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The Federal Government has presented a bill in April 2007, on which the Bundestag will decide in the next few weeks.

Since the Bundestag favorable decision in February 2006, the situation has changed dramatically:

  • The Federal Constitutional Court has expressly “outside the existing statistical purposes strict ban on the collection of personal data on stock” confirmed in its judgment given in April 2006 dragnet decision.
  • The European Court of Justice ruled in May 2006 that the EC guidelines to facilitate the prosecution are not permitted. Member States are solely responsible for this area.
  • In June 2006, Ireland has sought the annulment of the EC Directive on data retention before the European Court of Justice.
  • Research Service of the Federal Parliament has expressed serious doubts about the legality of the Data Retention Directive in a legal opinion, August 2006. He also calls into question whether a constitutional implementation in Germany is at all possible.

Make sure the Bundestag deputies of CDU and the SPD, data retention in Germany at least not as long as introduce to the European Court of Justice has ruled over Ireland for annulment.

On the following page you can have your letter to all 448 members of the Bundestag of Union and SPD ship:

Post Open Letter

Your letter will be anonymously on our website published and can also be output as a PDF document ( example ).



The collection, use, or dissemination of this data for advertising or similar purposes is prohibited.Violators will be prosecuted and may display the appropriate authorities.

The Internet gives us the possibility to publish any idea, knowledge, opinion, our experiences, to share them with others in a simple and easy way, within reach of anyone.
It is only necessary to write the content in a text document and upload it to an article directory, create a Blog or even our own website.
No matter who you are, a scientist, engineer, teacher, writer, gardener or mechanic, you can have valuable experiences that can be useful to other people.
You do not know how to write on the PC or it is difficult for you! Write it on a piece of paper and make a photocopy, record an audio file or a video.
All that is possible!
There are different options that facilitate the disclosure of content through the network, you only need a PC, Laptop or a mobile phone and an Internet connection.

We can all publish on the internet

Formerly to publish a book, be it a literary work or a simple technical manual, it was necessary to finish it completely by hand, edit it, have its prologue, its index, find an editorial, etc.
No more of that is necessary!
On the internet you can create a web on any topic that you know or know and go publishing sections independently.
It is not essential that they have the logical sequence, in fact when you have finished your site, you will see that from the search engines the users will enter the sections, that is to say the web pages or pages of the book, in a random and unpredictable way.
It is not necessary to go to the library to see the book, look for isolated pages according to the convenience and need of each user, that is internet.
Internet today is full of opportunities for any entrepreneur and full of ambition, it is amazing the growth of sales and trade in this medium.
If you are an expert in a subject or have enough commercial spirit and initiative, you have the possibility to earn money and enough money if you succeed, in a clean and honest way, sitting in front of your PC or Laptop.
Many articles on this site deal with ideas for publishing content on the internet.
All have been created using my personal experience and in them I share what I have learned, hoping it can be useful to other people.

Several ideas to publish and share content on the internet

There are several ways to publish content on the internet.
It depends on what you want to publish, the time that can be devoted to it, the budget and the knowledge or facilities of each person.

1- Share on social networks

This is the basic or elementary option.
Simply share with a group of friends your knowledge or opinion, which if they are of value will spread quickly virally.
There are several social networks for this, depending on the type of content.

• To publish short notes, news and events almost instantaneously, the ideal service is Twitter .
• To publish text only, you can use Google+ .
• To publish and share Facebook or Pinterest images .
• To post and share Flickr or Google+ photos.
• To upload your YouTube or Vimeo videos .
Increase your Social Network exposure by get more likes and you can also buy Facebook likes.
It is also possible to share audio files, drawings, paintings, poetry, verses, etc.

2- Publish in the article directories and collaborative sites

The article directories are sites where you can regularly publish articles of your authorship, the result in some cases is quite professional.
To do this you only need to register in one of them using an email address, write the text previously in a document and paste it in the editor of the site.
You can include text, images and links in the articles.
The service is responsible for promoting the articles and re-publishing them in other sites, so they can have a viral reach.
Some of them share the income received with the authors.

3- Create an internet blog

A blog is a succession of regularly published articles, which can be sorted by categories.
A blog is figuratively similar to an agenda or notebook, where we are writing and posting notes regularly, with the difference that in this case every time you deliver a sheet, it will be available on the network immediately.
It is the most widespread and popular publication system.
To create it there are several services, all free.

It seems that it was only a gummy technology, but many people use delta extranet every day without realizing it. They use it to track packages, order products from their suppliers or access the customer service department of other companies. Connect to the Federal Express site to check the status of the package you sent in the morning, for example, and you will be using an extranet in its simplest form. An extranet is a mechanism based on Internet and Web technologies to communicate both privately and selectively with customers and business partners.What is the difference with the Intranet and the Internet?

First appeared the Internet, which is available for use by everyone. Then the companies took advantage of these technologies and started their own Intranet using the same friendly Web interfaces and placed security walls in such a way that only the employees of the company could see the information on that site. Finally, the extranet was created, which can be located somewhere between the Internet and the Intranet. There are still security walls, but you are given access to a select number of entities from outside the company, such as customers and business partners.

What can an Extranet be used for?

When implemented correctly, Extranets provide a secure way to allow transactional activities from company to company, which can represent significant savings to your company in both time and money. The automotive industry uses Extranets to reduce redundancy in its order placement process and keeps its suppliers up to date on changes in parts and designs, allowing for better response times. Suppliers can receive proposals, send quotes, provide documents and even collect payments through an extranet. An extranet has restricted access, protected by access codes, in such a way that it can be directly connected to the internal systems of both companies.

Do all companies need an extranet?

Many predict that the extranet will be the next developing era of the Web. Although other company-company communication services such as Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) exist for some time, the ease of use and implementation of the extranet suggests that the prediction has a high probability of being fulfilled. An extranet presents a user-friendly façade that is very easy to use, and in the same way it allows for less structured queries and searches since it uses web technology. Anyway, before implementing and obtaining the benefits of an Extranet you must have an Intranetoperating .

The benefits of Extranets, such as reducing the time to market new products, as well as the cost of doing business and the greater speed in accessing information from business partners, may be offset by the costs as security, Web servers and development, integration with legacy systems, support and permanent maintenance. Extranets consume and require a high degree of time and energy from the resources of Systems, much more than the assembly of an Intranet, or make a presence on the Internet. This consideration can place the Extranets in the last priority of the Systems Department.

Over time, companies will be forced to use an extranet with their suppliers and customers. Of course, some large companies are announcing that they will not do business with companies that do not connect through a secure extranet in the coming years

Cleaning up, what could be more painful? Fortunately, there are some solutions that can greatly facilitate our lives. Here are some sofa cleaners London tricks to know absolutely, to get through all the problems inexpensively and with minimal effort!

1. Refurbish your car’s benches

Of course, you can take your car to a washing station for you to clean the seats, but it will cost you an arm. You can also do it yourself very easily!
To do this, you must make a mixture of sparkling water, dishwashing liquid and vinegar, to which you add a few spoonfuls of bicarbonate. With a spray, spray the mixture everywhere, let it rest for a few minutes, then rub with a hard brush. Finally, rinse with water and then iron it to spray the rest of the residue still trapped in the fibers. You’ll just have to marvel at the result!11

2. Clean window edges

Dirt can accumulate between the window frame and the glass, to a truly dirty look. To remedy this, scatter a pinch of baking soda on the dirt and wet with just enough vinegar to make it bubble. Then use an old toothbrush or cotton swab to remove remaining dirt that is still stuck


3. Get rid of bad odors in your laundry

Do you find that your linen has an odor? Maybe it’s just because your washing machine … needs to be washed too. We do not think about it, yet it should be done fairly regularly! It is enough to turn the vacuum machine, on the hottest cycle, with bleach.


4. Give a new life to a leather sofa

The shoe wax works really well on any other leather object … And it turns out that it works wonders on worn chairs!


5. Remove inlaid stains

For any stains you can not remove with a sponge, for example on the kitchen countertop, cover it with baking soda and rub with a soft cloth to remove the mark.11

6. Clean the hair brushes

Everyone knows that hair brushes can become really disgusting, full of hair difficult to remove … To remedy, cut with the chisel every two rows in order to detach the hair. Then, soak the brush in a mixture of hot water and bicarbonate to remove what remains. Your brush is clean as a new penny!


7. Remove dust from a ceiling fan

Instead of removing dust from the cloth while trying to prevent it from falling into your eyes, or worse, in the bed or sofa underneath, use a dirty pillowcase. Slide each blade into the pillowcase, take the tip and then slide, to remove the dust while trapping it in the fabric!

Many people enjoy the art of photography and sometimes decide to engage in photography as a full-time or part-time business. To start a home photography business, the prospective owner must comply with certain local ordinances, use the right equipment and cover their business against civil liability, theft and damages.

Commercial license

starting your own photography business, most cities require a valid business license. The requirements for obtaining a commercial license vary according to local ordinances. For example, in the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia, a home photography business must apply for a business license at City Hall. In addition, if the business owner resides in an apartment or condominium, you must obtain a notarized letter from the condo owner or condominium owner granting permission to operate the apartment. Applicants also pay a non-refundable application fee and the city zoning board must approve the application. Most banks require a business license to open a commercial bank account.

Commercial insurance

A home photography business should have commercial insurance. Basic insurance coverage for a home photography business includes comprehensive coverage of general liability, theft, and coverage for damages and business coverage of the contents of the business property. Comprehensive liability coverage covers personal injury and damage to property for which the photographer is legally responsible. Theft and damage coverage and content coverage of the business property covers the photographer’s photo equipment and the home office equipment.

Marketing Materials

Even without a big budget, a home photography business has to do marketing itself. A website and business cards are the basic marketing materials for a business of this type. The photographer’s website should show the professional’s work and provide an easy method to contact him. The essential elements of the website include the contact name and telephone number, the email address and, in some cases – usually for non-commercial photographs – the possibility of buying the photographs directly from the site Web.

Camera equipment

Equipment needs vary depending on the type of photo services provided. Wedding photographers and portraits often require studio lighting and / or portable flashes and lightweight cameras. Architectural photographers generally use larger format cameras that have the ability to tilt or change the plane of the lens. And sports photographers require cameras that have a fast frame rate and the ability to use long focal length lenses with wide apertures. The right equipment helps photographers to take photos more efficiently and leads to better results.

Informatic team

Most professional photographers use digital camera equipment to capture images. Digital images are uploaded to a computer for later manipulation after capture. Digital files vary in image size from a few megabytes to large files that can reach up to almost one gigabyte in size. Software used to manipulate digital images also requires large amounts of computer memory. Computers that are used for digital image management need a lot of memory and hard disk space to meet these requirements

When the nature or importance of economic activity carried out by private companies and entities, the location of their facilities, the concentration of their clients, the volume of funds or securities they manage, the value of the movable property or valuables they own , Or other cause, the Secretary of State for Security for supra-provincial assumptions, or the Subdelegates of the Government, may require that the company or entity adopt, jointly or separately, the following security systems :

  • Creation of the security department.
  • Establishment of the system of security guards, with or without weapons, by personnel integrated in security companies.
  • Installation of home security systems and protection devices and systems.
  • Connection of security systems with alarm centers, external or own, can not provide services to third parties if the companies or entities are not authorized as security companies.

In any case, there should be a Department of Security in the following cases :

  • In centers, establishments or buildings that have a security service composed of 24 or more security guards or private guards of the field, and whose expected duration exceeds one year.
  • When the General Directorate of the Police or the Subdelegate of the Government so provides, taking into account the volume of material and personal means, the security system of the entity or establishment, as well as the complexity of its operation and the degree of concentration of risk.

For starters, let’s get something out of the way, photo booths, photocabins, photo booths, photomatons, or photobooths are not a new invention. They are not even an invention of the twentieth century, at least the first experiments. So let’s say that we are not in the presence of an innovation of our time. Clarification completed, we travel to the year 1883 …

The history of photobooth hire sydney goes hand in hand with the history of vending machines, such as a vending machine for soda pop or candy. In 1883, Percival Everett invented the first commercially viable coin operated vending machine. At that time, many products began to be marketed through machines, and these, they expanded throughout North America and Europe.

Before going on, and as a peculiar but not less important fact, let us think that before photography, which was created towards the end of the 1830s, the only way for a person to know his own face in a concrete way was through a Mirror (and these, they were luxury of a few) or its reflection in any other surface that allowed it.

In order not to get into photography classes, types of images and primitive impressions, let’s say that the first technological breakthrough that allowed the emergence of the first photocabins was the appearance of “ferrotipos”. In order not to delve into technical specifications, and for simplicity, they were photographs revealed on a piece of metal. You can read more here and see this example:


Ferrotipos became the first mass media to share photographs. And so, the first “automatic” machines could emerge to take pictures. And quote the quotes in “automatic”, since in general all failed, were not so automatic and always required an operator to be changing parts and chemicals. Even so, they had their time and were used in amusement parks and traveling fairs.

According to data found in some records on the Internet, the first patent for an automatic photo machine was made on January 9, 1888 in Baltimore. Its registrants were William Pope and Edward Poole. There is no data that this machine has been built. There are data from some more patents and experiments but would not be relevant until, at least, late 1889, when at the  Exposition Universelle in Paris, Ernest Enjalbert introduced a device whereby through a 3-6 second exposure, then Of 5 minutes a ferrotype was obtained in a thin plate of metal, covered by a brilliant black lacquer. Some comments of that time say that the result was very poor, the person of the portrait was not identified well. Even so, it had some success and was installed in another exhibition.

18 years later, La Nature reported a French machine called the “Ashton-Wolff”, by its creators. In their edition of January 11, 1913, they told some technical characteristics of the machine, especially that after the process of taking the portrait, a small poster was illuminated showing the following phrase: “Thank you, the photograph has been taken, You may stand up In 4 minutes your portrait will come out of the bottom of the device. “(Thank you, the picture has been taken, you can stop. Photograph of the “Ashton-Wolff” below:


Between 1890 and 1920 several ventures arose not only in France but in the United States, where some machines became attraction in fairs but given their complexity and low quality they could not keep up with the time. Recall, these machines did not print on paper, used other mechanical and chemical processes, took a lot of time to take the picture and develop portrait printing, in general, on small plates of different metals. Imagine, instead of a printer like the current digital booths, they had containers with chemicals, mechanical systems and in the case of one of the machines, up to 400 metal plates where the photos were printed.

From 1925 comes the founding time of modern photo booths, with a special inventor, and many illustrious names in art, politics and entertainment. Believe it or not, photo booths form an important part of the cultural life of the twentieth century. All this remains for a second part.

The American singer, Fiona Apple, canceled her tour of Latin America due to the illness and agony suffered by her pet, Janet.

This is the letter, a great gesture of love towards Janet:

It’s 6 in the afternoon on Friday and I’m writing to a few thousand friends that I do not know yet. I write to tell them that we have to change our plans and meet a little later.

What happens is this.

I have a bitch, Janet, and she has been ill for almost two years with a tumor that was drowsy in her chest and has been growing slowly. Almost 14 years old, I adopted it when I was four months old. I was 21 years old then, officially adult, and she was my daughter.

It’s a pit bull, they found it in Echo Park, with a noose around her neck and bites in her ears and in her face.

It was the one used by those who organized dog fights to give more confidence to those who were going to fight.
She’s almost 14 years old and I’ve never seen her start a fight, or bite, or even grunt, so I understand why she was chosen for that horrible job.

She is a pacifist.

Janet is the most constant relationship of my adult life, that’s a fact. We have lived in numerous houses and left behind a few provisional families, but always the two together.

And that is only the beginning.

She slept in bed with me, her head on the pillow, and accepted my hysterical and tearful face in her chest, her legs embracing me, every time I had a broken heart, or a broken spirit, or whenever I was lost, and according to The years passed and I was allowed to adopt the role of her daughter, while I slept, with her chin resting on my head.

I was under the piano when I composed my songs, barked when I tried to record something and was in the studio with me throughout the recording of the last album.

When I came back from the last tour, she was as vivacious as ever, she’s accustomed to me going a couple of weeks every six or seven years.

She has Addison’s disease, which makes it dangerous for her to travel because she needs Cortisol injections regularly, because she reacts to stress and excitement without the physiological mechanisms that the rest of us have and that keep us from literally panicking .

In spite of all this, she is incessantly happy and playful and only stopped behaving like a puppy about three years ago.

She is my best friend and my mother and daughter, my benefactor, is the one who has taught me what love is.

I can not go to South America. Not now.

When I returned home after the last part of my US tour. I noticed a big, big difference.

He does not even want to go out for a walk anymore.

I know you’re not sad to get old or close to death. Animals have an instinct for survival, but what they do not have is a sense of mortality and vanity. That is why they are countless more present than humans.

But I know that he is approaching the moment when he will stop being a dog, instead becoming part of everything. It will be in the wind, on the earth, and in me wherever I go.

I can not leave it now, please understand.

If I leave now, I fear she will die and I will not have the honor of singing for her while she sleeps, accompanying her as she leaves.

Sometimes it can take me 20 minutes to choose what socks to wear to go to bed. But this decision is instantaneous.

These are the choices we make, the ones that define us.

I do not want to be the woman who puts her career before love and friendship.

I am the woman who stays at home and cooks Tilpaia for my dearest and oldest friend. And it helps to feel comfortable, and clothed, and safe and important.

Many of us in these times fear the death of a loved one. It is the ugly truth of Life, which makes us feel terrified and alone.

I wish we could also appreciate the time that is near the end of time.

I know that I will feel an overwhelming knowledge of her, of her life and of my love for her in the last moments.
I have to do the impossible to be there then.

Because it will be the most beautiful, the most intense, the most enriching experience I have ever known in my life.
When I die.

So I stay home and I’m listening to her snore and breathing with difficulty and I delight in the most stinking and horrible breath that has ever come from the mouth of an angel.

I ask for your blessing.

See you.

With love, Fiona


  • Baby Food Processor Beaba Babycook

    Beaba Babycook

    This model has been very popular in Europe for several years and a success in America. The reason is simple, Beaba is an appliance that has all its accessories in one, this allows you to steam, mash, beat, heat and thaw in the same attractive unit. As a result you can prepare your baby’s food without using too many additions in messing up the whole kitchen.Keep in mind: The Beaba makes food in small amounts, and some parents say that certain parts are difficult to clean.

    Estimated price: $ 100 USD

  • Baby Food Processor Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center

    Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Center

    This new option has lots of bells as it cooks with steam, it pica, mixes and heats the foods. It also warms the baby’s bottles. It has two compartments that allow you to steam and mix at the same time and thus save time. Another striking feature is that it has a compartment to store your accessories, and like all baby food processors in this photo gallery, it is BPA-free.Keep in mind: Some parents say it’s hard to beat hard foods and that the bottle warmer is a waste.

    Estimated price: $ 75 USD

  • Baby Brezza Baby Food Processor

    Baby Brezza

    This processor cooks your baby’s food and when it’s ready, it automatically mixes it, which means one less step to worry about. Just place the food, add water, check the manual for the proper cooking time and wait for the machine to do the work alone. The cooking and mixing section is the same so it is easier to wash from other processors that have many parts.Please note: Some parents say that the mixer failed immediately or after few uses. Fortunately the Baby Brezza has a good customer service that solves the problem.

    Estimated price: $ 100 USD

  • Baby Food Processor Baby Bullet

    Baby Bullet

    This processor is a blender highly specialized and has good recommendations from some parents. It has two types of blade, one that can make fine cereals from whole grains and another to puree and liquefy. Baby Bullet includes food storage containers, saving you money.Please note: It has many parts so it is elaborate to wash, do not cook the food so you have to do it separately, on the stove or microwave. Some parents have complained about broken parts and poor customer service.

    Estimated price: $ 60 USD

  • Baby Food Processor KidCo Baby Steps Electric

    KidCo Baby Steps Electric Food Mill

    This product likes parents who prefer things simple and moderately priced. Just place the vegetables, meats or fruits already cooked inside and you will make them puree of consistency suitable for baby. This processor is small, so it is easy to take if you travel and you can make healthy food for your baby wherever you are, such as at a family member’s or a restaurant. It has only 3 parts so cleaning it is not a problem either.Keep in mind: It is not one of those processors all in one. You have to put in it cooked foods. Make small amounts of food at a time, which is useful for quick occasions but it is not what you need if you want to do all the food of the week at one time.

