The Federal Government has presented a bill in April 2007, on which the Bundestag will decide in the next few weeks.

Since the Bundestag favorable decision in February 2006, the situation has changed dramatically:

  • The Federal Constitutional Court has expressly “outside the existing statistical purposes strict ban on the collection of personal data on stock” confirmed in its judgment given in April 2006 dragnet decision.
  • The European Court of Justice ruled in May 2006 that the EC guidelines to facilitate the prosecution are not permitted. Member States are solely responsible for this area.
  • In June 2006, Ireland has sought the annulment of the EC Directive on data retention before the European Court of Justice.
  • Research Service of the Federal Parliament has expressed serious doubts about the legality of the Data Retention Directive in a legal opinion, August 2006. He also calls into question whether a constitutional implementation in Germany is at all possible.

Make sure the Bundestag deputies of CDU and the SPD, data retention in Germany at least not as long as introduce to the European Court of Justice has ruled over Ireland for annulment.

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Dear Siegfried:

Who would have thought that among all staff-‘d be you who would give a valuable contribution to the week of transparency we are currently celebrating with conferences, debates, forums? A little involuntary, I guess, but no matter: it is exactly what we needed.

In this way, mind you, I can present as good news and a sign of hope what others lament as another step on the road to becoming a “failed state”. For me, who have grabbed you with his hands in the dough, doing real estate business and buy bali villa taking advantage of your position as president of a powerful state organ, is the best thing that could happen.

The case Siegfried Reyes is the sign that we have a civil society, means of communication and a strong public opinion, critical and independent enough to fulfill their role of citizen oversight. And if you still driving your case well, also the democratic institutions of the State can show that they are not ornamental but really exert control over officials and their performance in the management of power and funds. You have to let the prosecution, the Court of Auditors, the Court of Government Ethics, Institute of Access to Public Information and Probity Section of the Supreme Court do their jobs, investigate the mixing of politics and business in which you are involved and fair and take the necessary measures.

An institution already failed: Transparency Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. Not only did not investigate anything, but immediately came to your defense. Well, but is an institution of the executive, also highly ideological. Realistically, you could not expect anything else from an institution that is dedicated to generating little transparency, but rather propaganda. Not really an independent control instance.

But provided no means to stop intimidating and that citizens continue to require the strict application of the law, constitutional institutions above mentioned control will act like it belongs: with autonomy, law-abiding, and unafraid of proceeding against whom.

This is new in our country. And it is very good news. Thank you for your contribution to this real change, albeit unintentional.

The fact that you, acting as President of the Assembly, comprás to IPSFA the Villa Dueñas at a great price (say $ 4.8 million), at first glance it may seem unsupicious. This money helps a social welfare institution for military and ex-military who is in an untenable financial situation. Not because they have mismanaged the military, but simply because today there are few military assets listed and many who need to receive pensions. It is a logical effect of the drastic reduction of the Armed Forces.

The matter becomes suspicious when you, this time with hat real estate entrepreneur, then receive a generous discount when using a company called Terrain shopping IPSFA lots in New Cuscatlan. As all this happened with little transparency, obviously there are those who think that the discount is the commission for the sale of the Villa Owners.

It is precisely for this reason (and because nobody has any idea how financiaste estate transactions) not to allow senior officials, especially when handling public funds and sign agreements with companies, on par with their own businesses. Much less when these personal business are related to the covenants as public servants sign or influence.

Some interpret this scandal, in which you are involved, to show that corruption is unstoppable. The opposite is true: check that with sufficient autonomy the media, the public and oversight institutions can detect, expose and curb corruption. And this, as I said, is an excellent sign.

Thanks for having given as an example. The party and the president will drop you like a hot potato, because they can not swim against the current of transparency.

Agarrá embassy before withdraw your offer … Goodbye, Paolo Lüers

British reporter Clive Goodman, convicted of having intercepted voicemails warned four years ago that illegal wiretapping was common in the tabloid News of the World and senior journalists adopted the practice, according to a letter published Tuesday by British lawmakers.

