Nicaraguan President was accused of sexual abuse in 2003. The victim: his step-daughter Zoilamérica Narvaéz.

4-the surprise arrest of the managing director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, for an alleged sexual assault in New York altered the landscape of the presidential elections of the year in France. A waitress accused him take him over when he walked into a hotel room in New York, to clean it.

5-Fernando Lugo: The scandal for the former President of Paraguay is daily bread. He has been responsible of a large number of unrecognized children.

6-David Vitter: The Republican Senator appeared in a list of customers asked for an girl escort in london service that met you their erotic fantasies.

Escándalos sexuales

That was New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, had to leave his post after getting involved with the image scort.









7-Eliot Spitzer: That was New York Governor had to leave his post after verification is that it paid US 4 mil to a prostitute. Identified as client 9, it was found that it spent more than $80 billion over 10 years for these pleasant services.

8- Karina Bolaños, former Minister in Costa Rica, provoked a revolution in social networks when leaked a video that declared him his half-naked couple love. Subsequently, it was cover of the Interviu magazine. It is also his Spanish colleague, oblivion Hormigos, who caused a furor after appearing on an erotic video leaked by Internet and social networks.

9-Hugo Chávez: This list could not miss the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. On occasion, he admitted to having visited brothels.

10-Jeffrey Archer: The former Vice President of the British Conservative Party resigned in 1986 when the press found that had asked for prostitutes at home. Even to go unnoticed, he maintained relations with one of the prostitutes outside the country.