    Approximated price: $ 27 USD

  • Food Processors

    How we select the products

    There are thousands of baby products on the market. BabyCenter editors focus on the essentials, the things you truly need for your baby. We review products that have been evaluated by parents in our Blog and the internet in general and we add our own experience as parents to choose from so many options. If we liked it, we probably thought so too. Visit us here http://www.gosureviews.com/the-top-5-small-food-processors/

The first and most complete Body Massage Workshop was opened at the headquarters of the Central Regional of the National Institute of Technical and Vocational Training, INFOTEP, installed by the institution to contribute to the development of the tourism industry and raise its services.

At the head of the event, the general director of INFOTEP, Rafael Ovalles, said that the work is part of the strategy of strengthening, modernization, innovation and expansion of infrastructure and training offer, where the institution is immersed.

He added that the workshop comes to meet specific needs of the tourism and hospitality industry, and reflects the aim of training in modern human capital techniques working in this sector, so that it can provide a pleasant experience to the millions of tourists who visit the Dominican Republic.

The official explained that to make possible the building, an investment was made up to RD $ 5,180,602.11, while the equipment swe increased to the sum of RD $ 550,378.00, for a total amount of RD $ 5,730,980.11.

The facilities have the latest technology, installed in three workshops-classrooms. They also have bathrooms, office, reception and rest area for facilitators.

 Ovalles reported that thanks to the support of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), international experts Kuo Chih-Chieh and Tseng Hung-Ching will train the INFOTEP facilitators in massage techniques as part of the Constant the forming organism, click here for more details.

 Taiwanese specialists will be in the country for three months, starting on August 9 this year and will also work with staff working in hotels in the Eastern and Northern regions of the country.

 “Our hotels throughout the country will be able to count on experts to provide a better service to the tourists who visit us and to contribute to raising the level of their services,” said the chief executive of INFOTEP.

 The official explained that in a first phase, the Taiwanese experts will train the facilitators who will be responsible for transmitting to the participants the knowledge and skills acquired during the training.

 Ovalles highlighted the support given to the institution of government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the country represented by its ambassador Thomas Hou Ping-fu.

FDA warns that Saxenda can be used in adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (overweight).

Studies show that exercise and a healthy diet help fight obesity, but they warn of side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) has approved an injections for weight loss treatment.

With the name of Saxenda (liraglutide [in recombinant DNA] in injection) the drug is approved for use in adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (overweight) or with a BMI of 27 or more (Overweight) and having at least one weight-related condition, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol (dyslipidemia).

“The Saxenda, used responsibly in combination with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a low-calorie diet, offers an alternative treatment option to control chronic overweight in obese, overweight and overweight people At least one comorbid weight-related condition, “said Dr. James Smith, MD, MS, acting deputy director of the Metabolic and Endocrinological Products Section of the FDA’s Drug Evaluation and Research Center.

Side effects include pancreatitis, gallbladder disease, kidney failure, and suicidal thoughts. At the same time it is not recommended for patients with thyroid cancer.

The FDA also conditioned the approval of the drug to a series of tests and tests that should be done once it starts to be marketed.

Steam cleaners can clean tile floors to perfection. With only the steam you will find floors clean of dust and bacteria. It will have, without scratches or dirt left by the use of a steam.

See the top ratings steam claners for tile floors and grout here

To find the best steam cleaner for searching ceramic floors online and at your local store. Here are some great, top-rated models to consider.

Best steam mop reviews with less than $ 100

the Bissell Steam Mop fresh food Kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria and comes with a limited warranty of two years. It has a low profile mop head that is capable of cleaning on Corder and edges that other vapors are unable to reach.

It features an easy-to-flush debugger and variable steam control. It has a steam mop that is ready in 30 seconds. Comes with a weed and soft microfiber pad. It has a fragrance of spring breeze discs that are inserted into the mop pillow for a fresh and clean scent. It has a removable water tank that is easy to fill and empty.

Its price is about $ 85 online and received 4.5 stars from more than 300 Amazon partners to make this one of the best steam cleaner for ceramic floors.

Best Floor Steam Cleaner for Tile Floors

This unit features a carpet glider and two improved microfiber mop heads. the Monster euroflex Steam Jet 2 1200W steam floor cleaner disinfectant comes with three additional microfiber pads and a measuring cup with a sledge carpet.

It has a multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant to supply clean steam through its front jets. It can be ready in three minutes. It costs about $ 80 online and received 4 stars from over 200 Amazon contributors to make this one of the best steam cleaner for ceramic floors.

Best Steam Cleaner with DirtLifter PowerBrushes Under the Tile

the Bissell vacuum cleaner Upright Deep Powerlifter 1622 is lightweight at 23 pounds and has a 12amp motor power. Uses hot tap water for cleaning and carpet detergent.

It has a removable nozzle and a lint filter with a built-in measuring cup. It comes with a 16 ounce bottle of fiber cleaning formula and there is a two-in-one water tank for easy emptying and filling.

It costs about $ 100 online and received 4 stars from more than 130 Amazon employees. Comes with a one-year limited warranty at the time of purchase.

It has a 20-foot power cord and can be thoroughly cleaned on carpets with a Scotchguard protection that protects against dirt and stains. It has four rows that has an electric brush that spins for the carpets and to get the ground floor in tiled floors.

Best Tile Floor Steam Cleaner

This item has a low profile pivoting head and an ergonomic handle with a steam button. the Bissell 1867 Steam Cleaner Steam Mop Bare Floor has a fast time of release lace bras and an external filter. There are pearls to change color when the filter is ready to be changed.

There is a one year warranty that comes with this item. In a tank that lasts up to 15 minutes cleaning and is light to 7 pounds. It has a wall mount storage bracket that allows you to easily store away the cleanest and has been built into a carrying handle.

There is a ready light indicator and an extra mop cover. It is clean and without the use of chemicals to get the best results on your tile floors. It costs about $ 70 online and you get 4 stars.

These are among the best options when you are looking for the ideal floor tile cleaner. They all offer multiple features and capabilities that are worth considering to have in your home.

The Palacio San José, owned by General Urquiza in Entre Rios, has left testimonies of the 19th century landscape history of Argentina.Its parks and gardens are evidence of a period where the reproduction of landscape models eur

Cultural Heritage
At the 17th session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organization , which took place in Paris on October 17, 1972, the considerations stipulated
the “cultural heritage” and ” Natural heritage”. One of the axioms that outlined the heritage
culture refers to “places like the combined works of man and nature with
special value for their beauty or their interest from the point of archaeological, historical or scientific.”
The heritage protection in Argentina takes shape in 1940, when Ricardo Levene inspired
the Law No. 12.665 creating the National Commission of Museums, Monuments and Sites.
Not long in Argentina ago, it has been working on the protection of cultural heritage
not only to the protection of architecture, but also its natural environment, focusing the idea
on the whole, in the historic areas, including nature built into this type of
patrimonial notion.
Prior to these safeguard policies and heritage, in 1935 the law No. 12,261 declared a National Monument
in San Jose Palacio, their entrances and gardens, providing for the installation of a regional museum.
The San José Palace was the private residence of General Justo José de Urquiza, located thirty kilometers from the city of Concepción del Uruguay, in the Province of Entre Ríos, Argentina.
Parks Palacio San Jose manifest today a particular case of natural heritage
designed nineteenth century, being unique, either by the compositional style of the gardens, as well as
the assessment of botanical species that make up the park.
Justo José de Urquiza and his admiration for vegetation
The owner, Justo José de Urquiza, is the person who forged the construction of the Palacio San Jose in
1848, and promoted the creation of gardens where exotic species adapted and productive.
The alien vegetation was acquired by him, or received from gift: “The sensitivity of Urquiza by
nature was such that those who knew him knew that one way to establish good relations with
him was through the gift of a rare plant to increase its collection Botany “1.
Urquiza related to various merchants and naturalists who undertook to provide
the plant species nested parks and gardens of the palace. Urquiza own entitling
their sales representatives for buying saplings and seeds. One of the places acquired
plant species was the fifth of Jose Gregorio Lezama, in the south of Buenos Aires. In the
San José Palace Museum in the historical archive there are documents which narrate aforementioned purchases …
Outfielder goes pa. Bs. As. To fix some private businesses are given the commission
to buy some seeds and flowering plants in the (home) fifth Sor.
Lezama, to whom the order is directed to the Ser. Taurel pa. they are sold, and to this
latter country. Which also pays the amount of the purchase of those … 2.
The mentioned Mr. Manuel Taurel was the commercial secretary of Urquiza.
: To the nineteenth century in Argentina two important places of acclimatization of plant species were
the fifth of Gregorio Lezama in Buenos Aires, and the Palace, near San Jose Concepcion
del Uruguay, in Entre Rios.
In these experimental centers reproductions of foreign species were performed for both
utilitarian and aesthetic practices. The naturalist Eduardo Holmberg provided copies and advice
on the care and cultivation of many plant species from its fifth
particular Buenos Aires: “Among the purchased plants include vines Holmberg Chasellas of
Fontainebleau, muscat Spain and others. In a memo sent in May 1860 include plants
teocote pines, cypress lambertiana, Santa Rita, dracaena and some fruit . “3
The doctor and naturalist Aimé Bomplad, arrived at Rio de la Plata to beginning of the century and then
established in the Province of Corrientes. Urquiza comes to medical services in July 1950 in
search of a cure for his army suffered an epidemic of dysentery. Thus begins
a friendship that is strengthened with seeds and plants sent to join the acerbic
botanical palace.
From various parts of plants and seeds to San José were received: from Montevideo merchant
Agustin de Castro, from Mendoza by Jose Maria Pacheco, from Europe, they were required to Marshal
Andres de Santa Cruz, in charge of business Urquiza in Paris. Several more appointments could
do about purchases of plant species to the palace, all expressed
through various invoices and purchase contracts that are in the archive of the Museum of
Palazzo San Jose.

Trade relations and political contacts Urquiza have given the possibility of access
to particular plants actually.
In a study of cultivated plants in the Palacio San Jose in life of General Justo José de Urquiza
figure in ornamental species royal palm (Roystonea regia), this palm was brought to the
American continent from Mauritius, Garden Pamplenousse, Luiz de Abreu Vieira e
Silva in 1809, for King Juan VI (of the kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves). This unique specimen
was placed in the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The specimen been jealously guarded
to flourish: “In 1828 flowers for the first time. Serpa Brandao, director of the time control to
capture and burn the fruits to reserve the Botanical Garden monopoly of that plant planted
by the real “4 hands. It is not aware of the route of this species until his arrival in the
palace gardens, however could surmise that might be a gift from Pedro II.
They reviewed the Argentina and Brazilian history, political and trade relations between Entre Rios,
in command of their governor Right Jose de Urquiza, and the Brazilians were assiduous; Brazil and Entre
Rios were part of the alliance that defeated the governor of Buenos Aires, Juan Manuel de Rosas,
in the battle of Caseros in February 1852. Also these contacts were held with gifts between
rulers. In an article on stays parks include a section on San Jose where
a contribution of Brazilian emperor parks Urquiza stands: “… the cork oak stands
, according to tradition, was presented to him by the emperor Urquiza Of Brazil Pedro II “5.
The presumption of the gift of royal palm Urquiza by the Brazilian ruling could be authentic,
to be a kind jealously guarded, and even tells that arrived from Brazil birds
exotic for aviaries Palacio San Jose.
The botanical gardens valuation of San Jose is truly significant, copies
foreigners were adapted in the greenhouses of the park and cultivated it. The dimensions of the
gardens were stunning, the book Palacio San Jose Heritage Botanical detailed inventory.
Trees grown:
… 88 pomegranate trees , 759 orange trees, 6,476 peaches, apricots 78, 569 pear trees of various kinds,
240 apple trees, 41 almonds, plums 89, 21 cherries, 32 walnut trees, medlar 80,
44 cherry trees, 14,700 quinces, 495 fig trees of various kinds, 226 vines … Moreover, …
1,550 poplars, willows 2,100, 586 paradises, 71 withs … 6 .
This inventory does not have date made, but it productive species and then highlights
a number of ornamental species in the park.
The vegetation is the essence of the design of the parks of this particular stay. The composition
of the various gardens give a time signal and underline the opulence and imposing personality
of a prominent character and history ruler of Argentina, General Justo José de Urquiza.
The design of courtyards, gardens and parks in the palace San Jose
Construction of the palace courtyards and
the entrerriano landscape is composed of gently rolling plains covered with tall grass where
trees grow around the rivers and streams of the region. The palace San Jose was installed at the top
of the hill next to the river Gualeguaychu. The stay was arranged with its main entrance facing east; It was common on farms in the area east orientation in order to have the benefit of the
gentle breeze that comes from there. This compositional arrangement of construction generated an axial axis
east-west, dividing the buildings and parks in proportion to both sides.
The first builder that has references is Jacinto Dellepiane and not as the architect is believed
Pedro Fosatti, which will come later when most of the buildings are already finished.
The construction start in 1948 with a first quadrangular body post-colonial style, with
strong bars, window sills and two square watchtowers that end in an octagonal shape.
No exact dates of construction, however, the incorporation of the second set and
service block, it would be next to the years 1853 and 1854. This hypothesis is strengthened by incorporating the
data of the marriage of Urquiza with Dolores Costa, formalizing a family it is consummated with
eleven children, and seeing the need to extend the residence.
The second body presents a proto-modern style faithful to the ideals of its owner. The house
was composed of thirty-eight rooms with two large courtyards and only two entrances,
located on the main east-west axis of the composition. Other buildings that were installed
were: two sheds for carriages two dovecotes, the bakery and bakery, and across the
store, all in the so – called backyard.
Architect Pedro participation Fosatti required in 1857. This architect performs the chapel
and rejuvenates all buildings. The front has a gallery with seven arches that crash onto
columns of Tuscan style.
The first patio is accessed the courtyard, with details reminiscent Italian with columns
and marbles.
The second courtyard, or patio del Parral, retains today a single water tank, but it is presumed that there was another, located
symmetrically. Fosatti this courtyard features a wrought – iron gallery built
by Tomas Benvenuto, Italian immigrant residing in Buenos Aires. These fittings not only
serve to climb the vines, but also concealed asymmetries construction,
due to the absence of windows and doors symmetrically or different heights on all
fronts of the patio.
Housing environment and internal courtyards compartmentalized gardens were arranged round
the palace complex San Jose.
Exotic garden
This is the first park of access to the residence, the broader and engulfing all the other gardens.
Here were the foreign species that came to San José, hence its exotic name.
Its composition refers to a plantation in five – meter grid five meters, this will
be assessed on the ground. This provision equally cultivated exotic plants
like fruit, ranking the most exotic next to the house. At present there are few trees
but are clearly visible in the grid system.
The palace gardens called attention to what is perhaps closer visitor in search of the
barbarism of the caudillo of the interior, and was opposed parks, playgrounds and gardens finely
designed in the style of European parks and gardens.
One of these people was Alfredo M. Du Graty who left an important graphic testimony by publishing
in 1858 in Paris the book The Confederation Argentina where an engraving of the buildings were reported
and the Palace gardens San Jose. This character writes Juan Munoz God: “The aristocrat
Belgian Alfredo Du Graty arrived in Argentina in 1850. He had carried out military studies in Brussels and had a remarkable culture … “7. Du Graty becomes Director of the National Museum of Natural History in
Paraná, at the time that Urquiza is President of the Confederation. The highlight of the military
Belgian, is the engraving published in his book where (with his knowledge of perspective) reveals plantations
in squares; Also in that it recorded the wells that collected rainwater that can be seen
was used for watering crops bucket. Another detail shown in the picture are the two small
greenhouses on both sides of the road, used for acclimatization of foreign vegetables.
Similarly, in the back there are details that are not clear in engrave Du Graty, since
they have some alterations as the chapel which is not existing, or the sublime path that
crosses the back of the gardens is not nor was A) Yes.
This huge garden is consumed with the road lined with magnolias access (Magnolia grandiflora),
grevileas (Grevillea robusta), oaks (Quercus ilex), cork oak (Quercus Suber), Ombu
(Phytolacca dioica), cycads (reboluta yica), Araucaria ( Araucaria angustifolia), cypresses (Cupressus
sempervirens), pine (Pinus pin), palm trees pindó (Arecastrum romanzoffianum), among
barias cash crop species.
It is finally highlight the ornamental garden with two large aviaries fine ironwork and marble
from Carrara evenly arranged on both sides of the road. These aviaries iron
wrought copper lattice glass to acclimate tropical species, they were made by the
Italian Tomas Benventto in Buenos Aires to be installed here. The press in 1867 expressed the
feelings of the landscape: “… An elegant aviary filled with songbirds rises amidst
this pompous and embalmed vegetation and hearing no less than embelesan view … . ” 8
Finally they highlight a cast iron fountain in the center of the flagstone path and the two sculptures
on the pillars of the gateway symbolizing the continents of Europe and Africa.
French garden
The front garden is enclosed by an artistic grille made by Francisco Carulla,
another Italian blacksmith, and is called the “French garden”, perhaps because of its excessive symmetry and parterres
forms balanced.
We are here arises the need to question the designation of French garden, based on certain
feelings, concepts and facts that point to the hypothesis that this space is inspired by
the Tuscan gardens rather than the French gardening:
1. The notion of garden French part of the proportional arrangement of the flowerbeds, a fact that was the case
in the early Renaissance gardens of Florence and described in the book of Francisco Páez
of the Chain: “… concentrated around a basic axis and generally answered the extension
of the own axis of the main building … “9 this pose is assessed clearly in San Jose.
2. The dimensions of this garden is not recognized by the vast expanses of French gardening,
and yes resemble those smaller proportions of the garden spaces Renaissance
Italian; just remember that the Italian gardens are the immediate consequence of the release of the
closed medieval gardens, with its more limited and similar dimensions that are handled
in this entrerriano space.
3. Another feeling that points to an Italian garden, is based on the ornate decoration of its
composition, using statues, fountains fish, goblets with plants, various flooring, railings
worked, sculptures; all these applications were used ornamental excess in the gardens
of Tuscany.

4. Finally, if the beautification of the residence corresponded to the Tuscan architect Pedro Fosatti
and in front of the building Tuscan columns were installed, this could sustain this position of being
inspired by Italian ideas of the Tuscan region French garden more images .
Apart from these imaginary this garden enhances the building with harmonic and aesthetic stonemasons
cultivated plants colorful blooms. In the book published by the Museum San Jose recounted
on cultivated species “in the flowerbeds is periodically renewed planting flowers in
season such as thoughts (Viola tricolor), marigolds (Calendula sp.), Petunias (Petunia),
copetes (Tagete sp.), Rabbits (Antirrhinum sp.), Etc … “10.
This garden is completed with a series of prominent tree and shrub species: boxwood (Boxus sempervirens),
magnolias (Michelia fuscata), azaleas (Rhododendron indicum), fuschia (Fuschia magellanica),
Santa Rita (Bougainvillea spectavilis), various roses and palm Washingtonia (Washingtonia
filifera), among various species.
This garden is concluded with various ornamentations: two ponds on both sides that could
have had peses for its great depth, goblets were also vegetated on
the pilasters the perimeter, and finally, on the pillars of access gate that separates the garden
Exotic of this are the Italian marble statues of Africa and Europe.
This garden is undoubtedly the most striking of all standing out for its colorful and orderly arrangement,
framing the entrance to the Grand Palace de Urquiza.
Back garden
This garden is in the back and is accessed or residence or service access
side, the only yard with two roads intersect. These streets were covered with flagstone
as a gesture of modernity driven by Urquiza, leaving aside the earth and dust, acceding
to his residence through a consolidated way daintily.
This garden is written: “At the edges Avenue back garden, and limit the areas
landscaped with tree specimens and shrubby, goblets and marble busts of four are located
conquerors (Alexander, Hernan Cortes, Julio Cesar and Napoleon) “11. The goblets that
chronicles bear the inscription of Dolores de Urquiza, wife of General.
The subsequent entry (side) has been used daily and was made for the entry of
the carriages having the possibility of depositing guests and residents well near the
rear access enlajado Palace on the way. The importance of this road will seal the
sculptures of the conquerors and two other sculptures (Spring and Autumn), all facing
the side entrance to the north, unlike all the composition has proportionately
on the main road East to west.
Another pattern of the hierarchy of this entry as pautan those provided plant species: yours (Thuja
orientalis), oak (Quercus suber), various palms (Washingtonia filifera, Phoenix canariensis,
Arecastrum romanzoffianum), cycads (Cycas revoluta), jacarandas (Jacaranda mimosifolia ), grevileas
(Grevillea robusta), persimmon (Diospyros kaki), federal stars (Euphorbia pulcherrima), roses
(roses sp), azaleas (Rhododendron indicum), etc.
In this garden the vast majority of species are merely stating the importance ornamental

Artificial lake
The provision in the layout is the artificial lake, located beyond the rear west patio. The
dirt road that goes from the back yard and continues the central east-west to the shores of the
lake is accompanied on both sides by rows of poplars carolinos (populus angulata).
This park recounted:
… the house had another place of solace for the ride and enjoy life outdoors. An
artificial lake built close to the house, was the last great monument built in
San Jose. It had an extension of 180 m. Long by 120 m. Wide and 5 m. Of depth.
That fed water was brought from a nearby lagoon through pipes
and bombeo12.
Lake construction required the realization of a river near the cutwater Gualeguaychu
obtaining water required. The work also demanded precise movements of soil to
fill the sides of the lake when installed on the slope of the hillock. In this lake festivals they were held
and meetings with fireworks and even could ride on a steamboat, the “San Cipriano”.
Conclusions It
is unquestionable that designs playgrounds, parks and gardens in San Jose witness to a
period of man -made landscape in Argentina and the eccentricity of an original character
and pioneer. Urquiza built his dwelling and meadows with European style inculcating a deep
respect for nature, being a not – so – known leader entrerriano legacy.
His extensive knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of entrerriano peasant, linked to cattle
extensive and the lack of agricultural practices, led him to propose a change of consciousness
based on education and concrete actions:
… being governor of Entre Rios in 1851, introduced compulsory in schools
primary practical teaching of agriculture …, also in 1854, being
president of the Argentina Confederation, issued a resolution government by
forcing all the farmers of Entre Rios with over a hundred head of cattle
to plant compulsorily thirty trees useful per year, establishing a list of
acclimatized “13 species.
Similarly Urquiza recognized the lack of literature on the subject and sent to print books
on agricultural practices, texts by Antonio E. Caravia Toribio Arauz in Montevideo and Buenos
This research leaves open various work patterns, being the beginning of the systematic study of
design and plant species used, as well as landscape built in the nineteenth century in
the early history of Argentina. Its asset valuation must reach not only the care of
architectural construction, but also the nature and garden designer melbourne assembled there by proposing
studies, research and historical reconstructions of the gardens.