Goodman says in the letter, addressed to the director of human resources of the parent company of the Sunday newspaper, that wiretapping was done with “full knowledge and support” of the heads of the tabloid.

This statement is particularly damning because both News of the World and News International, parent of the tabloid, have long insisted that Goodman, who was fired, convicted and jailed for his role in the scandal was the only reporter involved in the interception of voice messages.

Goodman’s letter, addressed to Daniel Cloke and dated March 2, 2007, directly contradicts what sustained by the newspaper.

Goodman said he was acting with the backing of senior journalists, other employees of News of the World were also wiretapping and that “this practice was widely discussed during the daily editorial conference until the director alluded explicitly prohibited to it. “

The names of those involved have been labeled on the chart. The Guardian newspaper, which was the first to publish the letter, said it did the police, who are investigating the illegal acts of the newspaper.

The letter is part of a group of documents published by the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport of the lower house of Parliament.

Prior to publication, committee members said they probably would cite back to James Murdoch, the head of the European division of his father’s media empire, Rupert Murdoch, to answer questions. James Murdoch told parliament last month that he knew of phone spying using Flexispy at the newspaper.

His testimony was contradicted two days later by former editor of News of the World, Colin Myler and former company lawyer, Tom Crone.

Members of the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport said they have been unable to reconcile the contradictions between those statements. The committee chairman John Whittingdale said the panel “may want to ask more questions to James Murdoch.”

He said Myler and Crone will give evidence to lawmakers next month. The committee member Tom Watson said “it is likely to call back to Murdoch”.

“There seems to be some doubt as to whether James Murdoch misled the committee,” Watson said. “We have not reached a conclusion about that.”

Whittingdale said there are no plans to quote back to Rupert Murdoch, who gave evidence before the committee with his son on July 19.

Police are investigating allegations that News of the World illegally listened to messages of mobile phones and bribing the police in exchange for information about celebrities, politicians and crime victims.

News International said Tuesday he is “fully cooperating” with the police investigation.

“We recognize the seriousness of the reported to the police and Parliament materials and are committed to working constructively and openly with all the relevant authorities,” the company said in a statement Tuesday.

News Corp. Rupert Murdoch closed the newspaper last 168 years.

The BOE collects bidding for the contract for the supply of catering equipment hire to aircraft 45 Air Force Group, the seven aircraft (two Airbus A310 and five Falcon 900B) intended to transport authorities, mainly the kings and the Prime Minister . In total, spending euros total amount for one year (starting from the formalization) is 133,000 euros. The last time it was tendered this service, in 2013, was for 65,000 euros base budget for 14 months. The problem is that they are are estimated quantities, since the price  invoiced to the company depends on consumption and is made ​​monthly . Thus, we can not compare the actual costs of each annuity .

In fact, in 2012, as  revealed by Interviu , spending executed in catering for six months was more than 128,000 euros . In addition, both contracts include a provision for possible amendments to the contract, subject to ” generations of credit “, which is 147,900 euros in the tender published today and 191,500 in the last year, in addition to the possibility of extensions the duration of the initial contract. All these figures give the total estimated value, 413,900 euros for this year and 321,250 for last year (eye, with a somewhat longer).

The specifications of the contract tendered today include the maximum price that the contractor may charge for certain foods or drinks . Thus the kilo sheep cheese may not cost more than 35 euros; dish suckling Segovia, 20 euros; and melon with ham, 22. On this occasion, the list does not include products that did include last year , as revealed El Mundo, as the ham at 250 euros a kilo maximum price. Nor does it include the price maximum of alcoholic beverages .

The problem is not whether something is expensive or cheap, but it is impossible to know how much is spent. Once again we have to settle for trying to draw conclusions from the estimated figures in contracts like this.

On December 2, the current President of the Republic has yet crossed a threshold in harmful nonsense.

Michael Guyader, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, was told by a scathing open letter exemplary and just I wish to inform the readers of Médiapart.

Here it is:


Open letter to the President of the Republic about his speech of December 2, 2008 at Erasme Hospital ANTONY regarding the hospitalization of Psychic Source.