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Tragedy on the civil wars in Central America in the 1980s. Richard Boyle was an American reporter who worked in El Salvador in this period. The shock experienced by to discover certain aspects of reality that was ignored by itself led him to compromise and to take a stand.

9. the night of the pencils (1986) – available on Youtube

In September 1976, during the first months of the military dictatorship in argentina, seven adolescents from the city of La Plata are kidnapped, tortured and killed as a result of their protests by student ticket increase. The film recounts these events from the voice and presence of its sole survivor.

10 JFK: Case open (1991)

New Orleans Jim Garrison (Costner) Prosecutor reopened the case of the assassination of the President of the United States John F. Kennedy and filed charges against some people. After interviewing numerous witnesses Dallas and people associated with the facts, it maintained the thesis that the assassination was the result of a conspiracy in which the FBI, the CIA and Vice President own Lindon B. Johnson could have intervened.

11 Nixon (1995)

Richard Nixon was one of the most controversial Presidents of the United States. While for some represented, in the wake of the Watergate case (1973), the worst of American democracy; for others, it was a great statesman who helped end the cold war.

12 – thirteen days (2000) – available on Youtube

The Cuban missile crisis. In October 1962, a series of aerial photographs of Cuba, obtained by the American army, revealed that the Soviets were installing nuclear weapons that could reach much of the United States on the island. To force the Soviet Union to dismantle missiles, President John F. Kennedy and his colleagues decided to blockade the island.

13. Kamchatka (2002)

The difficult years of the military dictatorship in argentina are referred to by Harry, a ten year old boy is the only thing you want to play and do mischief with his little brother. However, in 1976, when his family, pursued by the dictatorship, is forced to hide in the field, begins for a new life that will put an end to his childhood.

14 v of revenge (2006)

In the not-too-distant future, Britain has become a totalitarian country run with an iron fist by a tyrant (John Hurt). One afternoon, after curfew, Evey (Natalie Portman) is rescued by a mysterious masked whose name is V (Hugo Weaving) in the street. The strange character explains what are their plans to regain freedom. And, indeed, all actions of V must aim to make explode a revolution against the fascist government across the country.

15 – The Queen (2006)

Account of the political events following the death of Princess Diana. Focuses primarily on the talks between Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Tony Blair to reach an agreement on the popular demand that held a national mourning.

16. the war of Charlie Wilson (2007)

In the early 1980s, an American Congressman fond of fun, a woman of high society of Houston advocate staunch of good causes and a passionate about the challenges CIA agent, they conspired to carry out the biggest secret operation history. Joanne Herring (Julia Roberts), one of the richest women of Texas and virulent anti-communist, convinced the Congressman Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) to help the Afghan Mujahideen, getting funds and arms to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan. Charlie struggle in this hard battle companion was the agent of the CIA Gust Avrakotos (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

17-che: the Argentina – Guerrilla (2008)

Biopic of the famous guerrilla and revolutionary Ernesto ‘che’ Guevara, based on her diary. It tells the period of the guerrillas in Sierra Maestra, under the command of Fidel Castro, from the landing of the Gramma in December 1956, until the flight of Batista, President who ruled Cuba with the blessing of the Americans since 1952. At the Cannes Film Festival was issued entirely (four 4 hours and a half). It is output divided into two films in commercial cinemas: “Che: the Argentine” and “Guerrilla” (about 140 minutes each).

18. the challenge: Frost Nixon (2008) against

Adaptation of the play by Peter Morgan about the interview with journalist David Frost to President Nixon. During the three years that followed his departure from the White House, Richard Nixon remained silent. However, when in the summer of 1977, he gave an interview to talk about its mandate and the Watergate, he surprised everyone by choosing to David Frost. Even the team of journalist was not very sure of the success of the interview would could be Nixon evade questions about his role in one of the most outrageous cases that Casablanca had been involved? Could Frost boot clear answers to a man who was a master of the evasion and subterfuge?

19 Invictus (2009)

Adaptation of a book by John Carlin (Playing the enemy). In 1990, after his release, Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) reaches the Presidency of his country and decreed the abolition of the “Apartheid”. Its aim was to carry out a policy of reconciliation between the black majority and white minority. In 1995, the celebration in South Africa in the Rugby World Cup was the instrument used by the black leader to build national unity.

20 revolution: Crossing of andes (2010) – available on Youtube

Leandro Ipiña takes distance from the points of view that were previously addressed in this new film about San Martin. Narrated by an old man who in his youth was clerk of San Martín and in the 1880’s the story just manages to survive on a pension, film intertwines the intimate interest of his narrative with a visual display of overwhelming dimensions to cover this first crossing of the Andes where San Martin raised the release of all South America of the Viceroyalty.

21. white elephant (2012)

It tells the story of friendship between two priests, Julian and Nicolas, after surviving an attempted assassination by the military during his work in Central America, settled in a suburb of Buenos Aires to develop their apostolate and social work. There they meet Luciana, who will fight elbow with elbow against corruption, endemic in the area. His work will face them with the hierarchy and the Government and police power. Despite everything, will continue to risk their lives to maintain their commitment and loyalty with the residents of the neighborhood.

Clarifications are important: this list is not sorted by importance or transcendence. Just trying to list the movies that have the same theme (or similar) and show them all together with their respective trailers. They can not be a country-specific movies since we took the most named in the majority of fans and suitable blogs on the subject.

News Power and Money: The intense training routine political Paul Ryan

Because it is important?

Because if it is to be fit, no matter the political parties.

In summary

The American politician Paul Ryan was one of the guests of the “Playbook Breakfast” of Political and among the issues addressed is your exercise routine. It’s crazy.

The history

The news website In Home Personal Trainer DC (also called Washington DC Personal Trainer) is sponsoring a series of lectures called “Playbook “in which members of Washington’s political elite talk and talk until the audience falls asleep. Tuesday’s edition included Congressman and candidate for vice president in 2008, Paul Ryan. He talked about the difficulties facing the US House of Representatives and the need to agree on the budget for next year. And then he surprised everyone by talking about your exercise regimen that begins at 6:30 am and includes P90X yoga and spinning CrossFit.

That’s crazy! There are four routines very specific and very intense exercise, which will take the political claims 90 minutes. Ryan is a fitness fanatic known but, let’s look in more detail what we are saying:

P90X: Powered by AskMen collaborator Tony Horton is a circuit training designed to keep the heart rate elevated while fatigues the body with resistance training. There are three volumes of P90X and philosophies have changed over the years. The original program was painful routines hour. The second version focused more on the scientific side and the third takes only 30 minutes and completely destroys your muscles. If Ryan is doing any of these versions must be the third: P90X3.

Yoga : With a long history, there are many forms of yoga as “yogis”. Most disciplines focus on balance, flexibility, breathing and isometric resistance. Routines ranging from 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the interest of the practitioner. Ryan does not have much time so we assume that follows a short routine that allows you to recover from P90X.Let’s say it takes 20 minutes, that leaves you with 40 minutes to complete the rest of your workout.

Crossfit: What can we say about the CrossFit that has not already been addressed ? In a desperate attempt to make fitness a sport for people who are not good for sports, their promoters may be members of a cult.This discipline can get fit through varied movements of constant intensity.From running to lizards, burpees or Olympic lifts, not many exercises that are not part of CrossFit. Sessions can last from 20 minutes to an hour, but, as it became clear, Ryan does not have much time. Your training should be short and focused on the muscles that did not work with P90X.

Spinning : riding a stationary bike, doing frequent changes of speed and endurance at the pace of electronic music, usually takes about 45 minutes, so Ryan does not know how to include it in their training.

Do all this in one day would be good enough to do it in 90 minutes it sounds impossible. Of course, there is the possibility that Ryan train half an hour daily and just have mentioned some of the routines below.CrossFit followed by yoga sounds great, or perhaps P90X focused on the upper body followed by a spinning session. But since Ryan is a politician, it is more fun to imagine him as the man most athletic of the world (or a liar).

A few months ago to share a list of 25 full movie tube that we believe have the quality of illuminating the recurring dark world of closed rooms of politics. The result was a rewarding conversation with many readers that made us rethink the absence of key works, and has allowed us to discover some hidden treasures.

We present this proposal extended as an open dialogue and with the explicit aim to continue to expand the list to cover the real essential. A mea culpa to restart the debate: Miss less more Asian films!

First and foremost this type of engaged and engaging art is one call rather than contemplation to action. We hope that the brilliance of these works is may translate, at least a little, in actions closest to the common good to which the following films denounce loudly and all camera. These movies below are available in HD to watch online, just launching movie2k.io.

15 stunning works to open eyes

The great Dicatdor, with Charles Chaplin.

1. the great dictator -Charles Chaplin, United States

Osadisimo artistico-politico project, to the point that President Roosevelt contacted Chaplin to motivate him by the opposition of the film industry to its proposal. The film achieves an almost impossible balance: a comic satire of Hitler, while a forceful complaint public on the Holocaust of the Jews, built as the first anti-Nazi history feature. Chaplin, who was the silent film legend performed one of the most memorable speeches in the history of cinema, a humanist manifesto in its maximum expression.

2. Dr. Strangelove -Stanley Kubrick, England

Work of scathing reflection that was born in the zenith of the paranoia about the possibility of a nuclear war. Kubrick made a brilliant satire of the absurdity of the policy from the cold war logic, making perhaps the only film that makes us laugh at the real possibility of the end of the world. As if outside, the multiple roles of Peter Sellers have become his performance one of the most famous ever captured on celluloid.

3. z / confession / disappeared -Costa-Gavras, Grecia-Francia – United States

Costa-Gavras is without a doubt one of the most important references of the all-time political, representing masterfully cinema true stories of socio-political repression. Their better attained works include the murder of the leading Greek democratic Grigoris Lambrakis, the trial against the Czechoslovakian Communist politician Artur London circus and the disappearance of the American journalist Charles Horman. Proposals of genuine courage taking into account that they were performed during dictatorships orchestrated by the same characters who refers in his films.

 4. Earth in Trance -Glauber Rocha, Brazil

A narrative synthesis of the Latin American political circus condensed in the history of the fictional but too real country “El Dorado”. The chaos of partisan fights, the blind fanaticism of the masses and corrupt greed for power are presented brilliantly by the bold eye of Rocha, who invites us to examine this reality from the eyes of an idealistic poet and journalist. A feast of the Avant-garde and an urgent invitation to think, discuss, and try to transform.

5. Citizen Kane / process -Orson Welles, United States-France

This legendarily innovative film touches on the sore to the media of the United States Empire.“Citizen Kane” was the center of a fierce struggle that tried to destroy it even before being displayed.The history of this ill-fated attempt at artistic suppression has been on whether same inspiration of documentaries such as “The battle over Citizen Kane” and the film “RKO 281″. Less well known, his version of “The process” of Kafka is a penetrating meditation of the incomprehensible power wires.

6. Memories of underdevelopment -Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Cuba

A complex and profound reflection of the transition policy in Cuba under the cloak of the Castro revolution, experienced from the perspective of a bourgeois intellectual who tries to connect with the new socio-political reality of his people and of his life. His virtuoso and innovative staging and narrative is considered by many critics as the most important Latin American film of all time.

7. a very special day - Ettore Scola, Italy

Special day takes place during the massive visit of Hitler to Mussolini in Rome, years before the great war began. Perhaps the film’s most intimate political reflection has filmed, a harrowing reflection on the influence of the totalitarian systems in the most vital human feelings. Also a luxury of performances: Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, at the peak of his talent and charisma, show why they are one of the most legendary couples of the cinema.

8. The Edukators - Hans Weingarther, Germany

Poratada of the film The Edukators. Source: Blog popular education cultural center

Favorite in our list of contemporary political films. Can be seen as the exciting setting in scene of the iconoclastic of a group of young revolutionaries methods, and at the same time considered as a stabbing not fatalistic essay about the defeat of the more radical leftist movementsto powerful temptations of capitalism.

9. Yawar Malku, the blood of the Condor -Jorge Sanjinés, Bolivia

A film acted in mother tongue by authentic indigenous where it reflects on marginalization and oppression that native peoples are subjected. The film presents a complaint openly the United States peace corps by sterilized indigenous women. In real life the shortly after the exhibition of the film, and during the cold war, the peace corps were expelled from Bolivia. This is political, revolutionary, and independent in its most pure and radical State cinema.

10. Xala -Ousmane Sembene, Senegal

Considered the father of African Cinema, Sembene, a writer who, at age 40, recognizes that the majority of the people of your country cannot read him, decides to become a film director. With brilliant irony and humor the film satirizes the post-independence endemic political corruption in Senegal. With effective symbols tells the tragicomic story of a powerful man who is discovered sexually impotent on his wedding day. “Xala” became one of the first African films to win international recognition.

11. v for vengeance (V for Vendetta) - James McTeigue, United States

Curious beast in filmic Minotaur, half-grossing production with beautiful and talented heroine, and the thicker half of incisive, powerfully subversive work. V mask is the iconic symbol of many contemporary youth protests from Egypt to Brazil. If a political film should inspire conscious colectica mobilization, then this is one of the most remarkable specimens of the genre.

12. i… Like Icarus - Henri Verneuil, France

Unheralded masterpiece that challenges with amazing precision and power of analysis the solitary sniper of the JFK Assassinationtheory, in this case recreating the event in a fictional country. Yves Montand plays the Attorney who refuses to sign the report of the investigative Commission and embarks on a dangerous process of independent research. An effective political thriller in a brutally provocative and unsettling way.

13. The tongue of the butterfliesJosé Luis rope, Spain

Frame in the film the butterfly’s tongue. Source: serueda.wordpress.com

With remarkable subtlety displays the gradual change in human hearts that can achieve the fear before the arrival of a dictatorship, in this case the victory of general Franco in the Spanish Civil War. A profound metaphor for the loss of innocence and the hope of an entire people, when we stop being able to tolerate the goodness.

14. companionsMario Monicelli, Italy

Showing humor, sensitivity, wit, and extraordinary performances under the guidance of an impressive Mastroniani, exposed the struggle of workers to improve their unfair working conditions in an Italian factory. A film that should be a case study mandatory for all applicants to reform a system.

15. lust, danger - Ang Lee, Taiwan

Famous for its generous and controversial sex scenes – accomplished with masterful touch aesthetic, is actually a well accomplished and intense work of intrigue, seduction and political espionage at the highest level. Lee dusts off the ghosts of the Japanese occupation of the Chinese territory and creatively subversive movements that occurred.

Other inspiring films of political awareness( always available on www.movie-tube.us)

  1. Good Bye Lenin! (Wolgang Becker, Germany) -A young man do the impossible so that her mother does not know that his beloved East Germany has disappeared
  2. China Town (Roman Polanski, United States) – the private sector and political corruption to control the resource water
  3. Elite troop 1 and 2 (José Padilha, Brazil) - linkage of the police system and upper echelons of power with criminal structures
  4. Welcome, Mr. Chance (Hal Ashbi, United States) - bright comedy that satirizes the capacity of an ordinary man’s upper echelons of power influence
  5. The blame it on Fidel (Julie Gavras, France) – shows the intimacies of her wealthy family transformed into revolutionary from the eyes of a girl
  6. The wave (Dennis Gansel, Germany) - Reflection on the potential that we all, under precise stimuli, assume fascist and dictatorial behavior
  7. In the name of the father (Jim Sheridan, Ireland) – extreme abuse of the judicial system who accused innocent of an act of terrorism
  8. Zacco e Vanzetti (Giuliano Montaldo, Italy) – famous case real of two Italian anarchists unjustly sentenced to the electric chair in the United States
  9. The official story (Luis Puenzo, Argentina) – the silent family effects of a military dictatorship
  10. 1984 (Michael Radford, United Kingdom) -Faithful adaptation of the classic George Orwell who sadly every day seems to have more relevance
  11. The Battleship Potemkin (Sergei Eisenstein, Russia) - One of the great classics of silent film and openly revolutionary cinema
  12. Herod’s law (Luis Estrada, México) – tragicomic reflection of sociopathy of Latin American corruption
  13. La Chinoise (Jean-Luc Godard, France) – an original essay above about the dogmatism of some left-wing partisanship
  14. Akira (Katsuhiro Ohtomo, Japan) -Anime cult presenting to a neo-Tokyo after the 3rd world war. Curious blend of science fiction and political intrigue
  15. All the men of the President (Alan Pakula, United States) – put in scene of the Watergate scandal
  16. The night of the pencils (Héctor Olivera, Argentina) – the real history on the tragic abduction of the dictatorship to a group of teenage students
  17. The lives of others (Florian Henckel, Germany) - social Control under a totalitarian Communist regime in the Berlin of the cold war
  18. JFK (Oliver Stone, United States) – research proposal for the participation of political powers in the assassination of JFK
  19. Even the rain (Iciar Bollain, Spain) – a Spanish film crew wheel in Bolivian territory a film about the conquest while the people rebelling against a multinational
  20. Traffic (Steven Soderbergh, United States) – the transnational complicities and perquisites of the drug trafficking networks
  21. Network (Sydney Lumet, United States) – excesses of power and frailties of a media empire
  22. The Divo (Paolo Sorrentino, Italy) – lucid narration of the life of the Machiavellian Italian politician Giulio Andreotti
  23. Persepolis (France, Satrapi and Paronnaud) – intimate reflection of life in the exile of a teenager after growing up in the Iranian regime
  24. The life of Harvey Milk (Gus Van Sant, United States) - deep social prejudices and the struggle for the political claim of homosexuals
  25. Machuca (Andrés Wood, Chile) – the State coup against Salvador Allende perceived from the perspective of a child of proletarian family
  26. The constant gardener (Fernando Meirelles, United States) – a complex network of political and private corruption is hidden behind a personal tragedy
  27. Lincoln (Steven Spielberg, United States) - meticulous recreation of the process of political negotiation which resulted in the abolition of slavery in the United States
  28. One hundred steps (Marco Giordana, Italy) -True story of a young revolutionary to the Sicilian mafia
  29. The last King of Scotland (Kevin McDonald, United Kingdom) -An idealistic doctor is caught in a brutal dictatorship in Uganda
  30. Not (Pedro Larraín, Chile) -An advertising executive develops an innovative campaign to beat Pinochet in the referendum of 1988
  31. Sophie Scholl: the last days (Marc Rothemund, Germany) -Plasma with historical accuracy one of the symbols of the German resistance to Nazism
  32. In the Loop (Armando Ianucci, United Kingdom) -Of the few comedies that achieves a balance between accurate political analysis and shameless humor
  33. Viva Zapata! (Elia Kazan, United States) -Marlon Brando stars as the Mexican revolutionary leader in a film biography of high caliber
  34. The year in which my parents they were holiday (Cao Hamburger, Brazil)- Sensitive story about a child who expected their revolutionary fathers at the time that starts both the World Cup and a dictatorship
  35. Smoke curtain (Barri Levinson, United States) - political plot to manufacture a war and hide a presidential sex scandal. Prophetic Film in which during its production came about the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and has threatened to invade Iraq… reality copying fiction?

Political parties must adapt their accounting to the new General Accounting Plan adapted by the Court of Auditors for its specific characteristics, from next January 1, 2014, although the formulation of consolidated annual accounts, including the controlled companies and foundations will not be enforceable until 2016.

The Plan, published yesterday in the Official Gazette, determines that the form of Constitution adopted by the political formation (Federation, Confederation, coalition…), determines the degree of centralization of financial information and its dimension and the level at which economic decisions are made conditions the administrative and accounting organisation established by the party.

This diversity is intensified especially at the local level, in which the degree of functional autonomy, administrative and accounting procedures of the territorial and institutional organization varies significantly matches with national implementation to those who restrict their activity to the local and municipal level.

According to reports Iuris & Lex in a comprehensive report in its next issue, which will be published on Friday, October 25, in some cases, political parties come keeping shares in corporations, generally, for the total social capital, whose main activity consists in the holding and administration of real estate related to the development of activities of the party , as well as in real estate management of offices of the party and operation of catering services.

Ban on commercial activities introduces no doubt and generally a simplification in accounting to be applied the political formations, being in this context therefore, less necessary, unlike what happens in the Business Plan, the incorporation of two blocks of criteria, having been chosen as indicated, in General , by those included in the Plan of small and medium-sized enterprises; and, second, on the grounds that a phased implementation of the accounting requirements will ensure an effective compliance with new obligations imposed by the organic law 8/2007.

As a result of which most of the income of political formations correspond to public subsidies, whose amounts are determined on the basis of the election results and are awarded annually, the Cloud bookkeeping result presents a different meaning of which is given in the scope of entities for profit.

The content of the standard in the field of grants, donations and bequests is determined by nature not finalist of aid who receive these formations, except the security costs related. That is why, in General, all subsidies and monetary donations received is recognised directly in the income statement, constituting the exception cases in which should be recorded directly in equity.

For the purpose of carrying out assigned supervisory competence to the Court of Auditors, this has estimated necessary to establish different criteria for determining the organic links, criteria which were adopted by agreement of the plenary of May 28, 2009. In particular, are considered to be linked to a political party those foundations that have been created with a direct or indirect majority contribution, of the same; those, whose founding heritage, with character of permanency, is composed by more than 50 percent of goods or rights contributed or transferred by the party; or those whose Board is controlled by the party in similar terms to which is regulated to the mercantile society the linkage in article 42 of the code of Commerce.

Without prejudice to the legal nature of foundations and their peculiar operating regime, are considered, for the purposes of the representativeness of the financial statements of political parties, the consolidated annual accounts which best reflect, in all significant aspects, the economic-financial activity of the political party, independence of the information that should be incorporated into the memory on the Foundation connected with the nature of economic and financial relations with them maintained.

Any basis in political science begins with a familiarity with the texts that have reflected their time and helped define the future course of political science. Political leaders have read and are aware of many of the principles contained in these works. Even opponents of thinkers like Machiavelli have had to engage with their ideas in order to refute them. You can download these book from free ebooks.

“The Prince” (“Prince”) by Niccolò Machiavelli

“The Prince” (“Prince”) of Niccolo Machiavelli has been so influential that its author’s name has become an adjective representative of a political approach. Although Machiavelli was personally unsuccessful as Florentine politician, his theories were widely read in the 16th century and are still read today. “The Prince” (“Prince”), suggests that a leader, for “is better to be feared than loved”. To intimidate and control their constituents, Machiavelli, he argued a leader has a better chance of enacting public policies productive and benevolent.

“Two Treatises of Government” (“two treatises of Government”) by John Locke

“Two Treatises of Government” (“two treatises of Government”) by John Locke was first published in 1689, although the own Locke wasn’t satisfied with editions distributed during his errors. Stimulated by the “glorious revolution” in England, the work of Locke addressed a criticism of authoritarian rulers who claimed divine right and argued in favor of the legitimacy of laws limiting the powers of the Government. His writings have inspired modern liberalism and were a great influence on the revolutions, American and French in the 18th century.


“Diplomacy” (“diplomacy”) by Henry Kissinger

“Diplomacy” of Henry Kissinger (“diplomacy”) reflects the of one of the most important American political figures of the 20th century. Kissinger, who was Secretary of State and national security advisor during the Nixon and Ford Administration was a controversial figure, often causing intimidation and other brutal methods to achieve a political end. Its 900 pages Tome follows international from the beginning of the 17TH century political history until the 20th century, reflecting on the continuities in the diplomatic policy and the traditions of American diplomacy.

It’s lord Sewel, Vice President of the Chamber of the Lords of Great Britain. In the pictures you can see the lord taking what looks like cocaine with a 5 pound note wound onto a transparent table.

The British John Sewel, Member of the Chamber of the Lords of the United Kingdom, resigned from office and it is being investigated then made public a video in which he is sucking cocaine with a five pound note accompanied by several top london escorts.

Lord Sewel, who was ally of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, has presented his resignation once the newspaper “The Sun” broadcast this Sunday the filming, and will now face a police investigation by the facts.

Politician Scottish, 69, former Minister of agriculture in the Labour Government of Tony Blair, appears in the video saying prostitutes who wanted to carry him “astray”.

In addition, Sewel, in the recording, said women, who gained 200 pounds (282 euros), that he would have liked ‘bring a young Asian woman’.

“We could have brought a young Asian woman for tonight. When I go on the subway they seem thin and attractive. They seem that they are innocent, but I know that they are whores”, says the Scotsman.

The President of the House of Lords, Baroness Frances D’Souza, described as “unacceptable and shocking” the news and said that it will send the case to the Metropolitan Police (MET).

“The House of Lords will continue to maintain its standards of public life and will not tolerate is that they leave. These extremely serious accusations will be remitted to the Commissioner for the House of Lords and the metropolitan police so they are investigated urgently”, said D’Souza.

The newspaper “The Sun” ensures that the recording has been made in the apartment that has Sewel, married with four children, in Dolphin Square, in the District of Westminster, near the headquarters of the House of Lords.

¿Cómo está el patio político a falta de 7 meses para las municipales? Pérez y Villa, primeros candidatos

Miguel Villa is since yesterday the virtual candidate Izquierda Unida (IUCA) municipal elections in the month of May. Yours has been the only candidature presented in the process of “primary” opened in this political formation at the local level, process by which, over the past twelve days, any member of the left-wing coalition could present his candidacy to head the electoral list of IUCA.
Villa yesterday showed “total willingness” to lead for the second time the candidacy of IUCA, which four years ago led to this party to obtain three councilmen and part of the municipal government after Pact with the PSOE, second most voted force. The official proclamation of Miguel Villa as a candidate he subtracted yet endorsement of the local Assembly, which should occur next Tuesday, and the subsequent official proclamation by the party at the regional level.
In line with this fact newsworthy, we wanted to review the political playground equipment suppliers  to know which parties and which candidates could be within little more than half a year in an electoral arena which for the moment is full of unknowns and that in Lucena, could be one of the most competitive since the arrival of democracy to the city councils.
A situation similar to the IUCA lives in the PSOE. The Socialists opened process of primaries in all the towns of 20,000 inhabitants that not ruled. In the other, as for Lucena, this possibility should como en el caso de lucena, esta posibilidad debia ser be requested expressly by a high percentage of the members of the local Assembly, which has not occurred in our city, so Juan Pérez, who expressed their willingness to continue in charge of the local PSOE and re-election as mayor in his day , headlining for the first time the list of the PSOE – in the former José Luis Bergillos – did is already, in the absence of official formalities, the candidate of his party.
Less clear are the things at PP. Manuel Gutiérrez pointed out yesterday toLucenaHoy that “as up to now, I am still a total availability of my party”, although it said that “the PP has not yet determined deadlines or the formulas by which will be designated their candidates for mayor in the municipalities of greater size of the province”, liability which corresponds at least to the Regional Committee of the party that it should ratify all the candidates.
Adjourned “sine die” once the local Congress, is unknown at the moment if the renewal thereof is prior to the nomination of candidate and this could come out of this process, or if the top of the list will be driven from the formation at the provincial level, taking into account the existing options and the opinion of the local assemblies.
However, and beyond the normal buzz in these cases, no clear alternative to Gutierrez, who on several occasions has openly declared his desire to return to lead the PP in a new attempt to gain access to the Mayor’s office, after winning the last municipal elections and that only the Covenant PSOE-IU depart her mayoral sight.
The participation of other formations in the local elections is not clear. Only a few weeks ago that we missed the parking brake to the massive presentation of candidatures in the Spanish municipalities. Although almost from the bosom of the young formation at the local level is given by secure its participation in the elections in Lucena, the formation of Pablo Iglesias has been cautious when it comes to allow lists to the municipal beyond big cities. It is therefore an open question if the circle of Lucena will be the municipal to take advantage of its undeniable electoral pull, manifested in the European past, and more who could be their candidate or candidate, after Pedro Navarro, who had been one of his most visible heads, dismiss this means the possibility of arising and the internal discrepancies in the training expressed at their last Assembly.
Another unknown represents the Andalusian party, a formation with little presence in public life and Lucena policy since his departure from the City Council nearly eight years ago, but that has always been in the city, so it’s reasonable thinking that you reactivate its training of elections. And it is that, despite all the ups and downs of the nationalist formation, in Lucena, PA has a true mass of voters, which has rarely left him below the 500 votes.
The other option in the running could be citizens, which has also jumped to the local political arena in recent months, with the installation of an information tent in the Plaza Nueva and the release of some press releases and meetings with collective neighborhood. The current local Board includes Ramon Herrera Hurtado, Coordinator; Gregorio Martín López as Secretary of communication;Israel Ortega Padillo as Secretary of organization and Puri jewelry Rodriguez as Secretary Municipal politics. As indicated Ramón Herrera to this newspaper a few weeks ago “we are born with the intention of being in the city of 2015 and as an alternative to the existing in Lucena, with the intention of entering the town hall with new blood and new ways of doing politics for the people”.
Who will not be in May elections is Union Cordoba (UCOR), after its charismatic leader, Rafael Gómez, announced that his party only will be presented in the capital, as so far, backtracking on its intention to become strong in the main municipalities of his province, which even took him to try to create a local Committee of his party in Lucena and open headquarters.

The power does not already enjoy the privacy of other times. The list of “political celebrity” involved in a sex scandal increases every day.

It seems that the power already does not enjoy the privacy of other times. The list of “political celebrity” involved in a sex scandal increases every day. Here we number some of the more curious and reminded political sex scandals.

1-Silvio Berlusconi: The Italian Prime Minister lived hard times in the face of criticism by the public, when he was involved in child prostitution.

Escándalos Sexuales

Bill Clinton was one of the most famous scandals to know his infidelity with Mónica Lewinsky.

2-Bill Clinton: The most famous sex scandal of all time engulfed the now former President of USA, Bill Clinton. During his presidency in the American nation was designated as having a relationship with then-fellow of the White House, Mónica Lewinsky.

3-Daniel Ortega: The Nicaraguan President was accused of sexual abuse in 2003. The victim: his step-daughter Zoilamérica Narvaéz.

4-the surprise arrest of the managing director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, for an alleged sexual assault in New York altered the landscape of the presidential elections of the year in France. A waitress accused him take him over when he walked into a hotel room in New York, to clean it.

5-Fernando Lugo: The scandal for the former President of Paraguay is daily bread. He has been responsible of a large number of unrecognized children.

6-David Vitter: The Republican Senator appeared in a list of customers asked for an girl escort in london service that met you their erotic fantasies.

Escándalos sexuales

That was New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, had to leave his post after getting involved with the image scort.









7-Eliot Spitzer: That was New York Governor had to leave his post after verification is that it paid US 4 mil to a prostitute. Identified as client 9, it was found that it spent more than $80 billion over 10 years for these pleasant services.

8- Karina Bolaños, former Minister in Costa Rica, provoked a revolution in social networks when leaked a video that declared him his half-naked couple love. Subsequently, it was cover of the Interviu magazine. It is also his Spanish colleague, oblivion Hormigos, who caused a furor after appearing on an erotic video leaked by Internet and social networks.

9-Hugo Chávez: This list could not miss the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. On occasion, he admitted to having visited brothels.

10-Jeffrey Archer: The former Vice President of the British Conservative Party resigned in 1986 when the press found that had asked for prostitutes at home. Even to go unnoticed, he maintained relations with one of the prostitutes outside the country.

Finally it’s Monday! This week we will see what really is that that Rajoy takes the reinsof the PP. Wednesday will preside over the meeting of the Steering Committee, whichdoes not make since September of 2013, almost two years ago. That meeting will come for the first time the new undersecretaries appointed last Thursday, youngmostly faces popular, regular gatherings of television and with a new spirit.
We will see to what extent the new organizational chart is simply a touch-up cosmetic- without that Manscaping san diego manufacturers-, a paint - job is offend without disturbing theGuild‘s workshops - or if things go beyond and actually there is a profound change inthe way of doing things. Although, of course it is, to be able to change something firstyou have to know what you want to change. And in PP Gets the impression that theyhave much clearer what do not want to touch what they intend to renew. They don’twant to move an apex economic policy which, as the figures show, has turned the tidegoing from recession to growth and destruction of unemployment to employmentcreation. Moreover, not only they don’t think to change economic policy but that they are convinced that this is precisely one of its main advantages of election, not to saymost.
Now, however, does not seem as defined what you want to change. Greater socialsensitivity, say some; be closer to citizens, they say others… Too ill-defined terms,General after which probably hides a single concept: improve communication withcitizens. Neither more nor less.
Some think, indeed, that‘s a mere cosmetic change. It is possible. What happens isthat in 21st century politics importantly, fortunately or unfortunately, is not a concretemeasure but how people perceive such a measure. Da same, e.g. which areimplemented draft anti-corruption measures if people, for some reason or other, stillthinking that politicians are Plug and protect, which are all or almost all corrupt. At theopposite pole, who cares that the ‘new way of doing politics”that sell us some slobLords is in reality always stale communism. If many buy it as something new, it doesn’tmatter that is old.
That must have thought yesterday Pedro Sánchez who wrapped himself in the flag ofSpain during its proclamation as a PSOE candidate to the Presidency of theGovernment. A cosmetic operation to try to hide that its policy of pacts doesn’t seemdesigned precisely for the sake of the general interest of the Spaniards, his party inCatalonia colleagues to defend the right to decide or self-determination and that inValencia, Ximo Puig has gotten into the regional government as a Vice President andspokesman at the radical-nacionalista de Compromis, Mónica Oltra, with an agreedprogram that would seem to own Pablo Iglesias almost excessive. This flag of Spainwould not dare to remove it in many places.
Rajoy, evident, has decided to take controls that PP. is not good or bad in itself but it is honest. For better or for worse is held responsible for what happens in the General.Not only directly oversee the activity of the party but that he puts his alter ego, JorgeMoragas, as director of the election campaign. I.e. the own Rajoy will lead the electioncampaign. If it wins, the Galician will take the glory. If he fails, the blow will be double.
Time will tell if Rajoy has successful with these changes. In any case the furiousreaction of the opposition gives us a clue that has perhaps been able to ascertain. Ifyou review your enemy it is likely that you‘re hitting. Or put another way, if changesare so insignificant and irrelevant, the more intelligent from the point of view of thepolitical rival would applaud them or keep quiet, not going to be to rectify.
From this point of view, it is curious to look at some of these criticisms. Without goingany further, the one of can. As we have said, it seems these new politicos-ranciosCommunists that the changes are merely cosmetic. They say that they have justchanged the logo of the party which, as we all know, is the silhouette of the SupremeLeader, Pablo Iglesias, in plan Ché Guevara. As well, the change has been moving fromblack to purple and frown of churches to a smiling gesture. That, it seems, are notcosmetic changes but another way of doing politics. “Got us bad gesture, pouting andpoor tone, there to correct it, said the leading podemita in an interview just thisSunday. At the end, and over a few months of the general election, what matters isnot the message, is how each party that voters perceive the message. It must not givemore turns.

Political parties must adapt their accounting to the new General Accounting Plan adapted by the Court of Auditors for its specific characteristics, from next January 1, 2014, although the formulation of consolidated annual accounts, including the controlled companies and foundations will not be enforceable until 2016.

The Plan, published yesterday in the Official Gazette, determines that the form of Constitution adopted by the political formation (Federation, Confederation, coalition, online bookkeeping services…), determines the degree of centralization of financial information and its dimension and the level at which economic decisions are made conditions the administrative and accounting organisation established by the party.

This diversity is intensified especially at the local level, in which the degree of functional autonomy, administrative and accounting procedures of the territorial and institutional organization varies significantly matches with national implementation to those who restrict their activity to the local and municipal level.

According to reports Iuris & Lex in a comprehensive report in its next issue, which will be published on Friday, October 25, in some cases, political parties come keeping shares in corporations, generally, for the total social capital, whose main activity consists in the holding and administration of real estate related to the development of activities of the party , as well as in real estate management of offices of the party and operation of catering services.

Ban on commercial activities introduces no doubt and generally a simplification in accounting to be applied the political formations, being in this context therefore, less necessary, unlike what happens in the Business Plan, the incorporation of two blocks of criteria, having been chosen as indicated, in General , by those included in the Plan of small and medium-sized enterprises; and, second, on the grounds that a phased implementation of the accounting requirements will ensure an effective compliance with new obligations imposed by the organic law 8/2007.

As a result of which most of the income of political formations correspond to public subsidies, whose amounts are determined on the basis of the election results and are awarded annually, the accounting result presents a different meaning of which is given in the scope of entities for profit.

The content of the standard in the field of grants, donations and bequests is determined by nature not finalist of aid who receive these formations, except the security costs related. That is why, in General, all subsidies and monetary donations received is recognised directly in the income statement, constituting the exception cases in which should be recorded directly in equity.

For the purpose of carrying out assigned supervisory competence to the Court of Auditors, this has estimated necessary to establish different criteria for determining the organic links, criteria which were adopted by agreement of the plenary of May 28, 2009. In particular, are considered to be linked to a political party those foundations that have been created with a direct or indirect majority contribution, of the same; those, whose founding heritage, with character of permanency, is composed by more than 50 percent of goods or rights contributed or transferred by the party; or those whose Board is controlled by the party in similar terms to which is regulated to the mercantile society the linkage in article 42 of the code of Commerce.

Without prejudice to the legal nature of foundations and their peculiar operating regime, are considered, for the purposes of the representativeness of the financial statements of political parties, the consolidated annual accounts which best reflect, in all significant aspects, the economic-financial activity of the political party, independence of the information that should be incorporated into the memory on the Foundation connected with the nature of economic and financial relations with them maintained.


Since the 19,680 law, which prohibits the domestic use of fireworks, the number of burned children have reduced by 90%.

On Christmas Eve, the President, Michelle Bachelet, visited the helps the child burned Corporation (Coaniquem) to reinforce the campaign ‘High fire’.

Recall that the initiative aims to avoid the possibility of Burns at the end of year holidays.

In the enclosure, the President called not to buy fireworks, whose household is forbidden since the year 2000 by the Law 19,680, considering the damage that these may cause.

“The fireworks are not toys. No firework is harmless. All can cause irreversible damage“, said Bachelet.

Considering that during the year 2013 five children had burns, this year the goal of the Government is that no child there is with injuries by use of fireworks.

Thus instructed by Bachelet, who stressed that “want this Christmas and new year be joy and no accident the use of fireworks products.That is why I come here to join the ceasefire campaign, so that families do not buy and do not use Fireworks, which are prohibited”.

Finally, Michelle Bachelet, sent a warm Christmas greeting to all Chileans, whom he called to celebrate in peace and unity.