Etampes, December 8, 2008 Mr. President, Eluard writes Gift House of Fools “my pain is defiled.” After the murder of Grenoble, your impatience to respond in the moment to suction at worst, it would be better to let sleeping in each of us and you does it seem so hard to contain, you brought in your speech December 2 at the hospital Erasme Antony to defile the suffering of our patients. Erasmus, author of “The Praise of Folly” could have been better inspire you, you who have shown your speech intention to end more than half a century of struggle against the evil fate of madness: the confinement behind the high walls, applying to it the treatment the most degrading extermination first, when barbarism claimed purify the race, stigma everyday due simply to be crazy. You have insulted the memory of Antony Bonnafé The Guillant Lacan Daumaison and many others, which my generation inherited the great work, and did their practical work of liberation of fertility whose madness carries, work release also thought of all, making his lost honor to the people most vulnerable to abuse of us. Lacan did he write “modern man is doomed to the most formidable social mess that we collect when it comes to us, it is to this being nil our daily task is to open the way again its meaning in a discrete fraternity, to the measure of which we are always too uneven. “And now, after a tragedy, certainly, but only a drama, you propose again the derisory panegyric of those that you then insult in asking them to do your dirty work. the doors close on the patient cohortsIn this drama, you make a generality, you designate our patients as well as dangerous, so that everyone will agree that they are more vulnerable than dangerous. Measure yourself, Mr. President, the incalculable importance of your words that will reinforce stigma crazy, caregivers put in the position of guards and alarm the good people living close to the care of instead of madness ? You give consistency to all the less rational fears that designating particular, assign it in places of confinement. You have just finished opening the Pandora’s box and to finish what you started the During your reply to the fishermen of Concarneau, your insult to the passing of the agricultural show, demeaning your function, so you déprenant the symbolic register without which social ties can only dissolve.So you, Mr. President, contributed to the destruction of social ties, pointing to the vengeance of the sick, and that, whatever the oratorical you rig your speech and whose honey and excessive violence that barely hide it is trying to hide. So you, under the appearance of order speech, helped create a major mess, thus undermining national unity, pointing to those who ask it, which my scapegoats years of practice showed me that they just can not defend themselves. Face your violence, it remains, each in its place, especially in my profession, that resist as much as possible. I affirm here my ardent . obligation not to implement your proposals degrading to exclude from the most vulnerable social landscape is true laws as thoughts, some are not respectable; I will not abide by the one you are announcing the next promulgation. Please accept, Sir, the highest consideration I have for your function. Dr. Michael GUYADER Department Head of the 8th sector in general psychiatry Essonne, Psychoanalyst .

The residents of the neighborhood of La Polomera lions, in a statement sent Leon Digital Journal reported deficiencies in care pediatrics unit of the Center for Health Palomera, only two pediatricians for a population of 20,000 people

Digital Diario de León / complaints

That press release verbatim report complaints of the residents of both neighborhoods by the malfunction of the service of Pediatrics at the Center for Health Palomera for the following reasons:

“1. We consider the regular template (as referred to us by the coordinator of the center 2 pediatricians and a half ) is insufficient for a population of about 20,000 inhabitants. Currently our neighborhoods Children assigned to the evening shift can not be served half of the week (because your pediatrician must be serving children of Bonar)

2. In this Christmas the service even worse , no citations are given until January 2nd . For permissions due to their pediatricians , the service is reduced to a pediatrician and timely reinforcement of a Family Doctor (with specialization in Pediatrics) to attend emergencies only in the morning , the rest are derived José Aguado or the Provincial Hospital (with the risk that saturate as elsewhere)

He says the coordinator from the Primary Care Management Test CMAT is told that there are no specialists who to hire to perform the substitutions, we can not understand this situation with unemployment in our country, but forthe lack of one appropriate allocation of positions with sufficient stability.


That are resolved in the shortest time possible problems of lack of staff and provide itself with an appropriate template to the needs of the large population of the district urban and serving our Health. April Fools Pranks 2015 of this request will be available soon.