I want to take advantage of send affectionate greetings from Christmas to all in our homeland, I want to invite you to celebrate United and in peace with our loved ones”, concluded.


- The manipulation of “Sprinkles”, “stars”, “Seattle Fireworks”, “old”, “guatapiques” and “sprinkles”, is the main cause of Burns’s new year’s Eve.

-The handling of Fireworks can cause fires in homes and other real estate.

-Do not allow children to handle Fireworks. There are no harmless, gunpowderwhen turned on is ungovernable.

-In the case of electrical burns, disconnect the automatic current and the artifact that is in contact with the person before touching it.

-If you cannot cut the power, stand on wood or rubber and use a broom handle – never nothing metal – to separate the person from the element that is generating the electrocution.

-Then, wrap the limb affected with a clean cloth, to move immediately to a healthcare campus.

life insurance

There are at least one billion dollars in benefits of lost or forgotten life insurance policies that are waiting to be claimed by their beneficiaries.The odds that you are one of those beneficiaries are 1 in 600, more high than the win $ 100 with a lottery ticket. And although it is unlikely to expect one jackpot of $ 1 million – the average unclaimed life insurance benefits is $2,000 – and some benefit payments have been up to $300,000.

The bulky amount is the result of the evasion of a dark death benefit.Auditors in California, Florida, New York and other States determined that insurers were using the Death Master File Social Security (Social Security’s Death Master File) to identify the owners of annuities which had died to stop making payments to them. But they were not verifying this file to identify the deceased insured and paid to your beneficiaries.

Worse still, to cease payment of premiums with the death of the insured, insurers frequently used the face value of the policies to continue deducting payments until exhausting the reserve, according to the State Comptroller of California determined it.

There are 7 large insurance – AIG, Forethought, ON, Mississauga life insurance, John Hancock, MetLife, Nationwide and Prudential – who have agreed to act more diligently to find deceased policyholders and beneficiaries. And there are other insurance companies that are under investigation.

How to find a missing policy?

Start with the basics. If a family member or close relative died several years ago, it is possible that the benefits have already been transferred to State unclaimed property office where the policy was purchased. Visit missingmoney.com, a portal of the National Association of property managers no Reclamada (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators), to review the records of 38 States and provinces of Canada, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.“Links” (“links”) connects the low selection menu to a map and addresses of the bodies of unclaimed property.

If your name or that of a welfare potential is positive, it will have to prove the legitimacy of his claim. The required documentation may vary from one State to another, and is detailed in the claim form, and may be required to present a certificate of death. If you don’t have even that key document, contact the Bureau of vital statistics (vital records office) of the State where your relative died, or visit http: www.vitalcheck.com/, service provider of official records of more than 400 government entities.

Contact the insurer. If you know or suspect that the policy could be issued by any insurer in particular, please contact the office of the insurance claims by phone or by Internet. Not everyone has the legal right to get answers. The greater legal protection it have the executor of the deceased and the immediate family – husband, his domestic partner, children, grandchildren, siblings, and grandparents. “But the insurance company will know, and if they determine that you are a beneficiary, they will send you a package to corroborate your identity so that you can cash out,” said Steven Weisbart, Chief Economist of the Institute of information of insurance (Insurance Information Institute), an entity of the industry. “If you are not a beneficiary, won’t they give you no information.”

While more information: date approximate birth and death, Social Security number, last State of residence, policy number, it will be better. An employee of Consumer Reports used the verification system online MetLife (see the table below) to locate two policies that their parents left. She received $4,800 – more than three times the face value of the policies thanks to the accumulated interest.

Locate personal files. If the person died recently and you have the authority to do so, check the personal files of the late looking for a policy, registration of payments of premiums or any insurance bills. Contact the employers of the deceased, trade union or mutual organization to locate policies. Locate and open safety deposit boxes. Check the mail, e-mail, banking online and services of payment of invoices in search of premium bills or notifications of dividends on policies.

Watch out for scammers. As part of an agreement with the States, insurers are increasing their efforts to locate people, but so are doing some evil-doers. The Department of financial services of Florida (Florida Department of Financial Services) warns of a so-called “Florida financial restitution Department” which is offering to reunite consumers with unclaimed property charged – input – $600. “The true agency not charge any fees, although there are private companies that legitimately analyze properties files not claimed in Exchange for a percentage, payable when they locate some property.

If you receive any notices allegedly sent by an insurance company, do not respond to the phone number or website announced in the correspondence. Instead, investigate the telephone number or address of Internet of the insurance claims Department, recommends Anna Alexopoulos, a spokeswoman for the Department of financial services of Florida (Florida Department of Financial Services).

Borgonovo, President of ABECAFE, believes that give plants and fungicides, without a comprehensive plan, will not have any impact on the crisis in the coffee sector.


The country’s agricultural sector has fallen in syncope often throughout history, official and unofficial. Despite being a country with an area relatively small, agro Salvadoran makes an important contribution to generating employment and own wealth. Carlos Borgonovo, President of the coffee Millers Association (ABECAFE), can tell in detail why the profound deterioration in the coffee sector was not originated by the rust, but it became more evident with this disease of coffee.

Borgonovo has worked in the coffee business for 17 years. The Guild who presides over is involved in 80% of the country’s exports. In addition, since the company Borgonovo Pohl, they have 50 years of experience in the sector.Borgonovo considers that projects for the coffee must be free from politicking, short-termism and assistance: in the end, is an investment to 40 years. Here is his analysis of how the private sector will have to come out of this emergency practically on its own strengths.

How does qualify the advance of this harvest?

We come from a vintage 2013 / 2014 very bad and this year estimates from the Government were 1,200,000 (CWT). We as ABECAFE always argued that it would be less than 1 million and we are now confirming that the harvest will not be more than 900,000 quintals. It is a mild recovery of the 2013 / 2014, but our perspective is a very poor harvest, again.

Would they be two cycles followed with a production exceeding 1 million, then?

And our forecast, as we see it, is a reduction to the next, the 2015 / 2016.

And in comparison to the lower harvest, believes that it will be the same?

I am seeing areas that have reached a level of impairment that was not observed in 2012. Las Cruces is an example. They are properties that already seem to complete chiriviscos and are all over the country. I do not think that we upload of the quintalaje we produce this year. Unique farms perhaps will be hold are those that have been renewed and intensive working his farm.We argue that it is not sufficient one or two applications of fungicide with the varieties we have planted but there are cases in which has had to implement a six and even seven times to sustain the attack of rust.

How much do so many applications on the same area?

Very expensive. They are $30 per block, each application. Or that the cost of fighting the rust can walk between $100 and $200. It depends on the severity. Only for rust. In our case, the farms, the investment to combat rust was $150 by Apple.

What has led to this infestation is worse than the previous one?

We were already a deterioration since the last attack. The coffee Park was already very hit from 2012. Last year there were problems of anthracnose and the attack is now over a population much smaller (of coffee), compared to what was there before. As I say, an outbreak on a damaged Park further complicated the crisis. We need long-term measures, because we cannot continue to think in a fungicide application is going to solve the problems. We have to think in renovating the Park.

Rust also attacked in Guatemala and Honduras, but these countries have achieved two-digit growth in its production and export. Do you that makes the difference?

Honduras has been renewed over the last decade. It has also increased the coffee Park and has been increased with resistant varieties. They have a new, high productivity, resistant varieties with coffee. Why is that they come up. I don’t want to return to the past, but for all the reasons we all know, here not they could renew. We continue with our varieties of 40 and 50 years ago.The renovation we did, at one point, was with bales which, ultimately, is a mutation of bourbon.It is also susceptible to rust. While others such as Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua have been renewing with genetic material of avant-garde, with higher productivity and rust-resistant, we we have remained static. We are now paying for that.

What are these Honduran varieties?

Catimor, sarchimor (such as cuscatleco), in Guatemala are you are planting varieties cloned on a greater scale. They are very productive, have an excellent quality of Cup and are rust resistant.There are some who are seeding it but on a much smaller scale.

Who are “some”?

It is the variety called Central America (are the studying in PROCAFE). There are labs that are developing their own hybrids. I.e., there is technology from other countries that is coming to the country and although it is on a very small scale, at least already begun. That’s one of the keys to the future: see how to form alliances with institutions and private companies in Central America and the world dedicated to research, development of new varieties and techniques. We need to import that technology to move forward.

The Central American variety is in development and generated it with the PROCAFE counterparts in the region. Do you think that El Salvador fails to catch up with their peers?

It is the lack of institutions that ails us. Rather than consolidate and provide strength to the institutions, what is observed is a decline. Just as with the coffee Park. We already know what happens to PROCAFE, not given a dime, when the contribution of cafes for sale growers ($0.50) was for PROCAFE investigations. Unfortunately, the mechanism that was used for many years leaves some authority Council (Salvadoreño del Café, CSC). The Government picks up the contribution and going to a special account of the State Treasury. Earlier, the Council hired to PROCAFE, but now that the Government is controlled by the Council, are not already engaged them. Then, this institution dedicated to research and technology transfer was without funds and with very little scope for action. At this point, I return to the institutions. The Council has passed nearly without trading during the past two years. They have already met several times and not call us, because we are alternate, as ABECAFE. Our partners exported 70% of the national production and not call us. In Guatemala, they have a strong institution, which is ANACAFE. Also, Costa Rica has various entities, not just the ICAFE: universities there as the Earth, CATIE, to have gotten to the development of varieties and technology for agriculture. But here what we had already practically does not exist. Operates with few funds and has not been replaced by any institution.

And CENTA coffee?

Coffee CENTA… I don’t know what he is doing. I do not know the plans. We don’t have information of what is the strategy to follow. As the Covenant. I don’t know what it is, if it is an institution or another thing. When not reporting on his plans that void is created and there is great mistrust of what is happening. Before the entire sector was involved. We reported to us, and then we translate the message to our members. Hence they talked with customers. This is a supply chain that works. Now, we are with our plans and we are going forward, we are doing research and development at the private level. We bring seed and technology from other countries. We have done our own nurseries and we have our own research. For example, exporters of ABECAFE have 3 million plants in the nursery. They are the Millers by nurseries for the production chain. That is not counting the seedlings that our customers are developing on their own initiative. There is a significant effort that is being made from the private sector and are looking for how to triple that effort, how to catalyze it, how to create the multiplier effect that private efforts that we do, with limited funds, reach more people. It is the challenge that we have.

What alternatives have to access resources?

They are own funds that we get from the same business. There are those who have sought alternative sources of companies abroad. Also with the National Bank. Funding is limited, but there is. That also conditions the effort that can be made.

Since you mentioned the National Pact for the coffee, you participate as a Guild?

No, we are not involved and do not know what is going on. I don’t want to criticize: If there is something I want to do, is to recommend. It has been said that there will be 6 million plants.But that makes me ask several questions: who have bought plants? is the seed certified? are you a good genetic material? who are doing the nursery? Is there a protocol for the development of nurseries? Who’s going to review that nurseries, once developed, are healthy?When going to distribute them, who will be the beneficiaries? How to make the beneficiaries to grow this plant? To renew an Apple $4,000 is needed only the first year. If you were to renew with 3,000 plants per acre, with a tree that costs between $0.30 and $0.40, then the saplings that will distribute are $900 of the $4,000. To develop these seedlings and reaching its maximum production capacity, only the first year has to invest her $3,100 to this Apple. So when one hears the message “we are going to give 6 million seedlings”, one concludes that again is political propaganda, because we do not know the project, which should be comprehensive. Because if I get 3,000 plants to renew an Apple, how will I get financing for remains, to buy the fertilizer and fertilize, to hire people who do three or four “peinas” (weed cutting) in the year to buy agrochemicals and combat pests? All these tasks are the other 3,100 $ required to renew.

Is little impact to give the plant?

The cost of the seedlings is between $900 and $1,000. Then, if you don’t have a comprehensive plan, ordered, it will not serve anything. Because you will get the plants, are going to grow and a year later will have to leave them that they lost because they have no money to work with them. Without a comprehensive plan, this is throwing money away. It was the same thing that happened with the seedlings that gave a year ago, more or less. When she was not paid to the nurseries, you remember? These plants were mixed. Variety were was not distinguished. They were in bad condition, with nematodes (initial stages of pests of coffee). I know farmers who received and not planted them. Then, the ad is beautiful: “Let’s give away. Let us help”. But sometimes the gift is more expensive. Because we don’t know if an evil to coffee we were making until an evil, we did not know from where came the seed, or which variety was, or if it was a genetic material suitable for our coffee. Some plants were in such poor state, I think that it is rather threw money away. I would like to believe that the Government gives follow-up to what gave him the producer, because it is very likely that these plants that were no longer exist, that they were killed before the development. What I’m going is that the fact of giving plants does not solve the problem. There must be a device and a well coordinated plan so that those plants are translated, in three years, in a large production.

Are you seeing signs that there is a plan?

If there is, I don’t know it. It should already have a plan in a black and white who will deliver them, which technical assistance will receive… But if that exists, we have not seen it. And while we don’t see it, or you have, to me this is another ad more that will give seedlings and to know who will be the beneficiaries. All that information vacuum that creates is that distrust.

Let me insist. Why would ABECAFE not be signer of the Covenant?

Because the Pact was a political situation and everything what is increasingly politicized goes wrong. This Pact was in the middle of the elections. It was a hug that were all there on the farm of José Antonio Salaverría and within a political context. We as a Union do not pay us. Our vision is as follows: we have plans that will require 15 to 20 years to run. The investments we make are to reap in five, 10, 15 and 20 years. Changing governments every five years, and our philosophy is that the Government must accompany our long-term plans. Meanwhile, we help them with their five-year plans. But if we are going to be with these changes in five years, and will destroy the long-term visions, because thus it is scrubbed. We can not we pay for campaign, as a Union, because people with different political ideologies within the same Guild. We represent partners with the Government and are the link, but we are not an institution that is in campaign and giving accolades to one or other political party. What interests us is to develop the coffee sector and curb the deterioration. We want to restore profitability to the sector. Then, as it was at this juncture, we said “we are not involved” in the Covenant. Obviously, it was a political act.

But rarely has been a Guild together for a reason, as that project.

Projects are executed, are not announced. I can announce a lot of things and do them. This week, they were United to build the “grand bargain” in days of campaign. That is not “United project”, but United to make an announcement.

Do you think that greater cohesion between coffee guilds need?

We get along well with partners. Look, the Governments always put an excuse that employers are not United. One has to understand that guilds are to represent members of this Guild. The projects are implemented with the supply chain. We are United producers, exporters and buyers.If the Government wants a successful project, you should consider the entire production chain.Why is that when a draft is politicized, it starts badly. The Government, okay: that will help in any way possible. But cannot sell (the message) that giving away 6 million plants is the salvation of the coffee sector. Because it is not. Nor can sell (the message) that will give a fungicide application in the year, and with that will save to coffee. No.

Do you think that the production of 1.2 million quintals in the medium term recovery?

A realistic effort between everyone, private enterprises and institutions is needed. The Government as a facilitator: provide security, good roads, return VAT in time, reduce the formalities in customs, provide incentives – such as the tax-, pay from national banking as it is already doing. Only with that can go to sleep quiet at the farm and know that we can come out to supervise the quiet work the next day. There are farms where trucks can not enter to the area to pick up coffee. Other coffee growers had to negotiate with extortionists. The Rural Police is making a great effort, despite the fact that they do not have sufficient resources. To what I have is that there are far more important things for renovation which give fungicide application in the year, or 5 million plants in poor condition, it is not known how to take care of. Here it’s take out the policy of the business action and design a project in which we are all in the same tune.The Government facilitating but not giving away, announcing or making propaganda. That it will lead to an environment where the private sector work in a renewal to scale.

He said that he didn’t want to talk about the past, but what will it mean when he says that it was not possible to renew before? What happened?

There were several reasons. The agrarian reform was one. Then, all the taxes that we were put to the war. The export tax and the rate of Exchange (value of the Colón against the dollar). That meant millions and millions of dollars to the coffee sector. Then came the war, when people could not go to work the farms. It was like a “stand-by” (long pause) 77 here, in El Salvador when it could do nothing. While in Honduras and Costa Rica, they invested in renovation with new varieties and we, we are left with our bourbones. Then now we enter into that process. Of course, we are in a complex situation, but you can. If there are no such conditions and everything is politics, then no one dares. They are only ads and nothing happens.

Speaking of what can the Government do, guilds speak of access to financing.

A fine financial architecture is required. The challenge is how the growing sector recovers the confidence of the financial sector so that we pay in the long run. Because the majority of loans are now a year, avio. All credit helps, but to renew credits are required for seven years or more.They are solvents growers that can initiate a project, those who can invest equity and receive a part as I support and there are others who are so indebted that they have to sell the farm. The point is that we can not keep thinking about atarrayazos, because that’s where all projects are born dead. What is the pass the debt to 25 years if later there is no funding to renew on the farm. That became the FICAFE. Debts were passed to 25 years but there is access to finance. It was then that he began falling domestic production. Only the fact to refinance debts is not sufficient because it does not solve the root problem.


ECONOMIC ACTIVITY (NACE) 310 Manufacture of furniture
DEVIATION 41 Loss of control of the machine
FORM (CONTACT, TYPE OF LESION) 64 Partial amputation of thumb
AGENT MATERIAL OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 10110200 Horizontal bandsaw machine
AGENT MATERIAL DEVIATION 10110200 Horizontal bandsaw machine
AGENT MATERIAL CAUSING THE INJURY 10110200 Horizontal bandsaw machine


The incident happened in the workshop of maintenance of the company. The worker was about to cut a metal tube in a horizontal band saw for metal cutting. So it positioned the tube into the jaws of the machine to bring it to the proper length. When performing the measurement, and with both hands in the area of operation of the saw, worker pressed unintentionally button up machine that was on his back. At that time the saw is put in motion reaching him the thumb of his right hand.


Incorrect design of the remote control that allows to speak about of involuntarily.

No prior identification of the dangerous situation.


Control of drive of the machines must be designed form and way that may not be possible to its unintentional. This can be achieved by recessed pushers or physical protections which hinder their access.

Regardless of the type and age of the machine, must be carried out always a review of the various elements of the same contrasting them with the requirements included in annex I of Royal Decree 1215 / 1997.


Parent representatives have become alarmed by circular schoolchildren Educational Zone where children ask students to write letters or make drawings against US President Barack Obama to demand repeal the decree against Venezuela’s best baby carriers for newborns.

Children were not only asked to write letters, but also they have used to sign sanctions against Venezuelan officials.


Through Twitter, have released an image in which an alleged letter made ​​by a student of the Third Degree, which asked for affordable baby carriers from USA and gives thanks to Obama reads “no permit who steal or kill, you get away with it” .  .

The letter is rolling on social networks, creating user feedback disapprove where children are forced to write this kind of thing and only with that seek to divert attention from the real problems of the country. However, until now it has not verified the accuracy of the writing.

Pinamar and Cariló became a magnet for power. They paid up to $300 billion by around January. Image gallery.

Sergio Massa. Pago $ 150.000 por una residencia de Pinamar.  La comparte con un matrimonio.

Sergio Massa. I pay $150,000 for a residence of Pinamar. He shares it with a marriage.

Since Pinamar.

Pinamar and Cariló forests remain the favorite for power to take refuge during the summer, a trend that is maintained since the 1990s.

Martín Insaurralde and his wife,Jesica Cirio, arrived on 30 December together with other four couples. They rented a cubic House at the turn of the parish of Pinamar. The House is new. The previous day, workers were working until the last moment to put it in a position. It has three floors, terrace with pool and several amenities. Real estate sources estimated the value of the rent for a month at about $ 300,000, but in your environment talk about half of that cost. There are even versions that suggest that the former Congressman has spoken of higher year-end party.

Insaurralde spent new year together with Sergio Massa, leader of the renewal front, a great party that was done at the Club House of the La Herradura country. Massa, last year had stopped in La Herradura, like Insaurralde, this year opted for a residence close to the CR Spa, which it shares with two other families. There is always a Volskwagen Tiguan at the door of the chalet. He dealt with shopping in the supermarket as soon as he arrived, to leave you prepared all his family. According to its environment, the rental cost about $150 billion by January and shared with another family member. Massa does not pass all week there, concentrated on the events and traversed by the country within the framework of their electoral campaign.

Radical Senator Ernesto Sanz chose a simple House in Cariló, built in the middle of the forest, on the great bustard Street. The bi-weekly rental he paid $42 billion. Is a comfortable house, wood and yellow, by their fanaticism by mouth. “I asked blue and yellow, but there was no,” joked.

The former Minister of Economics, Ricardo López Murphy, rented beachfront in Cariló.There he suffered a robbery in the last days of December, when a thief took a bag containing the passports of their children. A similar property costs about $300,000, but rented said to have rented only the first days of the month. Cariló is also attracted to the Secretary general of the Presidency, Aníbal Fernández, who rented a huge house in the street record. Fan of Hemingway when it comes down to the Beach Spa, real estate sources estimated rent at about $300,000. Will not be there throughout January, only on weekends, occupied by her new role.

The North of Pinamar and Cariló are the most expensive party. In the Mauritius villa complex, in the North of Pinamar, rent during the second half of January the candidate to head of the Buenos Aires Government, Diego Santilli, along with its partner, Analía Maiorana. The cost of the rental is around $50 k. In that same complex has a former President Eduardo Duhalde.

Another rented in Cariló, near the seaside resort of Cozumel, is Francisco de Narváez. Brand new candidate to Governor of the ventilator front, paid $150 mil month. Was the only one who showed the contract profile. This year it was not still the Secretary of Legal and technical, Carlos Zannini, which usually stop at the Spa crocodile, or former Minister of security Nilda Garre, who has a property in Bunge and the sea with a privileged view, one of the oldest buildings in Pinamar.

The city of pines remains the most chosen by politicians. Over all this year, which is more suitable candidates living in the heart of the Buenos Aires coast in the middle of the campaign.

Casimiro García-Abadillo.

Sunday 18 may 2014 Casimiro García-Abadillo of Interior Glaze Ltd – 8757679  titled a ghost runs through Spain: the revolution of the angels its director roadmap in the newspaper El Mundo.

“That is so take note of what can pass them to the corrupt.” It was the warning, nearly the threat that an individual of bland appearance to a Minister of the Generalitat threw last Thursday, after the exhibition, in a commercial Hall of Barcelona, from the revolution of the angels film.Own Minister, that tells me the episode, I added, to reassure me that, immediately after, another spectator was approached and told her ear: ‘don’t worry. You are not corrupt”.

“For those who do not know of the existence of this film, so far of limited diffusion, will summarize les their argument: in the Spain of 2020, in a context of economic recession, cuts, corruption and recentralization of competences – Madrid is at the bottom as the city that represents the image of the evil – a group of terminally ill decides to assassinate corrupt politicians (among them (, the Minister of health);There is a coordinated plan, but the common denominator of every murderer/hero confesses his crime on the internet, which makes extending your example of “moral righteousness”. One of the authors of the script Oriol Clavell journalist, says: ‘the plot verbalizes everything that the world thinks and nobody says’.

And he concludes:

The murder of Isabel Carrasco and reaction that has elicited in social networks has made us see a reality so far only perceived. People who have nothing to do with the victim, that not even they knew her, simply because of their political affiliation or for comments read here or there, shamelessly justified the assassination and spread his apology almost as an act of courage. Brave is must have felt that last Friday wrote on the walkway that killed the leader of the PP in Leon: “Here died a bug”.

Aumentarán en 300 los dentistas de la red pública.

President Piñera announced that will issue the dental care for children between 12 and 18 years of a stratum-specific when they must undergo two types of treatments: shutter and Endodontics.

Today dental treatments are covered by warranties boom only for six year olds. Today I want to make an important announcement to the Chilean dental health”, said the President.

“In the coming weeks we will implement free choice, with bonus of 40 percent by the State, for beneficiary children over 12 and under 18, of groups B, C and D of Fonasa for fillings and root canal treatments dental”, explained.

“And we will increase by 300 dentists specializing in the public network, thus giving one further step towards the solution of the serious problem of dental health, affecting our population,” added.

Source: Dentist  Albuquerque

Accidente de tráfico
On the proposal of the Ministry of Justice, the Council of Ministers has approved a Bill which would reform the system of assessment of damages caused to persons in road traffic accidents. Justice estimated that modification of the compensation for death of the victim will increase an average of 50 per cent and allowances by aftermath around 35 per cent of average – according to Accident attorney Boca Raton.

The Bill includes, among other things, compensation for the costs of treatment of injuries by insurers to public health services and changes the method of calculation of compensation to victims, as it has indicated the Ministry.

Updating of the scale is one of the measures that claimed the associations of drivers and victims of trafficking as urgent need and last March claimed that “victims can not wait more,” so it established a deadline for the entry into force of the text on January 1 next year. The Government hopes that the standard has the approval of the Parliament “at this session”.

According to justice, the new scale will expand the level of detail in the criteria that determine the amount of compensation in respect of compensation for expenses and aims to “rationalize” the calculation of the “profits”, i.e. the legitimate gain part of the victim.

To “rationalize” it, the new system will replace the previous model with a new one from the scope of the insurance which will determine the appropriate compensation.

El Gobierno aumenta un 50% la indemnización por muerte en accidentes de tráfico

New skins

New conditions of this compensation will take into account not only the net income of the victim but also aspects as work at home (such as household tasks) or the loss of future capabilities of minors or students, who also will be a quantification in economic terms.

For the calculation of the amounts, will be a coefficient that influence all the factors referred to in the standard, so the amount corresponding to each victim will not depend on fixed sections but a spreadsheet from a combination of factors such as the duration of the injury, the risk of death of the injured person and the deduction of public pensions , among others, as it has indicated the Ministry.

Follow-up Committee

Bill contemplates the creation of a Commission to track the process of implementation of the new system, analyze its implementation underway and their legal and economic implications in order to make suggestions for modification and improvement of the standard.

According to the Ministry, in the text adopted by the Executive, provides that in cases in which the death of the victim occurs, it ensures that there will be an improvement in the perception of compensation derived from the “individualization” of the victim, although he is will be taking into account the “new family structures”.

In addition, distinguishes between the patrimonial prejudice to basic, which corresponds to “reasonable expenses” resulting from the death, who shall be a minimum of 400 EUR compensation amount, and specific expenses, which are associated with other items such as the transfer or repatriation of the deceased, funeral and burial.

The new text also includes an “update” of the medical scale of the consequences that the accidents in the case of victims not killed, in order to “adapt it to the current state of the science”.

For victims suffering from serious injury, the new scale is intended to “strengthen” support to the “large injured” who suffer as a result any disability that requires “intensive support” to their personal autonomy, and compensate for the damages and consequential damages associated to future welfare expenditure items.

On the other hand, in relation to temporary injuries, seeks to respond to “all those expenses necessary and reasonable that generates the lesion in the ordinary development of the daily life of the injured”, although distinguish “healthcare” and “different compensable expenses”.

They are examples of headings that correspond them compensation, for example, the increase in costs of the injured, the movements of family members to assist mobility or expenses to attend family children or especially vulnerable people injured, was responsible as explained justice.

Finally, in the case of damages “extra property”, the draft law includes the restructuring of basic personal injury with the intention of “expanding it”, through the configuration of the handicapped in five autonomous categories: spouse, ascendants, descendants, brothers and relatives. According to the criteria of Justice, all of them “suffer always a compensable prejudice to the same amount, irrespective of which comply with or not with other categories of workers affected.”

Relay in the Government

On the other hand, the Government has relieved the delegates of the Government of Madrid, Castilla – La Mancha and Castilla y León, to attend all of them as candidates of the people’s Party in the coming election on May 24.

In this way, the hitherto delegate of the Government of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, has been replaced in this role by the Treasury of the City Council of the capital, Concepción Dancausa, delegate right hand of the Mayor, Ana Botella. Cifuentes is the candidate of the PP for the capital.

Both in Castilla – La Mancha and Castilla y León present delegates have been replaced by two of his officers by sub-delegation. In this way, Juan Carlos Suarez-Quiñones relieves Ramiro Ruiz Medrano, who will become candidate for the courts of Castilla y León.

In the case of manchego, Jesús Labrador will become the PP candidate for mayor of Toledo, so it has given witness to the up to now ‘number two’ of the Government delegation in Toledo, José Julián Gregorio.

Green light to the Natural Heritage and biodiversity Act

In addition, the Council of Ministers has approved this Friday refer to courts for processing the draft law of Natural Heritage and biodiversity which incorporates several new features and international regulations and which environmental information of the surfaces with any figure of protection will be incorporated in the property register and cadastre.

The standard aims to support the activities compatible with the conservation of the Natura 2000 network and incorporates among its principles the prevention of climate change, according to the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment (MAGRAMA).

The Vice-President of the Government, Soraya Saez de Santamaría, explained, in the press conference following the Council of Ministers, that the standard is approved to give “maximum protection and information properties in protected spaces,. Since this information will be incorporated in the register of property and the land registry

In this sense, the Executive ensures that the law is changed to ‘improve the regime of protection, conservation and restoration of biodiversity in Spanish, the richest of all the European Union’, with more than 9,000 species of plants and more than 60,000 species of fauna, and has a surface of protected areas of 13.7 million hectares on land and 8 million hectares in sea.

Food quality

Bill of food quality contemplates putting up the code of good business practices, as well as the Observatory on the food chain, as well as developing actions to advance the cooperative integration, which will have a budget of EUR 257 million.

The objective of this measure is the establish a uniform framework for the quality control in the whole country and “conquer international markets”.


The Council of Ministers has also today approved the third edition of the Integral Plan of support to the competitiveness of the retail trade, a program that contains 34 measures and that, excluding actions such as ICO or Plan Pive lines, mobilize funds $ 26.8 million, more than six times more.

The measures aimed exclusively at trade amounted to 4 million in 2013 and 3.7 million by 2014.

In its previous editions, the plan benefited 38.691 establishments – 13.633 in 2013 and in 2014 – 25.058, said today the Vice President of the Government, who pointed out that trade retailer generates 5% of GDP and about 11% of employment.

In its third edition, the actions that are carried out through the cooperation agreement signed with the Chamber of Commerce of Spain will have a budget of 5 million euros, 20.5% more.

The Cabinet meeting (which is not called for 15 days due to the parentheses of Holy week) has been presided over by the Chief Executive, Mariano Rajoy, and she attended by all Ministers except the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, who will travel to Barcelona to join the Kings in the Act of providing scholarships of la Caixa.




Dr. Gilberto Pucca Junior and Dr. Karen Glerum DDS have been implemented in Brazil something that few countries have: a national policy of consistent oral health. It is an example for Latin America, which has shown an unprecedented success in offering free care to the population and employment to dentists

Pucca, who is the national coordinator of oral health of the Ministry of health of Brazil, has been who has designed the structure of this national policy that, in a very short time, has managed to offer not only basic but also specialized, dental coverage to a large percentage of the Brazilian population.

Dr. Pucca, who participated in the first meeting of referents of the Latin-American dentistry here organized by the Asociación Odontológica Argentina (AOA), said that the main problem for the implementation of such policies is the gap at different levels between health and oral health.

“If oral health is in fact health, must be compulsory to be accessible”, declared, adding that this is a principle of paramount importance. “Universal access is the primary strategic element to make oral health a component of health” at the political level.

A fact that says a lot about how the country was is that 75% of the Brazilian population over 65 was edentulous in 2002.

This situation improved radically through the implementation of two oral health policy initiatives within the programme Brazil Semplice (smiling Brazil): oral health teams and centres of dental specialties.

While in 2002 there were 4,261 buccal health teams, 2011 Dr. Pucca had achieved this figure reached 21,083, an increase of 400%. These teams are composed of surgeons, technicians and auxiliaries in oral health.

In less than a decade, 87% of the 5,470 Brazilian municipalities has a team of oral health that are part of an initiative called the family health. These teams are occupied to a number of families in a geographical area should be aware of.

A second front of this national health policy, more ambitious still, was the implementation of centres of average complexity, in which “refers to the users of the system side only of (their) health to a care center”. Pucca says that in 2007 specializing in periodontics, Endodontics, special patients, surgery treatment centers were opened for minors and Stomatology.

Spectacular results

“Today we have 870 specialty centers in operation”, distributed all over the country. These centers have become to turn and a source of employment for oral health professionals.

Investing in health carried out by the Brazilian Government has been substantial, but the results are truly spectacular and not only compensate for they exceed by far the inverted.

Pucca said for example that from 2003 to 2010 the number of dentists working in the its grew by 49%, from 40,000 to 80,000, absorbing a large amount of “excess” of professionals in Brazil oral health as well. “This means that currently in Brazil over 30% of dentists working for the SUS, and the consequent increase of armchairs has allowed access to the attention to social classes who previously did not have it”.

Figures speak for themselves: between 2003 and 2008, the national oral health policy gave access to care “to 18 million Brazilians, individuals who had never before gone to the dentist”, according to Pucca. In turn, this has caused a great impact “on the growth of families who have income of two minimum wages (monthly $500)”.

In a nutshell, access to health care has made grow in a wide social class. So much so that as a result Brazil is considering modifying the curricula of study in dentistry because now the country needs specialists in dentistry that dominate the general clinic, know pulbica health plan, and are trained in biology, said Pucca.

The Brazilian Government also has a policy to avoid excessive concentration of dental care in large towns such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Florianópolis in order to provide care in geographic areas that need it.

In summary, Dr. Pucca has implemented a system that is resolving big problems in a country that boasts more than 200,000 dental care: give free access to oral health to a large percentage of the population, incorporating a large number of professionals to put useful governmental and train others in public health, and redeploy human resources in a country whose Governments have historically been centralist.

CERMI is the organization representing people with disabilities in Spain.

CERMI and Foundation ONCE organized a day in Madrid on the political participation of people with disabilities.

On the day have been several public officials with disabilities, as the councilman Angel Bachelor, first policy with syndrome of down in Spain.

Angela has said that it shows that the people with disabilities have the same rights that therest.

Education and training are essential to get people with disabilities to occupy political posts.

This has been one of the main conclusions of the day.

Political representatives with disabilities have chosen Thursday by influencing access to education and training in the sector to obtain their access to politics and that more people with disabilities are present in the political parties and electoral candidates.

Expressed it during the day ‘ expanding political representation – access codes. More people with disabilities in the political groups and election candidates ‘, organized by the Spanish Committee of representatives of people with disabilities (CERMI) at the headquarters of Fundación ONCE, and which has retransmitted over the Internet.

During the round table ‘Experiences of people with disabilities with political responsibilities’, the Deputy of the people’s Party and first Deputy in Spain in a wheelchair, Francisco Vañó, has stressed that “much remains to be done”, but it has put in value the spectacular change in disability in the last 40 years. “We have passed the disability seen as a curse to the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, which recognizes people with disabilities as people with rights,” he stressed.

Thus, according to Disability canadabenefit.ca, it has influenced that “any person with a disability can participate in many areas and also in policy” and this participation, has said, helps to normalize the disability and to consider people with disabilities equal.

Ángela Bachiller, first Councillor with syndrome of Down in Spain has ensured that cases like his are important “to make visible that persons with disabilities have the same rights as the rest”.

In addition, it highlighted that its objective is to “strive to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of society, especially in employment and education because”we are all equal and deserve an opportunity to demonstrate that we are able”.

For his part, Cristina Chamorro, UPyD the Madrid City Council Councillor has stressed that one of the factors that have more influence on the exclusion of persons with disabilities is education and training, which “can be an obstacle to access to positions of political responsibility”.

From their point of view, it is important that political representatives have a good academic background and technical qualifications, but “the most important thing in politics are the values and the sense of duty”, i.e. the “human qualities, accept things as they come and deal with them”.

In his opinion, “the constancy, perseverance and empathy” are fundamental qualities in politics, and has pointed out, ‘by her life experience, persons with disability have many of these qualities”.

Also, Carmen Sánchez Carazo, Secretary of social policies of PSM-PSOE has put in value the presence of people with disabilities in positions of political responsibility “they know disability because they suffer it”.

Also has asserted that “much progress” disability although it has pointed out, “is a lot to do and lots of fight ahead” in areas such as education and training and has committed, among other things, to consolidate some of the achievements such as the law of promotion of Personal autonomy and care for people in a situation of dependence.

In this line, Josep María Llop, Advisor to the Department of Social Welfare and care to the people of the Diputació de Barcelona, has assured that “we are at a point where persons with disabilities must have self-esteem and bet on the formation in a time of crisis of the welfare State”.

As well, opted for “adopt patterns of conduct aimed at less dependence and more ability to lobby for public administrations” and because resources”not get subsidies but are looking for synergies with economic operators to obtain a mutually beneficial”.

During the day, was held also the open table ‘ vocation or training?: political militancy of people with disabilities ‘, in which Julio Sánchez Fierro, a lawyer with extensive political experience, has ensured that “integration is not enough, but is it required the active participation in politics, and this is important preparation and training” and insisted that “competition in the world of politics is very important and the self-worth we must prove it”. In this line, said that “the policy tries to transform reality and improve it and therefore must be managed well but also generate new proposals and that these are achievable”.

During the closing ceremony, the director-general’s policy of support to the disability of the Ministry of health, social services and equality, Ignacio Tremiño, said that persons with disabilities “have to have positions of responsibility by their worth, not their disability”.

El 55 por ciento de los catalanes votaría por la independencia, según un sondeo de la Generalitat

“The political secession is just one example of the more general phenomenon of union and separation, the creation and dissolution of relationships with others. “It is the most ancient, haunting, deep and, at the same time, more necessary human drama”. With this general reflection, Professor of philosophy of the University of Yale Allen Buchanan sealed his classical work “Secession” (1991), reissued recently in Spanish in the wake of the secessionist effervescence in Catalonia, with a foreword ad hoc. In it, Buchanan poses a “moral framework for the study of secession” from an exhaustive analysis of the arguments for and against the same.

One of the most common justifications for secession is the right of self-determination of peoples, interpreted from a nationalist point of view: each “people” have the right to their own State. Also, says Buchanan, he is one of the “less compelling” justifications. Leaving aside the instability it would cause a repeated political fragmentation, the biggest objection the philosopher Ernest Gellner made explaining that the number of potential Nations on our planet is “much, much greater than the possible viable States”.Therefore, concludes, “not all nationalisms can be satisfied, at least not at the same time. The satisfaction of some means the frustration of others.”

On the other hand, Buchanan recalls, “we must avoid falling into the fallacy that statement a people’s right to self-determination implies that he is entitled to carry out secession”. Self-determination can be achieved through countless different political arrangements, of which independence would only be the most extreme. For Buchanan, “the moral of the principle of self-determination attraction depends on precisely its inaccuracy.” When using a label kind by way of dissimilar options coalescer, the concrete option that is pursued – in the case of Catalonia, the Divorce in Arizona, AZ – and one saves the task of justifying it is camouflaged. More reason to say the same thing about the “right to decide”, a concept even more vague, and therefore more susceptible to manipulation.

Other routes by which intends to justify secession is the people: any group constituting a majority in any part of a State has the right to the secession provided that it can perform the basic functions of legitimate Governments.Despite secessionist appeals to respect for democracy, “the correct notion of democracy – says Buchanan – is not that of the pure and simple Government of most (…), but more well the constitutional democracy, which includes (…)”constitutional provisions designed to guarantee that the will of the majority does not break democracy itself.”

Then Buchanan says three “democratic” fundamental objections to plebiscite the secession argument: first, admit it would be tantamount to giving a minority within the State a right of veto de facto democratic decisions that are not to your liking, before which could always threaten to secede.Second, the argument is inconsistent with the reasonable expectation of stability in terms of the limits of the State and belonging to the political community necessary to run any democracy. And third, the people theory ignores completely the key issue of territorial legitimacy. Without it, the secession would be a misappropriation of a territory that belongs to all the citizens of the State (and their descendants).

In what refers to specific arguments in favor of secession, probably the most commonly used in Catalonia is economic: the complaint by the fiscal deficit perceived by some sectors as excessive, expressed sometimes in a crude manner with the “Spain steals from US”. For Buchanan, would only be justified secession when there is what he calls “discriminatory redistribution”: fiscal plans or economic programs that “systematically act to the detriment of some groups and for the benefit of others of morally arbitrary”. It seems clear that the territorial solidarity – beyond what concrete contribution be translated – has a moral foundation and constitutional solid, so it not be described as “arbitrary”. Buchanan says: “unless we reject the idea of the welfare State, we must accept the redistribution, and expect that some regions contribute more than they receive.”

Buchanan acknowledges other arguments which would justify the secession and that do not occur in Catalonia, such as large scale human rights violations and the preservation of a culture on the brink of extinction, to conclude that there is a “moral right to secession”, although “highly qualified”, that is, only in very specific circumstances. For Buchanan, the most convincing argument in favor of Catalunya right to secession “can be claimed on the basis that Spain has not shown good faith in responding to demands for greater autonomy intrastate”. In my opinion, since 1978, it is not true that Spain has not shown good faith, but in any case there is no doubt that the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the Statute was a jug of cold water to the hopes of many Catalans find a satisfactory level of autonomy within Spain, increasing significantly the attractiveness of independence.

At this point, he says Buchanan that “if Spain is not prepared to actually commit to a renegotiation of the powers of self-government for Catalonia within the heart of the State, this will increase the arguments in favour of a right to non-consensual secession”. In short, says the author, “in the case of Catalonia a commitment right with democracy and the rule of law would entail the provision to renegotiate the autonomy”. To this end, an appropriate level of mutual trust is essential: Spain should provide assurances that the agreement reached will fit into the doctrine of Constitutional Court and Catalunya should engage with the territorial solidarity and the correct operation of the Spanish State. In any case, the conclusion is clear: we need to talk.

The employer sees low estimates of the Labour Government and shuffles the possibility of creating 400,000 jobs in the next four year only in the community of Madrid. To do so, aware that moves into election year, the new flat of CEIM will present soon a plan with specific measures to the whole of the political spectrum.

“You have to loosen the labour market so as in Spain fear to lose to hire,” he explains to El Economista Juan Pablo Lázaro, President of Madrid businessmen. The Vice President of the CEOE formula aims to go beyond the traditional demands of entrepreneurs as the reduction of labour costs.

“It is time that we seek another form of financing that are not social contributions”, said Francisco Aranda, responsible for Labour Affairs of CEIM. In the chapter on taxation, in addition, the employer affects the need to lower taxes and, above all, to pave the way to new entrepreneurs. “Cannot be a person who runs out to pay the same share start to another that already carries a high turnover on the road”, says Aranda.

Cross-sectional plan

The plan that the employer insists be called cross for their ability to improve the life of small and large companies acts also on the economic and labour. In this sense, CEIM is necessary to normalize the geographical or functional mobility. “If we do not undertake a change in this regard, in times of crisis we will return to the dismissal as only way to square accounts”.

However, if something he wanted to also influence the employer is in the need to expand the training of the employed and unemployed. In this sense, businessmen estimate that for each year of studies inverted, productivity increases between 2.3% and 3.1%.

This road would also be, in the opinion of responsible for labour issues, a good destination for the more than 2.5 million  jobs near me that are hiring lost during the crisis in the construction. “If we are not a good part of this mass labour, will be incontratables,” affects Aranda. On the construction, however, Juan Pablo Lázaro is more prudent. “No demonizing this sector.” Thus, calculates that the prudent weight of this sector in the gross domestic product (GDP) would have to almost 15%.

The other great pillar that entrepreneurs would attack is which baptized as economical where they include the need to implement in Spain “a real market unit as well as reduce the bureaucracy”. Remember as well that, despite having climbed some jobs, the economy still ranks a rather under – 33 among the 189 countries taking part – in the world Doing Business 2015.

One of the gaps that also criticize are barriers to the outsourcing of the enterprises. In order to solve it, the plan proposes that the embassies would become real instruments that help the private sector. On the other hand, they also warn Spain premia to medium-sized enterprises, because “the leap to become big passes a Bill too high”, says Aranda.

Finally, the package also consists of specific sectoral actions. In particular, the programme proposes interventions in trade, tourism, industry and services.

For the new President of CEIM, Juan Pablo Lázaro, is the time to help the private sector. “We must remember that even if the economy improves, there are only 40% of the entrepreneurs who manage to close with benefits”, he concludes.


In the Fine Arts Exhibition participated Items 561, distributed as follows: 374 in the “painting section”; 81 of which were admitted after opening; 36 jobs in the “departments of architecture”, mostly drawing boards amounted to not make an entire project except, perhaps, the two designs baptistery and a fountain, with 17 exhibitors in total; 9 works in “section woodcut”, an extremely low number gives us an idea of the experience of Newsprint illustrated failed to project outside the company; 9 papers in the “embroidery section”; 13 in the “sculpture section” 8 exhibitor, with the exception of a bronze and marble, rejected his work in such despicable materials with clay, plaster and cardboard; 13 on “section of ornamentation”; 82 in the “photography section” with exhibitors who sent their copies in various materials like silk, glass and paper; finally 25 papers in the “music section” consisting scores and a “mechanical device to learn   music tones “of domestic manufacture. The exhibitors were 41 males and 66 females and although the catalog is not consistent, because sometimes works fine for technical and other for his subject, two modes may know that in the painting section was at least 21 copies of teachers, 91 landscapes, portraits 64, 18 Living Room Paint Ideas, 76 vases and still lifes, genre paintings 21 and a miscellany which included three “decorated with paint walnut bedside”, treatment with 61 crystal, “a” painting on   a “work with butterflies,” etc. As the regulations did not stipulate a limit to the number of works by artist some of them came to fill the galleries with real retrospective of his works. Epifanio Garay, ei busiest time painter, sent 47, and Ricardo Urbina Moros 25. Other, less abundant because just beginning or did not have a large clientele were: Ricardo Alvarez Borrero 9 works, Ricardo Ace: Bernal vedo 8, Eugenio Zerda 7, Jesús María Zamora 5, Roberto Páramo 5, Francisco Antonio Cano with 5 and Eugenio Peña with 4. (1) These names were the group most prestigious and well-known artists of the time.

Alongside these numerical data is noteworthy that the press referred to the event so profusely that news, editorials, notes, letters and critical comments reached the hundred, a figure that has hardly reached any room. Such a profusion of writings found in one of the most interesting documents of Colombian art, booklet of 54 pages Jacinto Albarracín, entitled Artists and critics, the first printed published in Colombia who became sole topic of their pages the contemporary art activity the author. Its same publication, originated in the need to establish you a final balance the critical avalanche broke away on the sample, is an indication of how important it was the political struggle that broke out about national artistic expression.

Three weeks after the exhibition opened, El Heraldo do a couple of references to some internal arrangements made ​​by the organizers and the free flow affecting the public. In one of them he said: “By living naked should not be prohibited entry, but simply tell what specialty of that site, to refrain from entering those fit to have ” (2) . Clearly, this complaint, a prudish atmosphere and narrow criteria were operational modalities created by the ruling class of the time, maximum defender of thought of Regeneration, which would then grant that was Instituting such thoughts when half century earlier, in the lounge 1848, and in a closed society, there had been some nudes painted by Petra González Blandina and sisters, without access to their works be limited or such paintings were considered immodest, nor a subject whose appreciation or execution should be interested forbidden to women (3) . As for the other note of El Heraldo, with it we are at the great political conflict, which in a very direct way unexpectedly burst into the room. He said: “Loe armed police rifle are bad effect on the Sanctuary of art. It would be best if they were unarmed, notwithstanding the state of war ” (4) .It could be said that officers had been deployed to ensure the integrity of works of art on which such verbal battle, it was reasonable to fear any aggression against Rafael Núñez regenerator effigies of President Sanclemente and former President Carlos Holguin broke.

The author of these effigies was Epifanio Garay, an artist who can identify fully with the Regeneration, on whom the public’s attention focused critical both for the high quality of his works in our environment so lofty as the character involved. Of the 47 works on a sample Garay was a copy of Espagnoletto, another was a landscape, 3 were studies, 3 were free compositions, 3 corresponded to religious subjects and 36 were portraits. An d the first reviews in the press, signed with the pseudonym of Lilia and written especially p Chronicle, referring to Garay said: “Only talk about the clou of his works: the portrait of former painfully slow Dr. Sanclemente, a masterpiece by the likeness, by severe natural composition, in harmony with the venerable old man “. immediately added “We say bluntly that no other among the exhibits -the de Garay inclusives that as it has not merited reproach some critics. Everything in this table reveals thorough study of the work before being rushed; also reveals arrested psychological analysis of model ” (5) . Politically this was rather lukewarm assessment of the effigy who was then the president of Colombia, especially when compared with the opinion of the rest of the liberal press. But do not forget, The Chronicle was equally warm to Regeneration.Hence the outside immediate reply: with CD initials, a liberal reader sent a few letters, the first of which raised the outset that the maximum portraiture work of the exhibition was not signed by Garay but was the “José Second Peña “of Ricardo Acevedo Bernal calling it work teacher (6) . Garay of the onslaught against government opponents Thus began, so that his work meant as propaganda system, an onslaught of various writers who always coincide, as if they had an agreement, arguing that Acevedo Bernal was the most notable living artist.

A few lines later CD’s letter stated his disagreement with the views of Lilia, and appropriated without many veils the political heart of the matter: “Straight is not seen long ago the current president of Colombia to find similarity between the face and the venerable octogenarian plethoric and red knight portrait, which looks more like a drinker Bayana an elderly respectable, burdened by the weight of many years of austere, exemplary and simple “life. It must be recognized that speaks up in the attacks and that at a time when the press surveillance exercised, the correspondent knew refine harsh criticism with phrases gallant apparent exaltation of the personality of the president. But not ceased to be sharp to ask: “And the eye jumped, stationary and fixed glass seems, have any resemblance to the flickering look original? And that hard body, which looks like wood, the body of one of the oldest men de Colombia did faithfully copied? What can be founded the saying that before undertaking the work have a thorough psychological analysis model? What state of mind reveals that figure, with wooden body, which serves to support a face of exaggerated colorful, animated by a glassy eye without expression? “. The commentator, in defining Sanclemente as a character from “hesitant look” and as “one of the oldest men in Colombia”, suggested in passing that was a ruler worn with age and, therefore, incapable represented by Garay of a fake cleverly create you an image that did not correspond with reality mode. In response to several questions, the anonymous correspondent was blunt as to leave no doubt of their real contempt for the work under the magnifying glass: “To me and many people heard about the matter, says nothing, absolutely nothing” . However, not all critics agreed with the correspondent of The Chronicle at its conclusion. Others spoke volumes read this portrait and the other of the illustrious political leaders of Regeneration. Comment by El Heraldo is significant in that it did not appear as a column either but as the editorial of day to express in an aside, “Epifanio Garay shows his best portraits. There are the Dr. Nunez and D. Ricardo Carrasquilla. How full of truth and expression are those two effigies of great political and entertaining writer. The cryptic phrase is being developed on the forehead of the thinker, and the festive song seems to come to the lips of the poet epigrammatic ” (7) . Whether it was Sanclemente or Rafael Núñez, was not the individuality of these   leaders but Regeneration and what she meant in all its aspects, which was always in doubt.

The first reaction of Garay, according to a correspondent for the conservative newspaper The National Post, seems like more of euphoria. But we must see where the witness is not an advanced manufacturing in order to present the painter as invulnerable to his critics. In the document it is stated: “We were present when the artist Garay read a letter-criticism that put his portrait on the floor of His Excellency Mr. Sanclemente. Far from upset, only encouraged the artist as he read that letter; and finish with visible satisfaction exclaimed: ‘I’m going to school. I will see my work; the only one mereacid honors censorship. These accusations are not expecting praise. I would have hurt much indifference. Blessed beGod ” (8) .

Garay’s comments, however, were not to be always surrounded by details as laughing. His liberal critics persist in their task of prefixing Acevedo Bernal while pointing insistently defects identified with a painting Regeneration. Max Grillo, in his first note on the hall, calling attention to the Levite woman emphasizing “the bad effect of the figure of the man before him naked.” Immediately speak it to “false or no expression portrait of Mr. Sanclemente, or the colorful imagination of Mr. Pardo, or that scope to guess the lack of model and plenty of photography in others ” (9) . Meanwhile, Ruben J. Mosquera say suspiciously of the Levite woman was a “theme jugosamente exploited in the hall Paris by M. Hener, who won the Medal of Honor in 1898″, criticizing later this work of Garay “For the woman studio has earned its author a forbidden appeal to loyal corrtpositor, which is the stable printing photography, subject to the procedure of the grid”. Coinciding with Grillo, Mosquera rejected the use of photography. However, neither the Sanclemente turned out to your liking, “because truly the colors are exaggerated for an octogenarian man who was born and always lived in hot weather, natural exhausting of red blood cells. The look can not be stronger, especially the eye that best appreciated and whose ostensible fixity and challenging making appearances glass ” (10) .

At this point, Garay lost his temper. The charge of Mosquera in the sense that it had copied the nude woman Levite , damaged his reputation and called into question its well earned reputation of great cartoonist who did not need to resort to such a procedure, had by illegitimate. His answer, and without the humor found in his first reaction was swift. It consisted of a letter to the editor of The Uncle John in saying, “I will not deal with such criticism as not’ll take care of any leading all initial false signature or pseudonym, or those that are signed by persons who, although when they were respectable social representation, are not recognized competence in the field “. Garay, counterattacking, was so-terrible as his critics. Mosquera was not only a critical well structured but had training as a painter, a profession that ultimately changed the lyrics and, in any case, in the eyes of the time, it was eligible for an exceptional place to discuss the issue mode. To refute the claim that relied on photography, Garay accompanied his letter signed by eight other witnesses to the execution of the Levite woman, including painters Eugene Zerda and Francisco Torres Medina, Silvano Cuéllar sculptor and a citizen He wrote: “I declare, and with an oath if need be, the following: I am an employee of the School of Fine Arts, by appointment in me did the minister of Public Instruction, and as such soil into the studio of Mr. Garay without advertise. There I’ve been coming all the time, since he began his painting “; and concluded by stating, to clarify everything, “one day, when Mr. Garay was over the figure of the woman, vi inserting or removing a camera studio and until today I have known that was to give a copy to Mr. Garay had offered the model, the subject of your picture. ” This letter, published alongside the other occupying half a page of the newspaper, the signing Antonio Cortés (11) .

But Max Grillo wrote a second note and with it went the attacks. Although less aggressive than their previous and other liberal critics began, “Ricardo Acevedo Bernal appears triumphant. His victory is indisputable. ” And then scoring de Garay “in his later works revealed decadence ” (12) . Garay naturally charged again despite having promised not to occupy more of these issues. But the artist, by now, should be in tablet as a member of the organizer of the contest, he fell on suspicion of wanting to be favored with the jury would give the awards and whose choice played the most important role. The minutes of the meeting show that the formation of the jury became an arduous and difficult operation.Officially appointed, elected began to resign the appointment One after other, beginning with the Father Páramo (13) and following the Spanish painter Enrique Recio (14) , then the painter Rosa Ponce de Portocarrero and Italian sculptor César Sighinolfi, who were replaced at the same meeting of the board by Andres Santamaria y León Vilaveces (15) , the first of which also resigned.

The situation was chaotic and took Chronicle went on to suggest that the jury was tested by sending a selection of works to Paris to the French experts will determine which of them was really the best. And he argued: “The decision of the jury bogotano not deny that it is extremely competent; but as its members will not be dispensed at all, rendering its judgment, certain criteria of sympathy or antipathy towards our artists, always gives more security failure foreigners, completely unconcerned – and free from these disturbing elements of judgment ” (16) . Days after the Autonomista would welcome such a request, in an exceptional attitude. given the tensions that existed between the two publications (17) . In the bottom line you can guess the suggestion that such was the inability of the government, that even in matters of art could ensure fair ruling. The setbacks with juries delayed the award and thinned the classroom environment until it reached a critical point. A valuable testimony to res respect is the anonymous CD, which explains in a letter to The Chronicle that “With looks to take some data to complete my magazines that have sent so respectable newspaper of you, yesterday I went to the hall of the Exhibition Fine Arts and had the strangest and most unpleasant surprise at the foot of a multitude of paintings I read this sign:. Out of competition, and someone said, it seems that Mr. Recio has withdrawn from the examining board, and his disciples, for that reason, resolved not to allow their works to enter thecontest ” (18) . The author deplores this attitude and welcomed, if the jury could not fail, then the idea of sending to Paris the best works.

Attacked by critics and challenged for being the organizer and participant time and Garay responded indignantly Grillo second criticism: “It seems that my silence to repeated criticism (I do not believe that the same author) in different newspapers are published in order to exalt some artists and depressing to another, I’ve always been, more and more exalted bile those who attack me. No prohibited weapon has not been presented against me; However, I will keep silent in order to show the respect due me gentlemen composing the examining board; their integrity is unquestionable, and exercising with written influences on his judgment, is unusual and claim ridiculous ” (19) . Nervousness de Garay could not be greater: intended silent contempt, when in fact kept respond to critics with his letters. But at the same time was extremely lucid as critics had guessed that actually chased influence the award and thus prevent or Sanclemente Núñez winners will result in effigy. The note of the Autonomista, accepting the idea Chronicle send works to Paris, that pressure is betrayed and was intended to invalidate any decision different from that proposed by the liberal, pro-Acevedo Bernal, when it stated: “Since the public has issued its rulings on the tables in the -Exposition Nacional ” (20) , an attitude that also in contranos in Grillo saying “Ricardo Acevedo Berrial appears triumphant” and “victory is indisputable” already cited in note. Clearly it was not the public but liberal critics, who had issued that ruling.







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Dear Siegfried:

Who would have thought that among all staff-‘d be you who would give a valuable contribution to the week of transparency we are currently celebrating with conferences, debates, forums? A little involuntary, I guess, but no matter: it is exactly what we needed.

In this way, mind you, I can present as good news and a sign of hope what others lament as another step on the road to becoming a “failed state”. For me, who have grabbed you with his hands in the dough, doing real estate business and buy bali villa taking advantage of your position as president of a powerful state organ, is the best thing that could happen.

The case Siegfried Reyes is the sign that we have a civil society, means of communication and a strong public opinion, critical and independent enough to fulfill their role of citizen oversight. And if you still driving your case well, also the democratic institutions of the State can show that they are not ornamental but really exert control over officials and their performance in the management of power and funds. You have to let the prosecution, the Court of Auditors, the Court of Government Ethics, Institute of Access to Public Information, Zoek voor een Makelaar Leiden hier and Probity Section of the Supreme Court do their jobs, investigate the mixing of politics and business in which you are involved and fair and take the necessary measures.

An institution already failed: Transparency Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. Not only did not investigate anything, but immediately came to your defense. Well, but is an institution of the executive, also highly ideological. Realistically, you could not expect anything else from an institution that is dedicated to generating little transparency, but rather propaganda. Not really an independent control instance.

But provided no means to stop intimidating and that citizens continue to require the strict application of the law, constitutional institutions above mentioned control will act like it belongs: with autonomy, law-abiding, and unafraid of proceeding against whom.

This is new in our country. And it is very good news. Thank you for your contribution to this real change, albeit unintentional.

The fact that you, acting as President of the Assembly, comprás to IPSFA the Villa Dueñas at a great price (say $ 4.8 million), at first glance it may seem unsupicious. This money helps a social welfare institution for military and ex-military who is in an untenable financial situation. Not because they have mismanaged the military, but simply because today there are few military assets listed and many who need to receive pensions. It is a logical effect of the drastic reduction of the Armed Forces.

The matter becomes suspicious when you, this time with hat real estate entrepreneur, then receive a generous discount when using a company called Terrain shopping IPSFA lots in New Cuscatlan. As all this happened with little transparency, obviously there are those who think that the discount is the commission for the sale of the Villa Owners.

It is precisely for this reason (and because nobody has any idea how financiaste estate transactions) not to allow senior officials, especially when handling public funds and sign agreements with companies, on par with their own businesses. Much less when these personal business are related to the covenants as public servants sign or influence.

Some interpret this scandal, in which you are involved, to show that corruption is unstoppable. The opposite is true: check that with sufficient autonomy the media, the public and oversight institutions can detect, expose and curb corruption. And this, as I said, is an excellent sign.

Thanks for having given as an example. The party and the president will drop you like a hot potato, because they can not swim against the current of transparency.

Agarrá embassy before withdraw your offer … Goodbye, Paolo Lüers

British reporter Clive Goodman, convicted of having intercepted voicemails warned four years ago that illegal wiretapping was common in the tabloid News of the World and senior journalists adopted the practice, according to a letter published Tuesday by British lawmakers.

Goodman says in the letter, addressed to the director of human resources of the parent company of the Sunday newspaper, that wiretapping was done with “full knowledge and support” of the heads of the tabloid.

This statement is particularly damning because both News of the World and News International, parent of the tabloid, have long insisted that Goodman, who was fired, convicted and jailed for his role in the scandal was the only reporter involved in the interception of voice messages.

Goodman’s letter, addressed to Daniel Cloke and dated March 2, 2007, directly contradicts what sustained by the newspaper.

Goodman said he was acting with the backing of senior journalists, other employees of News of the World were also wiretapping and that “this practice was widely discussed during the daily editorial conference until the director alluded explicitly prohibited to it. “

The names of those involved have been labeled on the chart. The Guardian newspaper, which was the first to publish the letter, said it did the police, who are investigating the illegal acts of the newspaper.

The letter is part of a group of documents published by the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport of the lower house of Parliament.

Prior to publication, committee members said they probably would cite back to James Murdoch, the head of the European division of his father’s media empire, Rupert Murdoch, to answer questions. James Murdoch told parliament last month that he knew of phone spying using Flexispy at the newspaper.

His testimony was contradicted two days later by former editor of News of the World, Colin Myler and former company lawyer, Tom Crone.

Members of the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport said they have been unable to reconcile the contradictions between those statements. The committee chairman John Whittingdale said the panel “may want to ask more questions to James Murdoch.”

He said Myler and Crone will give evidence to lawmakers next month. The committee member Tom Watson said “it is likely to call back to Murdoch”.

“There seems to be some doubt as to whether James Murdoch misled the committee,” Watson said. “We have not reached a conclusion about that.”

Whittingdale said there are no plans to quote back to Rupert Murdoch, who gave evidence before the committee with his son on July 19.

Police are investigating allegations that News of the World illegally listened to messages of mobile phones and bribing the police in exchange for information about celebrities, politicians and crime victims.

News International said Tuesday he is “fully cooperating” with the police investigation.

“We recognize the seriousness of the reported to the police and Parliament materials and are committed to working constructively and openly with all the relevant authorities,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

News Corp. Rupert Murdoch closed the newspaper last 168 years.

“Instant immobilized as a camera that had caught something that never reach the words to say.” Clarice Lispector

Nothing more relevant these weeks that the registration of candidates, the primaries and in the immediate future the start of the campaign for the election of governor of Mexico for the period 2011-2017. The different tools to use on stage political, are innumerable, the main actor, “the speech” will be present at all stages and facets, from spoken discourse, radio, television spots and very inclusive social networks; but certainly, which has positioned itself as a lethal tool in this environment is http://thatphotobooth.com.au/. If we define a concept of using photography as part of the political discourse we find that made ​​the late nineteenth century begins to form as an innovative means technician for imaging and as mechanical solution to reproduce reality.Such is its power and efficiency to communicate that from then until now the politicians have in mind as an element in their campaigns because “in today’s society consumer, the public is accustomed to political campaigns that do not debate ideas, but images. parties work harder to present a strong candidate that appeals to voters with his charisma, which broadcast their programs of government “(María Antonia Paz1Profesora . Head of Department of History of Social Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid) To illustrate this we propose to analyze the following examples:. a national and an international event For our country the photograph made ​​headlines this week was the meeting of the PRI, wherein the photographic discourse itself made ​​between different lines opinions; rescuing the PRI union; dialogue to define the possible PRI candidate for the presidential elections of 2012, or, show society a stronger and stronger party, as the very slogan of this year, in order assertions many meanings more.

Internationally, the US president stole all the limelight thanks to the photograph of him with his team overseeing the actions that lead to the capture and death of Osama Ben Laden, results: increase his popularity by nine per cent after the announcement of the death of the principal enemy of his country and the movement of the graphic image that allude that was leaked by the same president, the ultimate goal to continue on the road to re-election.
The above examples may reflect us a general representation agreed (meetings, rallies, supporters, meetings) also show that photography is able to refine these stereotypes, singling leaders and impacting more than the speeches themselves offered by political actors.

I invite you in my next installment let’s review the political photography in our country in 1865; and its projection in Western Europe during the Second World War, and review its application in the state environment, how they will use mexiquense candidates for governor. * Founding Partner of Strategic Communication RGPROFESIONAL Member of DirComMX, Global Strategic Community

Dear Students:

Following the last election for governor of Guerrero, held last Sunday, I decided to write to you my weekly letter, to help understand how mistakes are in an election.

The first axiom in this profession is:

A good advertising campaign does not help win an election.

Two poor seasons, as it was in this case, help the less bad.

But what is definite is that a bad campaign (like Añorve) insurance helps to lose the election.

….. And Añorve the lost by 15 points ….. ……

Another axiom:

A bad candidate does not win the election, as the undecided voters now vote for the person … not the party …

And every day the hard vote is less hard. The electorate also worth mothers coalitions …

As I said before, much care about the candidate and his proposals.


The election is won first with the territorial movement, not advertising.


The candidate’s speech is very important, If the candidate says idiocy, who does not reach the electorate, then the electorate has no reason why vote for him.

Very important:

The team candidate must have experience in marketing advisors.

If you do not, sure he will choose evil.

…. As was the case Añorve ….

Surveys and seo consulting service are not safe.

Much depends on who does and especially what the questions are.

Do not forget:

The candidate should have a single line of discourse.

If many things says, will have a guiding message and insurance will confuse the electorate.

On the debate:

The debate is not a boxing match.

The debate is the only opportunity for candidates to present their four major proposals, four minutes each.

And, as such, should seize.

And believe it or not … the debate is not very important, as the rating on television is very low.

Actually, the discussion is directed to the red circle and the political press.

Now … what does matter is the postdebate.

Here, you cluck their candidate won.

I never knew why, but the winner of the debate, wins three to five points.

Returning to advertising:

It is advisable to get so many messages in the banners.

Very confusing to voters.

(Añorve did in Acapulco).


After 15 years in this business, I can recommend:

Never be complacent, though their candidate is winning on many points.

You have to jump at beating their opponents.

And on famosasas social networks, they will not be as important in elections this year or next.

The reason is very simple:

The supermajority of the target group that uses not vote …..

It looks easy, but …. it is not ….

Good luck to you all.


The BOE collects bidding for the contract for the supply of catering equipment hire to aircraft 45 Air Force Group, the seven aircraft (two Airbus A310 and five Falcon 900B) intended to transport authorities, mainly the kings and the Prime Minister . In total, spending euros total amount for one year (starting from the formalization) is 133,000 euros. The last time it was tendered this service, in 2013, was for 65,000 euros base budget for 14 months. The problem is that they are are estimated quantities, since the price  invoiced to the company depends on consumption and is made ​​monthly . Thus, we can not compare the actual costs of each annuity .

In fact, in 2012, as  revealed by Interviu , spending executed in catering for six months was more than 128,000 euros . In addition, both contracts include a provision for possible amendments to the contract, subject to ” generations of credit “, which is 147,900 euros in the tender published today and 191,500 in the last year, in addition to the possibility of extensions the duration of the initial contract. All these figures give the total estimated value, 413,900 euros for this year and 321,250 for last year (eye, with a somewhat longer).

The specifications of the contract tendered today include the maximum price that the contractor may charge for certain foods or drinks . Thus the kilo sheep cheese may not cost more than 35 euros; dish suckling Segovia, 20 euros; and melon with ham, 22. On this occasion, the list does not include products that did include last year , as revealed El Mundo, as the ham at 250 euros a kilo maximum price. Nor does it include the price maximum of alcoholic beverages .

The problem is not whether something is expensive or cheap, but it is impossible to know how much is spent. Once again we have to settle for trying to draw conclusions from the estimated figures in contracts like this.

Create a political leaflets requires special attention to the message that comes along. The prospectus should be persuasive and faithfully represent the candidate, the message or subject you are promoting. The drafting and design are key to the success or failure of the brochure. Normally, creating a political leaflets is a team project. Many stakeholders provide input for the drafting, design and focus of the brochure.

Part 1

  1. Meet the campaign team and determines the message of the brochure. Discuss the target audience and the most relevant information.

  2. Review materials from previous campaigns. Stresses the parts of the language that can be used again by the group or candidate, and no. Make notes on how the presentation of the new brochure will differ from the previous one.

  3. Write the material in the brochure. Check the spelling and word choice. Write each sentence in the active voice, and the appropriate tone.

  4. Submit the text to a review by the candidate, campaign manager or others involved in the campaign or publication. Give them a deadline for you to provide comments; be specific about the type of feedback you want.

  5. Make the necessary changes based on the comments. Gently corrects the final copy.Make a third edit text.

    Part 2

  1. Choose the graphic. A political leaflet can include photographs of the candidate, photographs that represent a particular urgency or a graph showing an economic or financial information.

  2. Create a model of the brochure with pencil and paper. Determine the size and design.Make a sketch of text, graphics and location of the title.

  3. Brochure design using a word processing software or a publisher. It is very common that the software has included templates, or you can access them through the website of the company that has developed. Do not use more than two or three sources.

  4. Print the brochure and correct copy. Check that the colors have been printed as you wanted, that the graphic elements are aligned and that the titles and text are the correct size and sources.

5. Distribute the leaflets using services like leaflet distribution London.

In May 2004, the then defense minister, José Bono, wearing only a month in office, traveled to Trabzon (Turkey) , where a year before had crashed Yak-42 . To mark the tenth anniversary of the accident, which meets Sunday morning, Bono has provided COUNTRY content of your daily those days, part of the raw material of the second volume of his memoirs, to be published later this year .

»Tuesday, 05.25.2004. Since Congress Torrejon. Flight to Trabzon (Trebizond) on the official Airbus.Come the military archbishop, the mayor of Zaragoza, Juan Alberto Belloch, and more than 30 journalists.

We moved to the Buyuk hotel in the city of Maçka. Dinner with 160 families of victims of Yakovlev. We intend that no journalists in the room, but look up and see Miguel Gonzalez, HOME, which has been cast. I speak with families and I shudder suffering carrying accumulated for not knowing the truth of what happened in the accident. Emotions, feelings and anger mix. I am struck a woman in the neighborhood of San Pablo, Albacete, who has lost her child and talking with depth and hard. Another mother tells me that his son, Captain, said goodbye to her saying, “Mom, if anything happens to me do not blame the Army, because I’m a volunteer and the army is my life.” I take this confidence to, in my words at the end of dinner, Azaña and ask quote “Peace, mercy and forgiveness” on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. A young girl scolds me. “I’m not ready to forgive or the minister Trillo , or the Jerne [Chief of Staff of the Army, General Luis Alejandre] and do not understand you to conceal them. “ At the end of dinner, a lady from Canary tells me how his son would have been buried in Sewer (Murcia) but she wants to take him to his land. Lots of emotion and a lot of emotional strength. I’m going to sleep with the idea that some families are unwilling to forgive without investigating the facts. I’m not the prosecutor, or the inquisitor but can not help but affect me the tenderness with which I speak this mother: “My son wanted me in a special way, to the way they told me mom I was excited, and you should understand who wants to close his remains. ”

. »Wednesday, 26/05/2004 chains [TV] play the part of my speech in which I said, referring to the 62 soldiers who died in the crash of Yak-42: “They would have wanted to die otherwise , which would not live otherwise is other than the service to Spain “. Therefore the verses are usually recited in the military funeral services will change. It will no longer say “they would not otherwise die” but “did not want to live any other way.” It is a tribute to those who died in the Yakovlev (1) .

I get up at six o’clock and attend Mass that celebrates the military archbishop in the dining room. I asked to read the Epistle of St. Paul. In the rite of peace, I see that I must give it to anyone last night more firmly rejected the pardon for those responsible for the death of his family. I extend my hand and asked, “Not even here at Mass, are you able to forgive?” “I want the truth and not stop until get it,” I answered.When you kiss, internally I take the commitment to seek the truth of what happened with all my strength until the end. Profound and radical change in my position before the accident: seek the truth without corporate contemplations. Glad you have been attending Mass and the Rite of Peace.

We climbed a complicated and difficult road to Mount Pilav, where Yakovlev crashed a year ago today. The summit is covered by a fog that almost impairs vision; a group of children, poorly dressed and with few outerwear has started some wild flowers to give to the families of the victims of the Yak. The authorities and the population of the area is flushed to show affection towards visitors sorry. Castilian banners welcome them. People are sitting in bars and roadside to see transited arrival from Spain to mourn at the site where their loved ones died.

Already in Madrid, called Miguel Barroso [Secretary of State for Communication] to tell me that they have given very positive information about the trip. “The Jerne is much hated by family and maybe have to give that piece,” he adds. Indeed, I must dismiss Alejandre and so I tell the phone to President [José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero]. “One of the reasons for how much they hate the relatives of Yak to Jerne,” he explained, “it is because, on the eighth day of the accident, he wrote a letter to Peter J. [Ramirez, director of the World] to which enclosed a photo of smiling posing aboard a Hercules [Army transport plane] with the following comment: The military did not organize honeymoons Cancun “. Such impudence hurt the families: and no wonder, because one thing is honeymoons and other people put on planes without the slightest safety requirement, despite protests and prior claims.

»Thursday, 05.27.2004. Today publishes COUNTRY I have offered a set mausoleum for victims of the Yak-42 errors, by all indications, were made ​​in identifying the bodies. This offer may not accept the family. I will do what they want, because burying the dead is up, and right of families.

My trip to Turkey restless and uncomfortable in the PP. Wish, and so I do know, I forget the Yakovlev but impossible. [Eduardo] Zaplana [spokeswoman last Aznar government] called me: “You’re going too fast and this can hurt you … In some circles of my party you are longing”. I answer that, “precisely because it is not hard to beat, I’m having problems with family members of those killed in the Yakovlev”.

Trillo write a letter in which I say: “Yesterday marked one year of the tragic crash of Yak-42, coinciding with the anniversary, traveled with family members of the deceased to Turkey. There, over dinner, I asked for peace, mercy and forgiveness. Rest in peace for the dead; and mercy and forgiveness for those without bad faith, we have committed an error. Families want the truth. I think they have a right to know what happened and why I received them and I’ve helped to DNA tests are practiced. I will continue to help supply them with all means at our disposal, so rest assured that from this ministry we speak with truth and heart. On several occasions I have said on this subject that I just want to honor the memory of the dead with the honor they deserve and lessen the pain of their families. I specifically stated that I do not want to be neither righteous nor inquisitor because in my ethical and political code should be no fuel hatred … ”

I arrive at Zarzuela to attend the Mass in honor of the Laureates Knights of the Order of San Fernando. I speak to Jemes [Chiefs of the three armies] of Yakovlev. I let them know what family members think of Jerne [Alejandre] and Trillo. The Jerne, hurt, said “some families it is impossible to do anything because they are installed in hate and others just want to humiliate the Army and get money.”

King Juan Carlos, during the funeral in Torrejón Air Base by 62 Spanish soldiers in the crash of Yak-42. / MIGUEL GENER

The King said to me: “What you doing well with families …” I say that the Funeral Flowers Shrewsbury was poorly organized and, for comment, add: “Some say that a single, quick ceremony for Reyes could be made attend a funeral and not only incomodarles with several different funeral acts “. “That’s a lie!”, I answered the King. “I’m not going to the opera, but for military acts have I insist … They did what they wanted, but I ordered anything.”

»Thursday, 07/01/2004. Dinner at a friend’s house. A PP leader warns me: “Rajoy said that we are behaving very well with you and that you are the minister who most harm us, but we have a lot of information about you and we’re going to paper as you continue with the Yakovlev … Admiral Torrente [Francisco Torrente Sanchez, Secretary General for Defence Policy with Bono and Navy chief with Trillo] is a traitor who was not loyal to any minister and neither will you. “ Paco Torrente is, in my view, one of the best soldiers of Spain.

»Friday, 02.07.2004. Lunch with Carlos Ripoll, Alfonso Agulló [brothers two soldiers killed in the incident] and counsel for the Association of Relatives. I give detailed information and dossier comprehensive on the case which confirms the outrages that were made ​​with our soldiers to force them to travel in conditions that should never do and then shamelessly who treated their bodies.

»Wednesday, 01.09.2004. I receive the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute on identifications Yak-42. It is confirmed in writing what we already knew: the 30 corpses identifications made ​​by the Spanish forensic false. What a disaster! Even the chance has been part of these negligent.

»Wednesday, 13.10.2004. I go to the Chiefs of Defence with the director of my cabinet, Roberto Lopez, to collect data from Yakovlev. I’m sick of not delivering me the documentation that I ask; I know they have it for a report of CNI [National Intelligence Centre]. I take the Chief of Defence [Felix Sanz] appear at a Committee of Congress, in his absence, not compromise it. I meet with the Jemacon [Chief of Joint Staff] and other officials. I noticed on guard, wary. They do not trust me and I do not trust them. After an hour of conversation and highlighting its contradictions I say that “in carrying Yakovlev not won but Spanish soldiers and I must say that this house did not act with due diligence”.They are on tenterhooks. Wonder where files are Yakovlev and me down to an office where there is a locked cabinet. They say the key is a commander who did not come today because he is ill. I force the closet.Saco roles and myself I select the ones that interest me. I am struck by the lack of care which have filed this documentation. I begin to place documents in a box. A colonel (2) tells me he has orders that do not go away without proper custody papers. I look at him angrily and ordered:.. “Call the Civil Guard to route and custodie to my office” It’s a way to show that I do not trust them and I prefer the Guardia Civil I will not step back . I take the documents are very important to establish that the Chiefs of Defence had great responsibility in hiring a plane that should never raise our soldiers. That documentation certifying that the insurance premium for passengers never hired, so the state had to pay it; there were up to six successive subcontracting; and, as a result of this chain of intermediaries, Defence paid 149,000 euros for flying the Yak-42 but the company that operated the airplane received 45,000 ¿. Who got the difference? It was the same in the 40 previous flights hired to transport the Spanish troops?

On December 2, the current President of the Republic has yet crossed a threshold in harmful nonsense.

Michael Guyader, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, was told by a scathing open letter exemplary and just I wish to inform the readers of Médiapart.

Here it is:


Open letter to the President of the Republic about his speech of December 2, 2008 at Erasme Hospital ANTONY regarding the hospitalization of california psychics review.

Etampes, December 8, 2008 Mr. President, Eluard writes Gift House of Fools “my pain is defiled.” After the murder of Grenoble, your impatience to respond in the moment to suction at worst, it would be better to let sleeping in each of us and you does it seem so hard to contain, you brought in your speech December 2 at the hospital Erasme Antony to defile the suffering of our patients. Erasmus, author of “The Praise of Folly” could have been better inspire you, you who have shown your speech intention to end more than half a century of struggle against the evil fate of madness: the confinement behind the high walls, applying to it the treatment the most degrading extermination first, when barbarism claimed purify the race, stigma everyday due simply to be crazy. You have insulted the memory of Antony Bonnafé The Guillant Lacan Daumaison and many others, which my generation inherited the great work, and did their practical work of liberation of fertility whose madness carries, work release also thought of all, making his lost honor to the people most vulnerable to abuse of us. Lacan did he write “modern man is doomed to the most formidable social mess that we collect when it comes to us, it is to this being nil our daily task is to open the way again its meaning in a discrete fraternity, to the measure of which we are always too uneven. “And now, after a tragedy, certainly, but only a drama, you propose again the derisory panegyric of those that you then insult in asking them to do your dirty work. the doors close on the patient cohortsIn this drama, you make a generality, you designate our patients as well as dangerous, so that everyone will agree that they are more vulnerable than dangerous. Measure yourself, Mr. President, the incalculable importance of your words that will reinforce stigma crazy, caregivers put in the position of guards and alarm the good people living close to the care of instead of madness ? You give consistency to all the less rational fears that designating particular, assign it in places of confinement. You have just finished opening the Pandora’s box and to finish what you started the During your reply to the fishermen of Concarneau, your insult to the passing of the agricultural show, demeaning your function, so you déprenant the symbolic register without which social ties can only dissolve.So you, Mr. President, contributed to the destruction of social ties, pointing to the vengeance of the sick, and that, whatever the oratorical you rig your speech and whose honey and excessive violence that barely hide it is trying to hide. So you, under the appearance of order speech, helped create a major mess, thus undermining national unity, pointing to those who ask it, which my scapegoats years of practice showed me that they just can not defend themselves. Face your violence, it remains, each in its place, especially in my profession, that resist as much as possible. I affirm here my ardent . obligation not to implement your proposals degrading to exclude from the most vulnerable social landscape is true laws as thoughts, some are not respectable; I will not abide by the one you are announcing the next promulgation. Please accept, Sir, the highest consideration I have for your function. Dr. Michael GUYADER Department Head of the 8th sector in general psychiatry Essonne, Psychoanalyst .